Bromley House Library 1816 to 1916

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Some major entries on this page:

Charles James Cade, Esq.
Address: The Homestead, Spondon, Derby.
Subscriber: 1/9/1873 to 12/9/1910.
Share number: 43 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

A single payment of £2 10s 0d was made on 24/4/1875 for an unknown reason.

Charles Callow
Subscriber: 7/9/1829 to 2/1/1832.
Newsroom subscriber: 1832.
Committee: 1831.

It seems that a lengthy paper he presented to the Nottingham Literary and Scientific Society triggered the production of the pamphlet The Literary Mousetrap published on 14/2/1829 satirising the debates that were taking place at Bromley House. In this pamphlet he was Mr Shallow.
See –– Thomas Kirk.

On 2/1/1832 his place on the Committee was transferred to Captain George Acton.

Albert F. Calvert
Address: Royston, Eton Avenue, London, N.W.

A gift of books on Australian exploration, Spain and Spanish culture was recorded on 20/3/1906 and listed in the 1906 report and in the Presents Book:
Another gift of books on Spain and Spanish culture that he had written followed on 4/3/1908:
On 8/3/1906 and again on 4/3/1908 he was thanked by John Russell for his gifts of books.

He was not a subscriber to the Library and his connection with it and Nottingham is unclear.

Cambridge University Press
They supplied an encyclopaedia on 4 July 1911 at a cost of £17 19s 2d.

Willie Cameron
See –– James Archer

Rev B.D. (or O.D.) Campbell
Subscriber: 5/5/1884 to 2/12/1890.

Hugh Bruce Campbell
Subscriber: 1/1/1827 to 5/4/1864.
Committee: 1829, 1830, 1836, 1837, 1840, 1841, 1846, 1847, 1851, 1852, 1862.

The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 3/11/1856 and 18/6/1859.

He was nominated as a new trustee on 28/2/1848 and was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1858. (Russell, 1916)

At the General Meeting on 2/4/1861 he was one who presented a motion regarding the licensing of the vaults.

A. Cann
Subscriber: 1/4/1844 to 4/11/1844 and 22/3/1852 to 3/7/1854.

Capital & Counties Bank
They took over as ‘Treasurers’ (3/4/1900)
The manager was consulted concerning the differences between interest and commission on the Library’s statement (2/7/1907).

The Carey family

Henry Carey was a staunch Wesleyan methodist associated actively with the Broad Street Chapel.
He was a lace manufacturer with premises on Forest Road in Bulwell.

He married Catherine and they lived at 22 St Mary's Gate in Nottingham.
Their two sons, Robert and William went into partnership with their father in the lace industry.
William was Sheriff of Nottingham in 1907.
There were four daughters:
  1. Lucy Ann Carey
  2. Fanny Catherine Carey (d.1921),
  3. Henrietta Carey (1845-1920)
  4. Another Carey.
By 1861 the family had moved to Park Row and in 1871 they were at Castle Grove.
Their residence by 1881 was Trent Leigh, 48 The Ropewalk.

Mr Carey
Newsroom subscriber: 1833.
Perhaps this was the Henry Carey mentioned above.

Miss Fanny Catherine Carey (d.1921)
Address: Trent Leigh, 48 The Ropewalk from before 1881.
Subscriber: 13/5/1902 to 7/4/1903
Share number 240 (Counterfoil dated 14/5/1903).

The share was transferred to her from Philip James Bailey, but to Henrietta Carey in the minutes of the 1903 General Meeting.
On 2/1/1906 a transfer to Henrietta Carey is recorded, but this was deferred to 6/2/1906.

Miss Henrietta Carey (1845-1920)
Address: Trent Leigh, 48 The Ropewalk from before 1881.
Subscriber: 7/4/1903 to 1916.
Share Number: 240 (counterfoil dated 31/5/1906.

She bought books from the Library for:
5s 0d (26/11/1902) £1 4s 0d (9/12/1907) £1 3s §d (2/12/1910) £1 5s 0d (13/12/1913)
10s 0d ( 13/12/1904) £1 2s 0d (14/12/1908) £1 8s 6d (22/12/1911) £1 6s 6d (21/11/1914)
£1 5s 0d ( 12/12/1906)
£1 4s 6d (13/12/1909) £1 5s 0d (6/12/1912) £1 6s 0d (23/12/1915)

The sum of 2s 6d was received from her on 5/6/1908 and recorded in the ‘Special’ column of the Accounts Book.

The share was transferred to her from Philip James Bailey although it was listed with F.C. Carey on the 1903 list.
See –– Philip James Bailey (14/10/1902).

On 2/1/1906 a share transfer from Fanny Catherine Carey to Henrietta is recorded, but this was deferred to 6/2/1906.
A letter from her was received on 5/8/1913 but no details are given in the minute book.

Henrietta was associated with the Nottingham Town and Country Social Guild and with the Nottinghamshire Convalescent Homes.
The Guild worked for the improvement of the life style and working conditions of working people.
She supported many Nottingham charities and was an active participant in their day to day operations.
One such organisation, the Ladies Sanitary Association, organised competitions for the cleanest homes and the prettiest window boxes.
Because of her involvement in these inspections, Henrietta was seen by some as a snooper and this aspect of her work went against the thinking of John Ruskin whom she otherwise admired.
After an uncertain start their correspondence led to her being admitted as a Companion of his Guild of St George, which involved the donation of one tenth of her income.
It seems that she never met Ruskin face to face.

She was a founder of Nottingham's Kyrle Society.
Named after John Kyrle (1637-1724), who lived a simple life and worked to improve both town and countryside, this organisation did much to decorate and improve the urban environment.
She was also extremely active in charitable support work during the First World War.

She died on 28/7/1920 and is buried in the Church cemetery in Nottingham.
A plaque on 455 and 457 The Wells Road records her work towards 'two houses of rest for poor people. (Fry, 2003)

Jane Baillie Welsh Carlyle (1801-1866)
Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881)
See –– Count Ubaldo Marioni.

Mrs Carpenter
Subscriber: 6/6/1859 to 6/2/1865.

Mrs Carpenter appears on the lists for 1860, 1861 and 1862 although Rev Benjamin Carpenter’s share was transferred to Rev W. Howard on 6/6/1859.
A share in her name was transferred on 6/2/1865.

Rev Benjamin T. Carpenter (c.1798-1860)
Minister of High Pavement Unitarian Chapel.
Subscriber: 15/7/1822 to 6/6/1859.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1823, 1824, 1827, 1828, 1830, 1831, 1833, 1834, 1836, 1837, 1839, 1840, 1842, 1843, 1845, 1846, 1848, 1849, 1852, 1853, 1855, 1856, 1858.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The Standfast Ledger records 23 borrowings between 9/2/1835 and 28/11/1853.

Mrs Carpenter appears on the lists for 1860, 1861 and 1862 although share was transferred to Rev W. Howard on 6/6/1859.
Benjamin Carpenter was the minister at High Pavement Chapel for 38 years and Philip James Bailey was one of his students.
In 1861 Carpenter published Some account of the original introduction of Presbyterianism in Nottingham and the neighbourhood, with a brief history of the Society of Protestant Dissenters assembling on the High Pavement of that Town.

He was described as ‘a man of kindly spirit, cautious, thoughtful, helpful, without bitterness, disliking controversy, exalting character in the individual and service in the community’. (Mellors, 1924)
He was mentioned as having shown great courage during the cholera outbreak of 1832 by Rev R. A. Armstrong of High Pavement at William Enfield’s funeral in 1873. (Russell, 1916)

Carpenter B 4186
The signature of
Benjamin Carpenter

Mrs Carpenter
Subscriber: 5/4/1881 to 4/9/1882.

