Bromley House Library 1816 to 1916

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Mrs Eames
Subscriber: 1/4/1856 to 2/3/1863.
The share was passed from F. Eames and the final transfer was made by S. Eames.

Mrs Eames
Subscriber: 7/8/1871 to 7/9/1874.

Miss Eames
Subscriber: 15/7/1880 to 15/7/1880.
This was an immediate transfer to and from her at same Committee meeting.

Miss Ada S. Eames
Address: 18 The Ropewalk.
Subscriber: 13/6/1899 to 1916.
Share number: 71 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from Mrs S. Eames (deceased).

She attended the General Meetings: 1903, 1904, 1905.

Minuted book request:
She was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

F. Eames
Subscriber: 7/7/1846 to 1/4/1856.
The share was passed to Mrs Eames.

Francis Eames
Subscriber: 4/7/1842 to 2/2/1846, and this could well have been of ......

Richard Lamb & Francis Eames.
Hosiers, hatters, outfitters and dealers in travellers’ requisites.
Address: 1 and 2 South Parade [Wright, 1894-95]

Mrs S. Eames

Subscriber: 2/10/1876 to 13/6/1899.
The share was transferred to Miss Ada S. Eames.

Mr Earp
On 1/1/1855 he gave evidence to the Committee in connection with Hawkes use of the vaults as a wine cellar.

Their estimate of £10 12s 6d for printing copies of the new rules was accepted (16/1/1900) and they were paid £12 0s 6d on 13/2/1900.

Samuel Earp
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

R. Eaton
Subscriber: 2/4/1849 to 1/5/1854.

Richard Eaton
Subscriber: 7/8/1837 to 2/12/1839.

Mrs Eaton (formerly Alliott)
See –– Alliott.

Mrs Eberlin

Minuted book request:

Albert Eberlin
Address: 2 Chapel Bar.
Subscriber: 10/12/1901 to 1916.
Share number: 30 (counterfoil dated 3/2/1903).
Committee: 1905, 1906 to 1913.
He attended General Meetings: 1903, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1916.
Scrutator: 1904.
Book Committee: 1911
Finance Committee: 1906, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1913.

He was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee.
He did not seek re-election in 1914 (3/3/1914).

He, and five others, signed share certificates such as that issued to John Holland Walker on 9/4/1907.

He bought a books from the Library for:
8s 0d 8/12/1905
5s 0d 10/12/1906

Minuted book request:

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Alfred Ebsworth
Address: Bulwell.
Subscriber: 5/11/1849 to 1/9/1851.

Booth Eddison
Subscriber: 2/11/1829 to 7/4/1835 and 7/3/1836 to 3/12/1860.
It seems that he sold his share and then bought another a year later.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1833, 1834, 1837, 1838, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1845, 1848, 1849.
Auditor: 1843.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

On 6/6/1842 Rev W.J. Butler charged that the Scrutineers at the Annual General Meeting had made a false return of names for the Committee.
Booth Eddison and Kirk Swann attended the Committee meeting and gave ‘an unqualified denial’ of this.
The Committee found the charge groundless.

The Standfast Ledger records five borrowings between 29/8/1845 and 5/1/1850.

In 1848 he was authorised to dispose of the herbarium (1/5/1848).

He signed the requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s 0d to 30s 0d (17/3/1851), and he moved the motion concerning the matter at the 1851 AGM.

The final transfer was by Mrs Eddison.

Hugh Edenborough
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

Rev George Edgcome
Rector of St Peter’s.

He wrote to the Committee (8/1/1901) from St Peter's Rectory on 4/1/1901 stating that he was the only remaining trustee of the Standfast Library ex officio his rectory, having attended only three meetings in his 30 years at the parish.

The Committee seems to have had little knowledge to help him with.

Mrs Frances Ethelreda Edge
Wife of T.L.K. Edge.
Address: Strelley.
Subscriber: 10/3/1903 to 1916.
Share number: 42 (counterfoil signed by W.F. Bromley is dated 14/5/1903).


The picture is from the report in the Church Magazine
on the Church Congress held in Nottingham in 1897.


Rev John W. Edge
Subscriber: 31/7/1826 to 7/3/1836.

The share, which he had acquired from John Balguy, was transferred to Joshua Danks.