Mr Carr
See –– Sollory & Son.

James Carr
He was an applicant for the post of librarian on 5/6/1820.

James Carr
Subscriber: 5/1/1846 to 7/7/1851.
The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings between 1/4/1848 and 11/2/1849.

His share was forfeited on 7/7/1851 and not reissued until 4/9/1871.

Professor J.W. Carr
Professor of Biology at University College, Nottingham.

On 10/1/1908 he wrote asking to borrow for just 24 hours one of the four fascicles of plants collected by Thomas Jowett between 1822 and 1824 to compare with specimens in the College collection.

He noted that two of the fascicles were formerly at the Natural Science Department at University College, but had been given to Bromley House to complete the set.

Frederick Carrington
He was:
In 1882 a Mr Carrington was named as collecting tax from the Library and payments for rates of £10 18s 8d and £9 6s 6d were recorded for March 1883 and March 1884.

M. Carron
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

On 3/8/1863 an auctioneer was instructed to sell two forfeited shares.

Mrs Carter
The Share Interest Book shows that she held three Bromley House Debenture Shares from July 1861 to July 1864 and these were transferred from Mrs Orock or Allcock.

Ann Carter
The Share Interest Book shows that she held three Bromley House Debenture Shares from January 1859 to January 1862 and then one share up to July 1864.

Miss E. Carter

Subscriber: 8/8/1881 to 7/1/1884.

George R. Carter

Subscriber: 2/4/1855 to 5/11/1860.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 28/5/1855 and 5/11/1859.

R.B. Carter
Subscriber: 3/4/1860 to 1/9/1862.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 21/9/1860.

W.B. Carter

Subscriber: 4/4/1836 to 1/7/1872.

On 4/5/1840 B. Carter was to provide a new copy of Life of Selena, Countess of Huntingdon as he had defaced it. (Bromley House: Ca1542 in 2006).
On 17/3/1851 he signed a requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s. 0d to 30s. 0d and he also signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

William B. Carter (c.1802-1887) was a lace manufacturer of Hounds Gate who was active at the Halifax Place Chapel and President of the Nottingham Sunday School Union (Mellors, 1924)

Mrs Cartledge
Subscriber: 1/4/1865 to /4/1866.
The share was passed on from W. Cartledge.

Samuel Cartledge

Subscriber: 27/2/1818 to 1/10/1855.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held one Bromley House Building Share from 1831 to 1832 when it was transferred to William Cartledge.

Samuel Cartledge (d.1865) was a cotton spinner who improved the production of cotton yarn to allow it to be used in lace making.
He developed the area surrounding Private Road off Mansfield Road.

Samuel Cartledge

Subscriber: 7/1/1833 to 1/4/1835.
He was referred to as ‘Junior’.

William Cartledge
Subscriber: 1/4/1835 5/11/1855.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1833.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held one Bromley House Building Share from 1832 to 1853, the share having been transferred from Samuel Cartledge.

W. Cartledge
Subscriber: 7/6/1858 to 1/4/1865.
Address: Woodborough (1865).
His share was with Mrs Cartledge in 1865.

Henry Cartwright
Subscriber: 7/8/1843 to 3/2/1845.

Thomas B. Cartwright
Subscriber: 5/4/1898 to 1/5/1899.
Address: Loughborough.

William Thomas Cartwright, Esq.
Address: 7 Newcastle Drive, The Park.
Subscriber: 4/12/1882 to 1916.
Share number: 44 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

Rev D. Carver
Address: Hyson Green.
The Standfast Ledger records three borrowings on 1/8/1854.

H.B. or R.B. Carver
Subscriber: 5/12/1836 to 7/8/1837.

Robert Carver
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

Thomas Carver

Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

Ashton Case
Subscriber: 6/5/1850 to 30/3/1859.
Address: Papplewick.

A.W. Case

He bought a book (or books) from the Library for 2s 6d ( 4/1/1905.

George Case
Coal merchant.
Address: 91 Wollaton Street. [White, 1885; Wright, 1894-95]; later at 32 Wollaton Street; 1 Cromwell Street [Wright, 1915].

His tender of 14/8/1894 to supply coal at 13s 6d per ton was accepted and he supplied the Library from November 1894 to October 1913.

Despite the very large amounts of coal used by the Library and recorded in the archive over many years, this is the only reference to the cost per ton that has been found.

Rev Bingley Cass
Clerk in Holy Orders.
Address: 228 Derby Road.
Subscriber: 7/5/1907 to 1916.
Share number: 246 (counterfoil dated 7/4/1908). A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 7/8/1908.

Minuted book request:

J. Caunt
Subscriber: 4/3/1850 to 1/3/1858.
On 17/3/1851 he signed a requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s 0d to 30s 0d.

John Caunt

Subscriber: 2/11/1829 to 2/12/1833.
Newsroom subscriber: 1830, 1831, 1832.

On 7/6/1831 a Mr Caunt hired a Library room for the Amateur Musical Society.

John Caunt
Committee: 3/3/1845 to 27/3/1845.

Thomas Cave
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

Cawthorn & Hill
Joseph Cawthorne was a printer, stationer, paper merchant & paper bag manufacturer at 59 Upper Parliament Street. [White, 1885; Wright, 1894-95; Kelly, 1904].

Purchases of books from Cawthorne & Hill are recorded occasionally from July 1893 to February 1896. with the bills ranging from 1s 2d to £1 8s 5d.

Cawthorne & Hutt Subscription Library
Intermittent and sparing use was made of this subscription library.
A payment was made and a quotation for book supplies was requested on 8/12/1903.
They were also used in about 1906.

Rev Richard Cecil
Subscriber: 6/10/1823 to 1/2/1830.

Ceramic Society
See –– Laurence Kirk.

Richard Challands, Esq.
Retired lace manufacturer.
Address: Clumber Road East, The Park.
Subscriber: 7/5/1889 to 1916.
Share number: 45 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1895, 1896.
Auditor: 1896, 1897.
Scrutator: 1897.
His death was noted at the General Meeting on 16/4/1912.

Mrs Chamberlain
She bought a book (or books) from the Library for 2s 6d (26/1/1916).

Arthur John Chamberlain(e)
Chartered accountant.
Address: 10 Upper College Street.
Subscriber: 7/12/1909 to 1916.
Share number 59. (counterfoil dated 12/4/1910).

Registration fees for share transfers of 2s 6d were received on:
for Palethorpe
for Dawson

ChamberlainAJ 4086
Arthur John Chamberlain

George Chamberlain
Subscriber: 1/4/1830 to 2/3/1835.

William Chamberlain
Subscriber: 5/11/1832 to 4/11/1833.
James Hewitt’s share was transferred to him on 5/11/1832, but it was recorded that it had also been transferred on 5/12/1832 to John Hallam.

This name appears on the Bill for legal work in association with the purchase of Bromley House (1822).

Rev Leonard Chapman
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 4/3/1833.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.
Committee: 1822, 1823.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The Share Interest Book shows that he held four Bromley House Building Shares from 1831 to 1833.

A Rev L. Chapman paid the Committee one penny for having a door from his garden into the Library garden.
This was due on Lady Day (March 1823).

Rev R.W. Chapman
Address: Wysall.

On 4/6/1821 he applied to buy land between his garden and Bromley House at 8s. 0d per square yard, and on 1/12/1823 a Rev W. Chapman was granted use of a door for 1d per year.
Rights to light and windows overlooking the garden also caused problems.

He was a tenant or neighbour of the Library and up to 1833 there was constant record of problems regarding his access to Bromley House grounds.
In February 1833 it was agreed that his door should be fastened up.

However, his death was reported on 4/3/1833 and his executors claimed ‘right of road for horse and foot through the library premises’.

Samuel Chapman
Joiner and undertaker.
Address: 5 Forman’s Buildings, Goldsmith Place (Wright, 1894-95; Kelly, 1904).

He did small jobs for the Library between June 1894 and February 1896 and his charges ranged from 13s 5d to £5 1s 0d.

W. Chapman
Subscriber: 1/11/1858 to 4/1/1864.

He was one who presented a motion regarding the licensing of the vaults at the General Meeting on 2/4/1861 .

Rev William Stacey Chapman
Subscriber: 6/3/1865 to 5/4/1870.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Graham Chappell
Subscriber: 7/2/1825 to 6/1/1834
Address: Ockbrook.

Dr Charlesworth


Miss Charlton

An entry of ‘Books Miss Charlton’ worth £1 10s 0d was made in the Accounts Book for 29/3/1884.

N.J. Charlton
Subscriber: 6/11/1888 to 7/5/1889.
The share was transferred from T.B. Charlton (deceased).

T.B. Charlton
Subscriber: 7/5/1866 to 6/11/1888.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to N.J. Charlton.

Thomas Charlton
Subscriber: 1/1/1789 to 1/1/1789.

He was a member of the ‘North Class’ of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-89.
See –– William Moore.

Thomas Broughton Charlton
Subscriber: 3/10/1836 to 5/5/1845.
Address: Chilwell.
He was elected to the Committee in 1842 but did not attend meetings.

Two unnamed charwomen, along with the librarian and assistant librarian, were to be insured to cover liability under the Employers’ Liability Act (2/7/1907).
The charwomen’s conditions were discussed on 2/11/1909.

The Accounts Book records the total payments
to the charwoman as follows:
1911-12 £32 8s 0d
1912-13 £29 10s 9d
1915-16 £30 12s 0d

See –– Miss Mary Sanday; Miss Handley; Mrs Pottage.

Mrs Chatteris
Subscriber: 2/4/1822 to 2/4/1833.
Her share was transferred to J. Frearson, but with arrears outstanding.
On 2/3/1835 Frearson objected to paying her subscriptions for 1832 and 1833.
Mr Browne, the Library’s solicitor, was to write to a Mr Watson in Liverpool about this.

Chaworth Musters
See –– John Chaworth Musters; Mrs Musters.

Rev Francis W. Cheadle
Subscriber: 6/3/1843 to 24/3/1856.

H. Cheetham
Subscriber: 1/4/1865 to 1/4/1901.
Committee: 1870, 1871, 1873, 1874.
Scrutator: 1874.
The share seems to have been transferred from Rev. W. Cheetham.
It was passed on to Miss S. Cheetham.

Henry Cheetham
Subscriber: 1/6/1829 to 2/1/1865.
Committee: 1854, 1855, 1860, 1861, 1863, 1864.
He was nominated a new trustee on 28/2/1848.
Auditor: 1856, 1861, 1865.
Scrutator: 1856.

CheethamH-sig 4182
The signature of
Henry Cheetham

Miss Sarah Cheetham
Address: Woodthorpe.
Subscriber: 1/4/1901 to 8/11/1904.
Share number: 46 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
The share was passed from H. Cheetham.

Thomas Cheetham
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 2/7/1832.
Newsroom subscriber: 1832, 1833.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Rev W. Cheetham

Subscriber: 1/4/1851 to 1/4/1865.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 22/11/1851 and 5/6/1858.
The share seems to have passed to H. Cheetham.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

William Cheetham
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 28/3/1817.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

William Cheetham
Subscriber: 2/7/1832 to 7/1/1833.
Newsroom subscriber: 1830, 1831, 1832.

Daniel Chegwidden
Factory manager.
Address: 22 Newstead Grove.
Subscriber: 8/5/1900 to 1916.
Share number 258 (counterfoil dated 2/4/1902).

Chess Club or Chess Room
A Chess Club met at Bromley House and the Subscriptions Book records their payments of annual rents from 5/3/1833 to 29/9/1842 with payments ranging from £3 to £8.
On 4/1/1847 a payment of £5 0s 0d was made and from the following October up to 18/11/1852 this was maintained regularly.

Between 9/10/1869 and 27/9/1873 the Chess Room was rented for £6 0s 0d per annum with some payments being associated with a Mr S. Hamel.
See also –– Nottingham Chess Club.

Cedric Chivers
He fulfilled small orders for books between October 1901 and February 1909.

Charles Chouler
Subscriber: 2/5/1836 to 3/1/1859.

Timothy Chouler
Subscriber: 4/1/1830 6/9/1852.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Christie & Manson
On 2/3/1868 they were appointed to sell the Kneller portrait at auction with a reserve of £100.

Church Congress
The Library was hospitable to delegates to the 1871 Nottingham meeting of the Church Council as the following letters show:

Church Congress,
        Offices, 4, Week-day Cross,
            Nottingham, Oct. 4th, 1871.

Dear Sir,

    The Reception Committee of the Church Congress desire me to acknowledge the receipt of your communication on behalf of the Bromley House Library, and to tender their best thanks for the courtesy offered to the members of the Congress, which they beg very gratefully to accept.

    I am, Dear Sir,
        Yours faithfully,
            W. VICKERS, Jr.
    Honorary Secretary Fin. & Recpn. Comm.

The Revd. Henry Bell, M.A.,
Honorary Secretary to the Bromley House Library.

Church Congress, Nottingham,

    Church Defence Institution
    4 Weekday Cross
            15th January, 1872.

To The Secretary,
    Bromley House Library.
Dear Sir,

    I am directed to forward you two copies of the Church Congress Report as a memento of the kind courtesy shewn by your Society to the Members of Congress.

    I remain,
    Dear Sir,
        Yours very truly,
            Acting Secretary.
The original of this letter is fixed inside the minute book covering 1871.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

In 1897 the Church Congress was held in Nottingham from Tuesday 28 September to Friday 1 October.

A report in The Church Magazine gives a clear indication of the aims of this event.
The Church Congress: what is it? It is not a piece of Church organisation; it is not a platform for societies; it is not a review-day of the Church’s forces; it is no substitute for her Convocations and Conference system; it is not a council or committee in which divisions are taken, votes recorded, and decisions made; it is not a mere debating society.
    What is it then?  It is a voluntary gathering of churchmen brought together from year to year, constrained by love for Mother Church and a zealous desire to promote her greater efficiency, to consider Church questions of present interest, especially in their bearing upon the life of the world.
The discussions of the selected subjects are opened by picked men; either expert in the field of knowledge under consideration, or highly capable teachers and leaders. These discussions direct, deepen and widen men’s thoughts; they cultivate a more intelligent grasp of the great realities of the Church’s life and work; they stimulate churchmen to undertake a fuller service for Christ and fellow-man; they encourage the wearied and disappointed worker by the knowledge of the Church’s strength and unquestioned advance; they sometimes reveal new regions of Christian toil, new opportunities of service and sacrifice, which are readily embraced.

Thus the Congress broke down barriers between men of faith and encouraged the sense of dignity and greatness of the Church as a body.

Meetings were held at the Albert Hall and at the Mechanics’ Hall.
Services were attended at St Mary’s and at Southwell Cathedral.

Among those whose portraits illustrated the article in The Church Magazine were:
F.Abel Smith (Treasurer of the Congress)
H.E. Thornton
T.L.K. Edge
D’Oyley S. Ransom

Mrs Churchill
Address: Mary Gate.
Subscriber: 4/5/1840 to 4/3/1844.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 20/1/1841 and 26/10/1841.
The share was passed from Daft Smith Churchill.