Rev John Webb Edge, AM
Address: Strelley.
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 6/1/1823.

Miss Eliza Edmonds
Address: Minah House, Belmont Road; Upnah House, 22 Balmoral Road.
Subscriber: 7/7/1914 to 1916.
Share number: 113 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1915).

Mr Edwards
On 4/11/1833 a Mr Edwards offered to sell a packet of coins to the Library.
A special meeting of the committee held on 11/11/1833 declined this offer but did take his publication on the topic.

Miss E. Edwards
She was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Rev James Edwards
Subscriber: 4/3/1833 to 6/3/1865

In 1851 he signed the requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s 0d to 30s 0d (17/3/1851).

Mrs Eking
Address: Ockbrook.

She was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

W.G. Eking
Subscriber: 7/11/1882 to April 1897.
He is also listed as G.W. Eking.

Dr George Elder, MD
Address: 17 Regent Street and Redhill Lodge.
Subscriber: 7/5/1883 to 7/8/1888, 1/4/1890 to 5/4/1898, 1/5/1899 to 8/5/1900 and 11/9/1906 to 3/11/1908.
It is highly likely that these four shareholdings were by the same person.
Share number: 189 (counterfoil dated 9/4/1907).

Minuted book request:
He was born on 25/3/1847 at Drogheda, Ireland and educated at Nottingham High School and the University of Glasgow.

Colonel Elliott
A portrait by Thomas Barber (senior ) was in Bromley House at the time Sutton’s Stranger’s Guide was published in 1827(Russell, 1916).
It is now in the Front Reading Room, the Neville Hoskins Room (2007).

Colonel Elliott

Mr Elliott
He was to put up a map in the Library (2/8/1819) and was then asked to move it (6/9/1819).

Mrs E. Elliott
Subscriber: 1/5/1882 to 1/4/1884.
The share was transferred from T.E. Elliott.
The final transfer was from S.A. Elliott on 7/1/1884 but recorded as from E. Elliott in the 1884 General Meeting record.

J.W. Elliott
Subscriber: 7/11/1881 to 1/5/1882.
The share was transferred from S.A. Elliott.
A share in the name of T.E. Elliott was transferred to Mrs E. Elliott.

Mrs S.A. Elliott
Subscriber: 4/8/1879 to 7/11/1881.
The share was transferred from Thomas Elliott to Mrs Elliott or S.A. Elliott.
The final share transfer was from S.A. Elliott to J.W. Elliott.

Thomas Elliott
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 4/2/1822.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Thomas Elliott
Address: Daybrook (1865).
Subscriber: 27/3/1845 to 4/8/1879.
The share was transferred from his brother, William Elliott.

On 2/11/1845 some business raised by a Mr Elliott was deferred to the next meeting, but never subsequently brought up.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to Mrs S.A. Elliott.

William Elliott
Subscriber: 3/7/1826 to 27/3/1845.
The share was transferred to his brother, Thomas Elliott.

Miss Ellis
Subscriber: 2/12/1850 to 3/7/1854.

Miss Ellis
Library Assistant: 16/4/1915 to 1916.

She replaced Miss Beeston (16/4/1915) and was paid £3 9s 0d per month (17s 6d per week).
This was increased to 22s 6d per week on 7/12/1915.
She worked at the Library until 1920 and became Mrs Clarke.

Francis Newman Ellis, Esq.
Colliery director.
Address: Mansfield; South Row, The Park; 5 Cavendish Crescent North, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/5/1892 to 1916.
Share number: 72 (certificate (9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from J.E. Ellis.
He attended the General Meeting: 1908.
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

He was born in Leicester in November 1855 and in June 1881 he married Katherine Anne, daughter of John Taylor of Darley Dale.

Francis Newman Ellis

John Edward Ellis, MP (1841-1910)
Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe 1885 to 1910.
Subscriber: 3/7/1882 to 3/5/1892.

He was born in Leicester and chose a tour of the United States in preference to attending university.
His father was chairman of the Midland Railway and John became apprenticed to a firm of railway engineers in Leeds.
In 1861 he took charge of a colliery at Hucknall owned by his father.