Charles Churchill
Subscriber: 2/5/1831 to 7/8/1837.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1835, 1836.
Auditor: 1836.

The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 24/4/1835 and 24/4/1835.
The share of the late John Pearson was transferred subject to a repayment for books.


Daft Churchill
This name appears in the visitors’ book.
He perished in the wreck of the S S Forfarshire on the Farne Islands in 1858.
This is the vessel associated with the heroism of Grace Darling and her father. (Russell, 1916)

Daft Smith Churchill
Subscriber: 22/11/1816 to 4/5/1840.
Newsroom subscriber: 1832, 1833 (named as Smith Churchill)
Committee: 1829, 1830, 1834, 1835, 1837, 1838.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1831).

He was drowned in the sinking of the S.S. Forfarshire off the Farne Islands in September 1838.
This is the incident associated with Grace Horsley Darling (1815-1842).
The share was passed to Mrs Churchill.

Joseph Churchill
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 4/5/1840.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1824, 1825, 1831, 1832
Auditor: 1825.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Circulating Libraries
See –– Artizans' Library.

City Asylum or Nottingham City Asylum

They bought books from the Library for:
 £1 9s 6d ( 28/12/1904) 4s 0d ( 21/12/1906) £1 0s 6d (18/1/1910) 8s 3d (12/1/1916)
5s 6d ( 9/12/1905) 15s 0d (27/12/1907) 11s 0d (22/12/1910)

City & Suburban Window Cleaning, Chimney Sweeping & Plate Glass Insurance Co.

Address: 2 Albert Street and 287 Arkwright Street and at 37 Castle Street (Kelly, 1904).

They cleaned windows at the Library twice a year (spring and autumn) from September 1904 to 1916.
Their charge was usually £1 16s 0d. In 1903 and 1904 they were trading as The Window Cleaning Company and charged the Library £2 8s 0d in each of those years.

Alfred Clark
He and William Dickens were not accepted as they wished to be joint trustees and the Committee decided that a share could be held by one person only (3/2/1914).

Rev C. Clark
Subscriber: 1/9/1879 to 3/1/1881.

Miss Grace Clark
She was an artist and on 1/10/1912 she was allowed to sketch the interior of the library provided there was no inconvenience to subscribers.

Henry Clark(e), Esq.
Address: College Villas, Regent Street; and Leslie House, Leslie Grove, The Park.
Subscriber: 6/10/1873 to 6/4/1909
Share number: 48 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1902, 1903.
Finance Committee: 1902, 1903.
Scrutator: 1887, 1901.
Screen sub-committee (preventing draughts on Librarian): 9/12/1902.
He attended General Meetings: 1903. 1904, 1905.

Minuted book request:
See –– Edmund Percy.

The Committee learnt of his death with much regret, remembering with affectionate respect his kindly manners and zealous devotion to the interests of the Library (7/4/1908).
His family gave some of his books and were thanked by the Committee (7/7/1908).

ClarkH-sig 4243
The signature of
Henry Clark

Mrs H. Clark
She gave

James Clark
Subscriber: 1/3/1824 to /4/1825.
The transfer of the share is not clearly recorded and he was not on the 1825 list.

Matilda Watson Clark
See –– John Frederick Davis.

William Clark(e)
Subscriber: 7/5/1866 to 3/8/1886.

He was one of the 23 subscribers asking on 2/3/1867 that salaries and wages at the Library be reduced.

William Froggatt Clark
Timber merchant.
Address: Park Terrace, The Park.
Subscriber: 11/9/1900 to 1916.
Share number: 259 (counterfoil dated 2/4/1902).
Committee: 1904, 1905.
The share was transferred from W. Clark (deceased).

Listed as F. Clark, he was one of ten nominations for the 1904 Committee.
Finance Committee: 1904, 1905.
Subscriber to Russell’s History, 1916.

On 4/4/1895 a Post Office Order (P.O.O.) for 11s 6d was sent to this company in Boston, USA for two copies of Trilby.

Mrs Clarke
See –– Miss Ellis.

Alfred Harriman Clarke, Esq.
Address: The Grove, Bramcote.
Subscriber: 8/8/1881 to 1916.
Share number 47 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

H.F. Clarke
Subscriber: 6/10/1845 to 7/9/1846.

R. Clarke
Subscriber: 4/1/1864 to 7/5/1866.

Robert Clarke

Subscriber: 3/4/1826 to /4/1827 He was not on the 1827 list.

Thomas Clarke

Subscriber: 1/4/1827 to 2/4/1850.

On 2/1/1837 he was asked to provide a new copy of the Library of Entertaining Knowledge which he had defaced and on 5/3/1849 his share was declared forfeit.

William Clarke
Subscriber: 6/9/1887 to 11/9/1900.
Address: Peveril Drive, The Park.
He was also listed as Clark.

He seconded the motion concerning alterations to the rules of the Library and was active in the discussions at the 1894 General Meeting (3/4/1894).

The share was listed as being with his representatives in 1900.
The Committee minute says ‘Deceased’ but the General Meeting minute has ‘Receiver’.
The share was transferred to William Froggatt Clark.

William Haywood Clark(e)
Address: 29 Elm Avenue.
Subscriber: 18/4/1916 to 1916.
Share number: 87 (counterfoil dated 18/4/1916).

Rev John Hall Clay
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 7/3/1825.
Address: Calverton.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Rev P.W. or W.P. Clayden
Subscriber: 6/2/1860 to 6/4/1869.
Committee: 1866, 1867.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 17/2/1860 for Rev P.W. Clayden.

C. Clayton
On 4/6/1889 Frettingham & Son surrendered their tenancy and their space was offered to C. Clayton but it was eventually let to Hill & Slack.

James Clayton
He was a basketmaker who may also have been both a part-time photographer and tenant at Bromley House in early 1847 (Heathcote, 1991).

Alfred C. Cleaver
Subscriber: 1/1/1880 to 5/4/1881.

Rev James Jarvis Cleaver
, MA.
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 1/1/1827.
Rector of Holme Pierrepont (1831 - c.1864).
Committee: 1816, 1818, 1819.
He replaced Rev R. Hawkesworth on the Committee (30/8/1816).
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
He was named on the Standfast Library Transfer Deed (20/12/1816).

See –– William Standfast.

In 1845 he changed his name to Peach.

Memorials associated with
Rev James Jarvis Cleaver

Both are in
St Edmund's Church at Holme Pierrepont

4531-Cleaver Memorial
4537-Barfoot Memorial
This corner alcove commemorates
the Rev. John Cleaver,
who was presumably the father of
Rev James Jarvis Cleaver.

The main inscription reads:

In memory
the Revd John Cleaver, D.D.
Rector of Slingsby, for
upwards of fifty years,
and perpetual Curate of Malton,
both in the County of York;
who died at this place,
Augst 3rd 1823
aged 78 years.
Also of
Elizabeth his wife,
daughter of
James Fenton, Esqre
who died at Malton
in the County of York,
February 1st 1818,
aged 67 years.

At the top right hand side
of the memorial
an additional inscription reads:

In memory of
Clara Sybilla
Daughter of the
Revd Jas J Cleaver
and Ellin Sybilla his wife
who died April 28th 1828
aged 6 years.

This memorial is low down
on the south wall of the tower,
in what is now the church kitchen.

The inscription reads:

memory of
who died June 27th 1824;
Aged 43 Years.
17 of which he passed in the service
of the Right Honble EARL MANVERS
& his family:
& the last 10 in that of
the Revd Jas: J: CLEAVER
Rector of this parish.
When he reflected credit upon
the valuable & respectable character
of a confidential domestic servant
by his zeal, honesty & fidelity:
cheerfully & strictly discharging
the various duties of his situation
in general obedience to the commands
who will duly appreciate & reward
ALL his faithful service.

Mrs Mary Adelaide Cleaver
Address: Ashley House, Park Drive, The Park.
Subscriber: 5/4/1887 to 9/9/1902.
Share number: 49 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

She bought a new share for £40 and a sum of £1 0s 0d was received on 21/3/1887 as commission.

G. Clegg
Secretary of the Nottingham Philharmonic Choir which met at Bromley House (Wright, 1894-95).

Rev Clement Clemance, BA, DD (1829-1895)
Minister of Castle Gate Chapel.
Subscriber: 5/1/1863 to 3/1/1876.
Also as Clemence.
The Standfast Ledger records 40 borrowings between 31/7/1861 and 1/2/1863.

He was one of the 23 subscribers asking that salaries and wages at the Library be reduced ( 2/3/1867) and he signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

He was Minister of Castle Gate Chapel from 1860 to 1875 doing much charitable work and organising the building of a much enlarged chapel in 1864.
He died in London and is buried in Abney Park Cemetery (Mellors, 1924).

On 3/12/1895 the Library paid 7s 0d for a tablet for ‘S. Newham’.
Presumably this was the engraved label to be attached to the portrait by Sylvanus Redgate.

Miss F. Cleobury
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 11/4/1817.
She signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Rev T.E. Cleworth
Subscriber: 5/5/1884 to 1/1/1889.

Miss Clifford
A letter was sent to Davis Lloyd & Wilson, High Street, Newport, Monmouthshire as a Miss Clifford ‘was desirous of a room’ in Bromley House and the Library requested a reference.

On 3/10/1911 (letter sent 11/10/1911) the rent for the front room was agreed at £17 10s 0d per annum plus rates with three months notice on either side.
The tenancy ran from Monday 16/10/1911 and no goods were to be exhibited in the window.
A letter of 4/11/1911 states that the alterations were in abeyance and that regrettably she cannot use the Library without becoming a subscriber.
On 16/4/1912 she gave notice that she would leave on 24/6/1912.
A letter dated 18/6/1912 and starting with ‘Dear Madam’, but presumably to Miss Clifford, regretted that her health was poor and covers the ending of her tenancy.
John Russell also mentions his own illness.
The Library Rent Book mentions payment for electricity in 1912.
See –– W.B. Savidge.

Clifford & Son
Address: 14 Goldsmith Street [Post Office, 1876].
A single payment of 8s 6d was made under the name of Clifford for chairs on 7/8/1883.

Mrs Clifton
She bought a book (or books) from the Library for: 7s 6d (9/12/1915).

William Clifton
Address: Redcliffe Villa, Redcliffe Road.
Subscriber: 3/4/1894 to 1916.
Share number: 50 (certificate: 2/4/1902).

His death was noted at the 1914 General Meeting (17/4/1914).
Mrs Clifton of Edwalton was a Subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

William Ernest Clifton
Address: 27 Tavistock Drive.
Subscriber: 4/3/1913 to 1916.
Share number: 63 (counterfoil dated 15/4/1913).
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 18/2/1913.
The share was transferred from Rev Clifton Somerwell of Clifton.
A Mrs Clifton of Edwalton was a Subscriber to Russell’s History, 1916.

Thomas Close (d.1881)
Subscriber: 1/4/1828 to 2/10/1882.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
He was a subscriber for more than 54 years.
Committee: 1828, 1838, 1839, 1843, 1844.
The Standfast Ledger records five borrowings between 23/5/1836 and 21/10/1845 in the name of Close without any initial.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867 as well as the memorial regarding the tenure of the office of President in May 1875 (see ––  J. Place).

On 5/6/1843 a Mr Close was asked for the year’s rent from the Natural History Society and his name was again associated with the Natural History Society Museum in the Library on 18/9/1845.

He was an antiquary specialising in genealogy and heraldry.
In 1866 he published St Mary’s Church, Nottingham; its probable Architect and benefactor; with remarks on the Heraldic Windows described by Thoroton.

He paid £1 3s 0d for Burke's Commoners (16/7/1849).

He was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, Deputy Grand-master of the Masonic Province of Nottingham and a founder of the Reform Club.
In 1844 he paid for the fresco in the Chapel of the Blessed sacrament at St Barnabas Roman Catholic Cathedral (Mellors, 1924)

A payment of 1s 0d for a key to the back door of Bromley House was associated with the name of Close (10/4/1848).

Rev John Clough
Subscriber: 1902 to 1906.
Share number: 57 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

He was the rector of Wilford and as such held the subscription taken out for the Rector from December 1893.
He seems to be the only incumbent of Wilford to have been named in the Library records.

He bought a book (or books) from the Library for 6s 0d on 13/11/1901.

Minuted book requests:

Mr Coachman

On 10/7/1895 he bought three volumes from the Library for 1s 6d.

Joshua Coates
Subscriber: 5/2/1844 to 2/8/1869.
The Standfast Ledger records three borrowings between 26/2/1852 and 10/6/1859.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Edgar T. Coggins
    On 13/4/1911 a letter was sent to The Atheneum at Bream’s Buildings, London E.C. requesting the insertion of an advertisement at a cost of 3s 6d. It read:

Wanted Assistant Librarian. Previous library experience essential.
Salary commencing 18/- per week.
Applications with not less than three testimonials to be sent in not later than 29th April to
J. Russell Honorary Secretary.

There were two candidates for the post of assistant librarian vacated by A. Watts Dyson.

Edgar T. Coggins from Harrogate was offered the post on 6/5/1911 and Mr Byers at Harrogate Library was to be encouraged to release him as soon as he could. The salary was 18s 0d per week paid monthly and with one month’s notice to be given by either side. The Library was open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and he was expected to arrive by 9.45 a.m. He would have two and a half hours off each day for meals; one and a half hours for dinner and one hour for tea. Two weeks holiday was allowed in the summer or autumn when the Library was quieter and he should make himself proficient in the use of a typewriter as soon as he could.

Coggins received 16s 4d travel expenses for attending for interview (2/5/1911; 6/5/1911 in the ‘special’ column of the Accounts Book). Two weeks holiday was agreed on 1/8/1911 despite having been mentioned in his letter of appointment. His wage went up to 21s 0d per week (7/5/1912), 25s. 0d (3/6/1913), 27s 6d (1/9/1914).

Coggins left the Library to join the South Notts Hussars (6/10/1914) with his position kept open and 5s per week allowance which was increased to 10s (1/12/1914).

On 24/11/1914 at the Book Committee meeting Parker Woodward proposed that the allowance made to Coggins during his absence should be the difference between his salary (27s 6d per week) and that paid to the temporary assistant (17s 6d per week) thus making the allowance 10s 0d per week.

The Committee sent him £10 when he was commissioned in 1918.
He returned to the Library in 1920 but left very soon after.

See –– W.E. Middleton.

Daniel Parker Coke
Member of Parliament for Nottingham for 1780 to 1802 and 1803 to 1812.
His portrait was in Bromley House at the time Sutton’s Stranger’s Guide was published in 1827.
It had disappeared by the time of Russell’s History (1916).

George Elmsley Coke, Esq.
Civil and mining engineer.
Address: 24 The Ropewalk.
Subscriber: 3/7/1894 to 3/3/1914.
Share number: 51 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
He attended the General Meeting: 1906.