He was active in a wide range of local social and charitable matters and became the MP for Rushcliffe in 1885, going on to win five further elections.
He was chairman of a number of committees in the House of Commons, Under-Secretary for India, but he declined the offer of being Speaker.
He vigourously opposed the South African War, and strongly supported temperance.

He was married to Maria, daughter of John Rowntree (Mellors, 1924).
The share was transferred to F.N. Ellis.

Portrait, signature and letterhead of
John Ellis

[4022, 4206 & 4207]

John E. Ellis
Address: 42a Bridlesmith Gate (Kelly, 1891; Wright, 1894-95).

On 5/6/1894 he was invited to tender for printing the new supplementary catalogue.
Their tender for 350 copies at 2s 9d per page was accepted and the catalogue was to be sold at 2d a copy with a paper binding.
(This indicates a catalogue of about 20 pages. 20 x 2s 9d = £2 15s 0d; 350 x 2d = £2 18s 4d.)

He did two jobs for the Library in 1895 at costs of £15 19s 0d (5/2/1895) and £1 13s 0d (7/5/1895).

William Simons Ellis
Lace gasser.
Address: 624 Mansfield Road, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 4/3/1908 to 1916.
Share number: 54 (counterfoil dated 7/4/1908). A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 18/4/1908.
He attended General Meetings: 1910, 1911, 1913.
Scrutator: 1913.

Minuted book request:

He bought books from the Library for:
6s 0d 27/4/1910
7s 0d 17/1/1914
5s 0d 1/2/1916
£1 1s 0d 12/1/1912
£1 11s 3d 20/2/1915

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Edward Elsey

Lace manufacturer.
Address: Hopwell Hall, Derby.
Subscriber: 2/2/1897 to 1916.
Share number: 73 (certificate: 2/4/1901).
A registration fee for share transfer of 2s 6d was received on 20/2/1905.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The Year Book for 1913 was purchased for 10s 0d.

The Enfield Family

The famiy of
William Enfield
(b. 29/3/1741 in Sudbury, Suffolk; d. 3/11/1797 in Norwich)
m.(in Liverpool) Mary Holland (d.1830), daughter of Richard Holland of Liverpool.
This pedigree of the Enfield family is based on that by Phillimore (1910).
Richard Enfield (1769-1791)
He was a lawyer and Town Clerk for Nottingham and he died aged 21.

Anna Enfield (1771-1836)
m. Thomas Fletcher (1795-1851) of Liverpool.

Henry Enfield (b. 1775 in Warrington; d. 16/4/1845 in Bramcote; bur. St Nicholas, Nottingham)
m.(1800 in Worksop) Frances Henfrey (b.c.1778; d. 6/7/1844), daughter of Benjamin Henfrey of Worksop.

Henry was a solicitor and Town Clerk for Nottingham.
 William Enfield (b. 9/7/1801 at Low Pavement, Nottingham; d. 10/3/1873 at 18 Low Pavement) m.(14/10/1835 in Lenton) Anne Needham, daughter of Matthew Needham of Lenton House, by Mary Manning, daughter of William Manning of Norwich. Like his father William was a solicitor and Town Clerk for Nottingham.

Henry Enfield (b. 24/6/1803; d. 23/7/1869 at Matlock). m.(6/4/1841 at High Pavement Chapel) Eliza Sara Needham, daughter of Matthew Needham of Lenton House. Henry was a lawyer.
Mary Enfield (b. 4/2/1842)
Ellen Enfield (b. 24/11/1845; d. 1/9/1859)
Henry Enfield (b. 12/9/1849) m.(1833) Elise Schmidt of Dusseldorf. Henry was an artist.
Maria Enfield (b. 10/9/1806 at Houndsgate; d. 1884)
m.(12/8/1823 in Lenton) John Withers Dowson of Norwich.