He bought a book (or books) from the Library for: 6s 0d ( 6/12/1907).

Minuted book request:
His death was noted at the 1912 General Meeting and the share passed to Mrs Coke whose death was noted at the 1914 General Meeting.

Coke, Mills & Coke
also Coke and Coke & Mills
Civil and mining engineers.
Tenant at Bromley House.

Mr Coke took over the tenancy held by Wilson, paying £3 15s 0d on 8/4/1886.
They then paid £15 0s 0d per annum in quarterly payments (plus their gas) until 1892.

On 1/7/1890 they gave notice that they would vacate the office they rented on 29/9/ but they were giving notice again on 7/4/1891 this time to quit on 24/6/. Under the title of Coke, Mills & Coke they enquired about tenancy (6/1/1891) and on 3/2/1891 they were informed that there were no rooms available.

Henry Mills Mansfeldt, FGS, was a civil engineer with them. (Kelly, 1891)
See –– R.C. Sutton.

George Coldham
Town Clerk for Nottingham during the Luddite disturbances.

He was appointed as Town Clerk in 1799 and served for 24 years. Henry Kirke White, the poet, was apprenticed to the firm of Coldham & Enfield who had an office in Rose Yard, now King John's Chambers. He was riding in a gig with a friend in Brighton in 1815 when the horse was frightened. Coldham was thrown out hitting his head on a post. He died from his injuries (Mellors,1924).

His portrait was given to the Library in 1822 and it was in Bromley House at the time Sutton’s Stranger’s Guide was published in 1827 (Russell, 1916). Described as a mezzotint [13 x 9.75 inches; published 1816], after William Arnold, of Mr George Coldham, First Lord Howe is now in the Front Reading Room (2006).

See –– The Enfield Family and Henry Enfield.

Miss Sarah Eliza Coldham

Subscriber: 8/10/1863 to 3/10/1870.
She signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Francis Hart's share was transferred to her (15/10/1863).

Wright Coldham
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 3/1/1817.

Miss H.S. Cole
Subscriber: 6/11/1888 to 1/4/1897.

John Cole
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

Miss A Coleman
Subscriber: 1/11/1847 to /4/1851.

Rev John C. Coleman
Subscriber: 5/5/1845 to 1/5/1848.
Committee: 1845, 1846, 1847.
He replaced Rev John Wolley on the Committee (5/1/1846).

John Collet
A Dutch scene - kitchen interior described as in the manner of David Teniers [oil on canvas; 29.5 x 24.5 inches] is in the Reading Room (2006). It is thought to be by John Collet (c.1725-1780) imitating Hemskirk.

Rev Samuel Colley
Address: Standard Hill.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 4/6/1851 and 21/7/1851.

Rev Thomas Farmer Collins
Subscriber: 12/4/1904 10/5/1904.

Mr Collinson
Subscriber: 2/9/1850 to 1/4/1851
See –– John Thorpe of Sneinton.

C. Collinson
Subscriber: 6/2/1860 11/3/1867.
Address: Eastwood (1865).

John Collinson & Sons
Paperhanging painters & decorators.
Address: 43 Arkwright Street.

Samuel Collinson
Painter and decorator.
Address: 13 Middle Marsh and later at 33 Broad Marsh (Kelly, 1891; Wright, 1894-95).
Two small sums for paperhanging were paid in the summer of 1899.

Rev Colman
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 22/11/1845 and 9/12/1847.

John Coltman
Subscriber: 2/6/1821 to 3/6/1844.
On 4/7/1825 he purchased the British Traveller newspaper from the library for £3 0s 0d.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 13/3/1835

James Connolley
Subscriber: 6/10/1823 to 21/3/1825.
The transfer of this share was subject to the payment of £1 10s 0d for Lady Suffolk’s Letters (which was lost), £2 2s 0d arrears and a 5s 9d fine (21/3/1825).
The share transfer was also recorded on 20/3/1826.

Robert Cook
Subscriber: 25/4/1817 to 2/4/1819.
He joined after the 1817 AGM.

Robert Cook & Co.
In 1808, after the death of Sir George Smith, Bt., this business, described as 'drapery' or 'dealers in silks and linens' occupied part of Bromley House in about 1816 (Hoskins, 1991; Taylor, 1988).

Mr Cooke

On 13/6/1832 he paid £4 0s 0d for the Standard. (Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

Francis Cooke
He is mentioned in the transfer deed of 1681 for the land surrounding where Bromley House would later be built.
See –– John Nevill.

James Coope
Subscriber: 1/4/1851 to 23/3/1863.

Mr Cooper
On 14/12/1831 he paid £1 11s 6d for the Globe. (Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834).
This could be any of the Coopers using the Library at this time.

Alfred James Cooper, Esq.
Lace manufacturer.
Address: St Stephen’s Lodge, Dale Street, Old Sneinton.
Subscriber: 1/5/1899 to 1916.
Share number: 52 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
This was one of the five shares sold illegally by William Moore (librarian).

C.P. Cooper
On 28/6/1832 he wrote on behalf of Sir Ronald Ferguson (q.v.) regarding the Library taking the Public Records publications.

Mrs Mary Cooper
Address: Lynton, Arlington Drive, Mapperley Park.
Subscriber: 3/1/1911 to 1916.
Share number: 26 (counterfoil dated 28/4/1911).

Mrs Norah (or H.A.) Cooper
Address: Glencairne, Albemarle Road, Woodthorpe.
Subscriber: 5/10/1915 to 1916.
Share number: 166 (counterfoil dated 18/4/1916).

T.H. Cooper
Subscriber: 7/4/1835 to 3/8/1835.

Thomas Cooper
Subscriber: 2/4/1827 to 1/12/1828.

Edward Cope, JP (d.1896)
Proprietor of Cope & Ward.
Subscriber: 1/4/1873 to 5/4/1898.

He was the son of William Cope (q.v.) and developed his father's modifications of lace machinery.

William Cope
Subscriber: 1/4/1853 to 5/4/1870.
Address: Helmshill (1865)
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 29/4/1868.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was in the name of Mrs. Cope from 1868.

William Cope was born in Arnold and despite a lack of schooling he became a clever mechanic with a sound knowledge of the lace industry.
He set up Cope & Ward with W.G. Ward (q.v.) and this was continued by his son, Edward Cope (q.v.). (Mellors, 1914)

Henry Hampton Copnall (d.1921)
Clerk of the Peace for the County of Nottingham and Clerk to the County Council.
Address: Collingham.
Subscriber: 4/3/1908 to 1916.
Share number: 186 (counterfoil initialled and dated 7/4/1908). A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 29/6/1908.

He compiled a volume of Notes and Extracts from the County Records of the Seventeenth century and various articles published in The Transactions of the Thoroton Society.

Charles Cosens
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 21/8/1818.
He signed the Library Rules 91816-1830).

Joseph Cotton
He was an applicant for the post of porter (6/2/1843).

William Cotton
Subscriber: 2/8/1819 to 3/12/1832.
Address: Carlton.

Cowan is also found as Cowen.

Miss Ellen Mary Cowan
Address: 8 Lenton Road, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/1/1893 to 1916.
Share number: 53 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

George Roberts Cowen or Cowan
Gentleman. Engineer: Beck Engineering and Ironfoundry Works.
Address: 9 The Ropewalk.
Subscriber: 1/12/1862 to 4/3/1908.
He was a subscriber for more than 45 years.
Share number: 54 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Also listed as Cowan and as R.G.

At the 1894 General Meeting he seconded a motion that the name of the Duke of Newcastle should be placed in lists in alphabetical order and with the same sized type.
The motion was carried.