Edward Enfield (b 15/5/1811 in Nottingham; d. 21/4/1880 in London; bur. in Woking)
m.(1: 3/10/1848 at Little Portland Street Chapel, London) Honora Taylor (b. 20/5/1815; d. 28/11/1849) daughter of John Taylor of Kensington and Ann Row Pring.
Honora was the sister of the John Taylor who married Harriet Enfield (see below).
Edward m.(2: 19/8/1854 in Berne, Switzerland) Harriett Roscoe, daughter of Henry Roscoe  of Liverpool.
Ernest William Enfield (b. 25/11/1849 in Kensington) m. (14/1/1881 in Southport) Lucy Alice Lawford, daughter of John Lindsay Lawford. Ernest lived at The Grove, Burton Joyce.
Alice Honora Enfield (b. 4/1/1882) of The Park.
Ernest Arthur Enfield (b.13/6/1883)
of Sutton Bonnington.
Ralph Roscoe Enfield (b. 22/12/1885)
of Sutton Bonnington.
Margaret Elinor Enfield (b. 17/5/1887)
of Sutton Bonnington.
Joyce Enfield (b. 29/4/1895)
She lived at Burton Joyce.
Anna Enfield (b.26/12/1814; d. 26/6/1860) m.(16/7/1835 at Bramcote) Septimus Dowson (d. 21/7/1884) of Gelderston, Norfolk.

Susan Pendlebury Houghton Enfield
(b. 25/2/1854; d. 12/11/1880).
Henry Houghton Enfield
(b. 31/12/1854 at Park Row)
Frances Enfield (b. 16/3/1857)
Mary Pendlebury Enfield (b. 18/6/1859)
Anna Enfield (b. 17/11/1860)
Richard Enfield (b. 5/4/1817 at 18 Low Pavement; d. 23/4/1904 at Bramcote; bur. at Bramcote)
m.(31/8/1852 at Gelderston) Mary Pendlebury Houghton Dowson (b. 12/12/1827 at Gelderston; d. 8/9/1884 at Oban, Argyllshire), daughter of Henry Gibson Dowson (d. 28/9/1826) of Gelderston.

Harriet Enfield (b. 14/3/1819; d. 27/12/1887 in London)
m. (19/10/1840 in Bramcote) John Taylor (b.c. 1809; d. 20/4/1881) of Mold, Flintshire).
John was the brother of the Honora Taylor who married Edward Enfield (see above).

Agnes Frances Enfield She died as an infant and is buried at St Nicholas.
Maria Enfield (1776-1828)
m. Edward Bacon (b. 7/3/1870; d. 1847) of Norwich and London.

Eliza Enfield (1781-1864)
m. Robert Kinder (b.1807; d. 26/1/1854).

The Enfield legal practice
Coldham & Enfield Henry Enfield was articled to and became a partner of George Coldham (q.v.) who died in 1815.
Henry Enfield Henry practised alone from 1815 to 1824.
Enfield & Son In 1824 he was joined by his son William.
Enfield & Sons In 1841 they were joined by Richard.
W. & R. Enfield Henry died in 1845 leaving the two brothers in the legal practice.
W. & R. Enfield & Dowson In 1861 they were joined by their nephew, Benjamin Dowson (q.v.), son of either Maria or of Anna.
Richard Enfield Dowson retired in 1874 and Richard worked alone.
Enfield & Son In 1880 Richard was joined by his son Henry Houghton Enfield.

Enfield & Son
See –– The Enfield family, Henry Enfield, Richard Enfield and William Enfield.
Registration fees for share transfers of 2s 6d were received from them on: 5/2/1908, 16/3/1909.

Ernest William Enfield
Subscriber: 5/2/1877 to 7/11/1882.
He bought an original share for £30 on 6/1/1877.

Ernest William Enfield, JP
Electrical engineer; later banker. Gentleman.
Address: The Grove, Burton Joyce.
Subscriber: 4/2/1908 to 1916.
Share number: 74 (counterfoil dated 7/4/1908).
Committee: 1913 to 1915.
Finance Committee: 1914, 1915.
He attended General Meetings: 1914, 1915, 1916 (apologies).

He was first choice replacement on the Committee for 1913 when C.E. Townroe resigned (4/3/1913).
A letter concerning this was sent on 6/3/1913 and he agreed to serve.

The share was transferred from Miss Mary Enfield.
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

He sent a letter of resignation on 5/10/1915 and was replaced on the Committee by Henry Crewdson (q.v.).

He was born on 25/11/1849 in Kensington and educated at University College School, London and Corpus Christie College, Oxford where he took a BA.
He began his working life as an electrical engineer and worked on the transatlantic and other cables.
He later became a banker.
In 1881 he married Lucy Alice, daughter of John Lindsay Lawford. (Phillimore, 1910)

Ernest William Enfield

H. Enfield
Subscriber: 5/12/1864 to April 1872.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was passed to Mrs Enfield.

Mrs H. Enfield
Subscriber: April 1872 to 5/4/1881
The share was passed from H. Enfield and transferred to Miss Mary Enfield.

H.H. Enfield
This is probably Henry Haughton Enfield, solicitor, of Enfield & Son, 18 Low Pavement.
See –– Richard Enfield.

Henry Enfield (1773 - 1844)
Solicitor (Enfield & Son).
Town Clerk of Nottingham.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 1/1/1849.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830) twice.

He was named as a Trustee of Bromley House in the minute and document of 1/4/1822.

On 20/4/1825 he hired a room at the library for the ladies of the Female Artisans’ Library.
The Standfast Ledger records five borrowings between 8/3/1842 and 1/4/1842.

Henry Enfield was the father of Richard Enfield and William Enfield.
The share was transferred to R. Enfield.

Henry was born in 1773 in Warrington and he died in Bramcote on 6/7/1844.

Henry Enfield (1773-1844)

An item appeared on E-Bay in July 2009.
This was a
Queen Victoria
1841 Penny Red on a cover
addressed to 'H. Enfield Esq Nottingham'

It details charges for the printing and supply of the Nottingham Improvement Bill and the Nottingham Inclosure Bill dated 16 July 1844.
It was sent from 25 Parliament Street, London.
On the reverse it carries a Nottingham cancel for July 17th 1844.
This information was kindly supplied by philatelist  Paul Newman.

Miss Mary Enfield
Address: 6 Park Valley, The Park.
Subscriber: 5/4/1881 to 4/2/1908.
Share number: 74 (certificate: 2/4/1901).
She was listed as Miss N. Enfield in 1900.
The share was transferred from Mrs H. Enfield and transferred to Ernest William Enfield.

Richard Enfield, Esq. (1817-1904)
Solicitor - Enfield & Son.
Address: Bramcote (1903); 18 Low Pavement.
Subscriber: 7/4/1846 to 1916.
He was a subscriber for more than 57 years, but his share was still in his name and listed as bring with his representatives in 1916 which could make him in 1916 the second longest, if posthumous, subscriber at 70.1 years.
Share number: 75 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1853, 1854, 1856, 1857, 1877.
He was present at General Meeting of 1894.

In 1838, as secretary to the Natural History Society, he asked that the museum be opened to members of the Mechanics Institute (15/8/1838). This was refused on 3/9/1838.
A few years later he attended a Committee meeting to request permission to remove specimens belonging to the Natural History Society (1/9/1845).

The Standfast Ledger records his making just one borrowing on 25/10/1855.

On 2/5/1853 he proposed a £55 subscription to Mudie's Library for the supply of 60 books per year and at the 1856 General Meeting he proposed an amendment (seconded by William Tomlin) regarding mortgages and debentures which opposed the Committee line and which was defeated.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867 and in 1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, and was one of the 14 elected (17/3/1874). He was again named as one of six trustees on 7/4/1902.

He replaced the deceased John Watson senior on the Committee on 3/4/1877 and was active in discussions of rule changes at the 1894 General Meeting.

In 1877 he proposed a motion that ten new shares be issued at £50 each. This was seconded by Edmund Percy and adopted by the Committee (7/5/1877). He was consulted as a trustee concerning the alterations to Bromley House and needed a reminder to reply. When he did reply he disapproved of the changes proposed (4/2/1904).

In educational matters he was an advanced thinker and among the projects he actively supported, in addition to the Bromley House Library, were the foundation of the University College, the Natural History Society, the School of Art, the General Hospital, the Midland Institution for the Blind, the Mechanics Institute and the People's College. He was a Sunday School teacher and superintendent at High Pavement for 35 years. The Nottingham Incorporated Law Society chose him as their president on two occasions and one of his sayings was 'Work and be thankful' (Mellors, 1924).

He was in partnership with his brother William and he was the son of Henry Enfield. He acted as solicitor to Count Marioni with regard to an agreement to support the education of orphan girls in Marioni's native Italy in 1881 and 1882.
Details of this are shown under the entry for Ubaldo Marioni.