He was born in Sheffield on 8/9/1817 and educated at Nottingham Grammar School.
Deceased. His death was noted (7/4/1908).

George Roberts Cowan

Alfred Wilson Cox
Tenant and photographer.
He shared the tenancy with Sylvanus Redgate in 1856.

Charles Cox
Subscriber: 7/4/1845 to 5/3/1889.
Address: Basford
A share from ‘late Charles Cox’ was transferred on 7/5/1849, but Charles Cox remained listed.
The share was transferred to C.J. Cox.

Charles James Cox, Esq., JP (c.1833-1910)
Bleacher; Gentleman.
Address: Rock House, Old Basford.
Subscriber: 5/3/1889 to 1916.
Share number: 55 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from C. Cox.

His death was noted by at the 1911 General Meeting.
He is remembered in a stained glass window in Basford church. (Mellors, 1914)

Charles T. Cox
Subscriber: 3/5/1824 to 7/6/1831.

Edward Cox
Newsroom subscriber: 1832

Mrs G.L. Cox
Subscriber: /4/1841 to 2/12/1844.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 4/2/1849 in the name of Mrs G.S. Cox.
The share was transferred from G.L. Cox.

G.L. Cox
Subscriber: 9/3/1846 to 7/5/1849.

George Lipson Cox
Subscriber: 31/1/1817 to /4/1841.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.
He signed the Library Rules 91816-1830).

The Share Interest Book shows that he held four Bromley House Building Shares from 1831 to 1850 and another from 1839 to 1850 which had been transferred from E. Bardsley.
The Interest Book has a number of receipt slips pasted inside its covers and these include a number acknowledging payment by James Archer (librarian) on 1/5/1831, 23/6/1832 (see below), 1/4/1833, and in 1834 and 1843 as interest on Bromley House Building shares to G.L. Cox.

Mr Cox wrote his slips in a very small neat hand and one of particular note is addressed to:

Mr Archer
Bromley House
G.L. Cox’s respects to Mr. Archer & begs he will send by his niece, Ann Cox, the bearer the balance of the interest as by the understatement, the odd shillings will he please to retain for his own use as GLC begs his acceptance of the same - please to send a pamphlet of last months if any at liberty.
                  Beeston, 23rd June 1832
                  Interest of 5 shares subscripn.    6    5    0
                  deduct yearly subscription         2    2    0
                                                                    4    3    0
N.B. The share late E. Bardsley’s has been transferred to GLC making now five shares.

The share was transferred to Mrs Cox.

Harry W. Cox
Subscriber: 6/8/1878 to 7/7/1879
The share was transferred from Hampton W. Cox.

Rev S. Cox, DD (1826-1893)
Minister of the Mansfield Road Baptist Chapel.
Subscriber: 5/6/1882 to 4/9/1888.
Committee: 1884.
Rates liability sub committee.
See –– Michael Browne - 1885.

He was Minister of the Mansfield Road Baptist Chapel. from 1863 to 1888.
He was editor of The Expositor and a noted theological writer.
He is buried in Nottingham General Cemetery (Mellors, 1924).

Cox & Makin
On 6/5/1861 they applied to rent the vaults.

Cox & Redgate
On 6/10/1856 they made an offer to rent the upper part of the garden as a photographic room.
This was declined.

Cramm & Jolley
They were paid £35 10s 0d in January 1884 for unspecified services.
Could this be Evans & Jolley?

Mr Creswell
Being the late John Pearson’s father-in-law, he offered Pearson’s museum of curiosities to the Library (7/3/1831).

Henry Crewdson, Esq.
Address: Holme Dale, The Park.
Subscriber: 1/9/1890 to 1916.
Share number: 56 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1897, 1898, 1900, 1901, 1903, 1905 to 1915.
Sub-Committee for Electric Lighting and Decoration of the Library (1900).
Newsroom curtain sub-committee: 1901.
Constitution sub-committee: 1909.
Attended General Meetings: 1902, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1913 (apologies), 1914, 1915.

On 4/3/1908 he used a telegram to apologise for absence at a Committee meeting.

He was ‘thrown out’ of the Committee on 5/3/1907 and was immediately co-opted back again to replace the deceased M.I. Preston. He was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee.

He bought some of the newspapers - ‘Papers 2nd hand’ - from the Library for 6s 0d on 29/12/1900 and a book (or books) for: 16s 6d (12/12/1904), 8s 0d (26/1/1906).

On 2/3/1915 he was 'retired through non-attendance' at Committee meetings.
He had attended three meetings in 1914-15 as had Harry Hill, who did not retire.
Crewdson was replaced by S.H. Sands.
When E.W. Enfield resigned from the Committee (5/10/1915) he was the replacement.

He seconded a motion concerned with the provision of tea in the Library.

See –– J. Page; Sir Joseph Bright.

He was born in Kendal and was with Watson, Wadsworth & Ward from 1890.
In 1882 he married Margaret Croom, daughter of Alexander Andrew Ferguson of Glasgow.

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History, 1916.

Henry Crewdson

The petty cash account shows 9s 4d for towels on 22/10/1895.

William Cripps
Subscriber: 3/3/1845 to 1/4/1852.
Committee: 1846, 1847.
He was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1858.(Russell, 1916)

W. Cronin
Subscriber: 7/5/1866 to 2/4/1878.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Mr Crosland
An oak frame was supplied at a cost of 4s 6d on 13/12/1890.

Mr Cross
He bought books to the value of 2s 0d from the Library on 26/1/1914.

Thomas Crowther
Cotton merchant.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 4/4/1836.
Deputy President: 2/9/1822.
Trustee: 2/4/1822.
Committee: 1816, 1817, 1821, 1822, 1829, 1830, 1834, 1835.

He was a member of the original Committee of 1816 and was responsible for the Newsroom Prospectus (19/4/1816) as well as being a member of the 1816 Committee which was to draw up rules, investigate buildings and appoint a librarian as well as being a member of the Committee to collect deposits.
He was named as a Trustee of Bromley House in the minute and document of 1/4/1822.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held a Bromley House Building Share from 1831 to 1836.

On 20/3/1832 he paid £1 2s 8d for the British Traveller. (Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

Rev William George Cruft
Address: Calverton.
Subscriber: 12/4/1904 to 7/3/1911.
Share number: 196 (counterfoil signed by him and dated 10/5/1904).
Attended General meeting: 1908.

He and A.E.O. Jones, questioned the ‘bespeaking of books’ at the 1908 General Meeting and the matter was referred to the Committee (5/5/1908).

Charles Cullen
Rate collector.
Address: 1 Ben Street, Radford. [White', 1885].

In October 1880 he collected rates of £19 4s 7d from the Library. Further collections were made in August and December 1882.

J. P. Cullen
He was paid £21 6s 0d for ‘aircraft insurance on 11/10/1915.

Rev John Cullen
Vicar of St Mary’s, Radcliffe-on-Trent.
He gave a copy of his Poems and Idylls (17/4/1914) (Bromley House JWC1(10) in 2006).

Samuel Cullen
Subscriber: 5/4/1825 to 3/7/1837.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

George Cunliffe
Address: 1 Park Drive, The Park.

He was born in Liverpool in 1841 and educated at King William's College in the Isle of Man.
He married Katherine, daughter of Charles Nelson Bromley of Stafford.
See –– Bromley, Cunliffe & Co.

George Cunliffe

The Curshams

Rev Cursham
On 1/12/1908 the ‘Rev Cursham’ was named as needing special notice of the sale of newspapers.

George Cursham
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 3/4/1826.
Committee: 1825.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He resigned from committee on 3/4/1826 and was replaced by William Cursham.