Richard Enfield was born on 5/4/1817 in Nottingham and educated at Kings College School in London and at University College, London. In 1846 the share was transferred from Henry Enfield to R. Enfield. Richard died on 23/4/1904 in Bramcote and a letter thanking the Committee for their sympathy came from H.H. Enfield. The share was still listed as being in the hands of his representatives in 1916.

Richard Enfield (1817-1904)
[4037 & 4139]

W. Enfield
Subscriber: 6/4/1869 to 4/10/1869.

W. Enfield
A single entry for rent of £12 0s 0d was recorded for 28/9/1869.

William Enfield (1801 - 1873)
Address: Low Pavement.
Subscriber: 5/9/1836 to 6/2/1860.
Committee: 1844, 1845.
He was nominated as a new trustee on 28/2/1848 and later appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1858 (Russell, 1916).
Sylvanus Redgate painted his portrait.

He was in partnership with his brother Richard Enfield and he was the son of Henry Enfield.

At his funeral in 1873 the Rev R.A. Armstrong of High Pavement mentioned that Enfield had shown great courage during the cholera outbreak of 1832 (Russell, 1916).

He was born on 9/7/1801 and in 1835 he married Anne, daughter of Matthew Needham of Lenton House.

William Enfield (1801-1873)

Charles England
Subscriber: 3/5/1847 to 7/6/1852.

Dr John Etherington
Subscriber: 3/11/1834 to 5/12/1843.
On 7/8/1843 he was sent a notice of forfeiture of his share.

The final share transfer was by Mrs Etherington.

Miss Evans
She bought books from the Library for:
1s 0d 7/1/1913
6s 0d 16/11/1914
12s 0d 16/12/1913
5s 0d 28/12/1915

George Evans
Subscriber: 5/5/1851 to 4/4/1853.

Rev Henry Evans
Address: Eastwood.
Subscriber: April 1823 to 1/5/1826.

Evans & Jolley
Evans & Son

See –– Robert Evans senior and Robert Evans junior and F. Pearson.
Architects & surveyors.
Address: Eldon Chambers, 18 Wheeler Gate. [Post Office, 1876; Kelly, 1891]. Also at 60 High Street, Burton-on-Trent [Wright, 1894-95].
Evans & Jolley had one commission from the Library for £3 3s 0d in 1895, while Evans & Son were used in February 1898 (£5 5s 0d), May 1899 (£15 15s 0d) and January 1908 (£5 0s 0d).

Building works in Nottinghamshire by Evans & Jolley include:
St Leonard's, Newark 1871
Enlargement of the Children's Hospital, Postern Street 1877
Royal Insurance Building, Victoria Street, later the Art Gallery 1872
The chancel windows at All Saints, Cotgrave 1877-8
The south aisle at St Mary Magdalen, Hucknall 1872-4)
Our Lady and St Patrick's Roman Catholic church, London Road 1880
Board School, Bath Street 1874
Brunt's School, Mansfield 1891
The chancel at St Peter's 1875

They were responsible for the laying out of:
Sherwood Rise 1845-50
Mapperley Road c.1880
Alexandra Park c.1854
Mapperley Park c.1880

Robert Evans, Esq. (Senior)
Architect and partner in Evans & Son.
Address: Eldon Chambers, Wheelergate; home: South Road, The Park [Wright, 1894-95].

There is uncertainty over which Robert Evans was involved in certain events at and concerning the Library.

Subscriber: 6/5/1872 to 1916.
Share number: 76 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
President: 5 April 1892 to 3 April 1894.
Committee: 1892, 1893.

In 1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, and was one of the 14 elected (17/3/1874).
On 5/4/1892 he was elected President and he was named as one of six trustees on 8/4/1902.
He was present at the General Meeting of 1894.