A George Cursham, son of Rev T. Cursham of Sutton-in-Ashfield was born in 1795 and attended Repton School in 1808.
He graduated M.D. from London and Paris, was elected F.R.C.P. in 1844 and became Physician to the Hospital for Consumption and the the Asylum for Female Orphans.
He died in September 1871.

Henry Alfred Cursham
Insurance broker.
Address: The Firs, Holme Pierrepont.
Subscriber: 7/4/1903 to 1916.
Share number: 187 (counterfoil signed by him and dated 14/5/1903).

Born on 27/11/1859 he was the son of W.G. Cursham (q.v.) of Wilford and he attended Repton School from 1875 to 1876.

At the time of the 1901 Census he was an insurance broker age 41 born at Wilford, living with:
There were three servants recorded.

The sons of Henry and Frances Cursham are commemorated on the pillars of the First World War memorial gateway to St Edmund's churchyard at Holme Pierrepont:

A sporting subscriber

Henry 'Harry' Cursham was born on 27 November 1859 in Wilford.
He attended Repton School and played  football for Corinthians, Grantham and Thursday Wanderers of Sheffield, but most significantly for Notts County and England.
He was also a first-class cricketer representing Nottinghamshire.

No player has scored more goals in the FA Cup than did Cursham, as in a ten-year period, from 1877 to 1887, he scored 49 goals for Notts County: 48 in the Competition Proper and one in a Fourth Round Qualifying tie against Staveley.
A double hat-trick of six goals came in an 11-1 win against Wednesbury Strollers but it was said that Henry claimed a triple hat-trick.

Henry Cursham is also Notts County’s unofficial top goalscorer of all time with a tally of 208 goals between 1877 and 1891, although only 53 came in competitive games.
He still holds Notts County's all time FA Cup appearance record of 43 games.

He played eight times for England starting with a 3-2 victory against Wales in 1880.
His first international goal came in his second match in which England beat Ireland 13-0.
He scored in a 5-3 home defeat against Wales and achieved a hat trick against Ireland.
His last game for England resulted in an 8-1 defeat of Scotland in 1883-84.

Henry Cursham's International footballing career
15/3/1880 Wales v. England 2-3 Racecourse Ground, Wrexham, Wales
18/2/1882 Ireland v England 0-13 Bloomfield Park, Belfast Scored 1 goal.
11/3/1882 Scotland v England 5-1 Hampden Park, Glasgow Scored: 48 min.
13/3/1882 Wales v England 5-3 Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
3/2/1883 England v. Wales 5-0 Kennington Oval, London Henry’s brother, Arthur Cursham also of Notts County,
also played in this match and scored a goal in the 65 minute.
24/2/1883 England v. Ireland 7-0 Aigburth Park Cricket Club Ground, Liverpool.
10/3/1883 England v. Scotland 2-3 Bramall Lane, Sheffield.
23/2/1884 Ireland v. England 1-8 Ballynafeigh Park, Belfast. Scored 3 goals.
Arthur Cursham also played in this match

In 1880 he made his first-class cricket debut in a drawn match against Surrey.
His second and final match was against a touring South African team some 24 years later when he was 44.
Cursham was a lower-order right-handed batsman for Nottinghamshire.

Henry Cursham's First-Class Cricketing Career
Batting and Fielding (1880-1904)
Bowling (1904)
Matches 2

Balls 78
Innings 3

Maidens 1
Not out 1

Runs 43
Runs 41

Wickets 0
Highest score 25
Not out

Average 20.50

Catches 1

Henry also played irregularly for Nottingham Rugby Football Club in the early 1890s.

Henry's brother, Arthur William Cursham (b.14/3/1853; d.24/12/1884 in Florida), was also both a footballer, winning six international caps, and a  right-handed batsman and round-arm slow bowler who played for Nottinghamshire (1876-1878) and for Derbyshire (1879-1880).

Henry Cursham died in Holme Pierrepont on 6 August 1941 and he is buried with his wife, Frances, in St Edmund's churchyard at Holme Pierrepont.

His wife, Frances Anne Elizabeth, was born on 14 May 1863 and died on 8 March 1946.

These gravestones are to be found in the churchyard at
St Edmund's church
at Holme Pierrepont.
Henry Alfred Cursham
 (born: 27/11/1859; died: 6/8/1941)

Frances Anne Elizabeth Cursham
his wife,
(born: 14/5/1863; died: 8/3/1946)
Francis George Cursham

Accidentally killed at Aldershot
31/8/1918 aged 29.
On the pillars of the First World War memorial gate to the churchyard:

Major F.G. Cursham, 8th Sherwood Foresters. Killed 1914-18. Left-hand pillar.
Lt. C. Cursham, 8th Sherwoods. Returned safely. Right-hand column.

Rev H.S. Cursham

The Standfast Ledger records 20 borrowings between 5/1/1849 and 4/9/1857.

Captain John Cursham
He sent the Burmese document in 1827.
See –– William Cursham.

Rev Thomas Leeson Cursham
, AM
Address: Sutton-in-Ashfield.
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 4/11/1822.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He was the son of Rev Thomas Cursham of Skegby (1791-1800) and Ann Leesom.

W.G. Cursham
Address: Wilford (1865).
Subscriber: 5/5/1862 to 3/7/1882.
The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings on 29/1/1868.
The share was listed for some years in 1860s and 1870s as being with Mrs W.G. Cursham.

Mrs Cursham signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

William Cursham was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1874.
His sons were:

Rev W.H. Cursham, BA
Subscriber: 6/5/1850 to 5/5/1862.
Auditor: 1864.

William Cursham was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1858.(Russell, 1916)
The share was transferred to Mrs W.G. Cursham.

William Cursham
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 1/4/1850.
Committee: 1821, 1826, 1830, 1831, 1845, 1846.
Trustee: 2/4/1822.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

 He was named as a Trustee of Bromley House in the minute and document of 1/4/1822 and was appointed to the Committee on 3/4/1826 to replace George Cursham.
The Standfast Ledger records 15 borrowings between 11/7/1848 and 7/11/1856.

William Cursham donated an item described in the Presents Book (5/11/1827) as A Theological Manuscript in the Burmese Language from the Collection of the late Captain Cursham.

The gift was recorded as follows:
At the 202nd Meeting of the Committee held on Monday Nov 5th 1827 ––

Doctr. Bigsby Deputy President    Mr. J.D. Rogers
Mr. Thos Gray    Mr. W. Jamson
Mr. Renshaw    Revd. B. Carpenter
Mr. John Pearson

Mr. W. Cursham having presented to the Library a Burmese Theological manuscript which was sent from the Burmese Empire by the late Captn. John Cursham.
Resolved that the thanks of the meeting be given to Mr. Cursham for his very valuable present and that the manuscript shall be kept in the glasscase with great care.

Many years later (6/10/1896) the Library heard from Robert K. Douglas of the British Museum that the Burmese manuscript given by W. Cursham in 1827 had proved to be a treatise on Pali and Burmese grammar written in Pali and dated 1771.

 This item was 'rediscovered' behind the safe in Bromley House in 2007.

 On 5/12/1825 one of the Curshams presented Descriptions of Antiques in the Museum at Paris.

He was asked to obtain a copy of Flora Londoniensis (1/1/1821).

Mr Curtis


Ester (or Hester) Curzon
She married Sir George Smith, 2nd Bt. (q.v.)

Miss M.S. Curzon
Subscriber: 1/5/1871 to 2/12/1890.

Mrs H. Cutts
Subscriber: 3/12/1838 to 6/10/1845.

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