EvansR-3949 EvansR-sig-4224
Portrait and signature of
Robert Evans

[3949 & 4224]

In 1882 a sub-committee was appointed to consider the use of land to the rear of the Library and to consult with Mr Evans and to prepare plans at a cost of no more than £10.
This motion was proposed by Rev W.R. Stevenson and seconded by J.H. Brown (3/7/1882).
Plans devised by Mr Evans for alterations to the Reading Room and for some new building were adopted, the motions being proposed and seconded by Rev W.R. Stevenson and T.R. Starey.
The President (J.W. Leavers), Secretary (S.H. Sands) and  T.R. Starey were authorised to carry them through (6/11/1882).
However, later in the year it was decided that it was inexpedient to carry out any such building work to the rear of Bromley House.
A motion to this effect was proposed by Edmund Percy, seconded by T.C. Hine, and carried (3/4/1883).
Accounts in the name of Evans, presumably for architectural work or advice, are recorded: £35 10s 0d in March 1885 and £4 4s 8d in June 1895.
See –– F. Pearson and Barber Walker & Co.

Robert Evans wrote to the Committee on 27/1/1904 as a trustee favouring the proposed alterations to Bromley House (9/2/1904) and in 1911 it was noted that he was one of the last three remaining Trustees from the 1874 election.
He was named as a new trustee on 3/8/1911.

He was the assistant and later partner of T.C. Hine until the partnership was dissolved in 1873.
He then formed Evans & Jolley (q.v.) and they rebuilt the chancel and north transept at St Peter’s in 1877-88.
He (or his son) remodelled 18 Eldon Chambers, his offices (1867), and was responsible for an extension to Mapperley Hall, Mapperley Park (1889-9) and St Aidan's church, Arnold Road, Basford (1905).

Minuted book request (with Miss Mary Sanday):

His death was noted at the General Meeting on 16/4/1912 and it was recorded that he had been .....
'a Trustee of the Library, a former President and for many years a very active and useful member of the Committee'.
A letter of sympathy was sent to a Miss Evans at South Road, The Park (4/11/1911).

His monument was the reredos to the high altar by Albert Toft and it shows an angel appearing to St Peter whilst in prison.

Robert Evans Junior
Architect and partner in Evans & Son.
 Address: Eldon Chambers, Wheelergate; 8 Hamilton Drive. [Wright, 1894-95]; Lenton Road, The Park (1903).

There is confusion as to exactly which Robert Evans was involved in certain events at and concerning the Library.

Subscriber: 14/1/1902 to 1916.
Share number: 125 (counterfoil dated 3/2/1903).
President: 1920 to 1923.
Committee: 1902, 1903, 1906 to 1915.
He was 'thrown out' of the Committee on 4/3/1908 but nominated for re-election.
Finance Committee: 1906.
Improvement Committee: 8/7/1902.
House sub-committee (see Joseph Page): 15/9/1903.
Letting sub-committee: 1/5/1906.
Stairs redecoration sub-committee (5/5/1908).
He attended General Meetings: 1903, 1906 1912, 1913 (apologies), 1915, 1916.
He was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee.

It is assumed that the Mr Evans consulted about building matters was either the senior or junior Robert Evans.

Two portraits and the signature of
Robert Evans
[4262, 4059 & 4249]

He was consulted about the Corporation purchasing the land to the front of the Library and the conversion of the ground floor to shops (15/9/1903) and he reported that the City were offering £50 and that it would cost £1000 to do the conversion (13/10/1903).

On 1/4/1910 Evans reported that repairs to the roof were needed urgently (see –– Sollory & Son) and he also gave advice on the studio skylight (see –– W.E. Middleton).
On 1/10/1912 he was instructed to have a 'noiseless spring' fitted to the Library door and W. Inger fitted this for £3 1s 4d (4/2/1913).
Evans was also asked to report on the profitable use of the ground to the rear of the Library (9/11/1912) and his response was that since 3/12/1900 there had been access from St James’s Street serving a warehouse.
Parker Woodward reported on the legal aspects of this.
On 5/1/1915 Evans was to have the newly installed letter boxes enlarged.

Minuted book request:
Evans was one of the four in whose name the Library held £200 of 4.5% War Loan (6/7/1915) and he was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916)(2 copies).

He was architect to St Peter’s church and was responsible for the restoration of the west and east ends of the south clerestory in 1886-87 and 1909 respectively, and for external work on the tower, spire and the north end of the church in 1914-15.
He had also planned for the restoration of the exterior of the south aisle but he died before this work had begun.

Among other buildings that came under his influence were:
the Thomas Forman Printing Works on Hucknall Road,
the outpatient department of the General Hospital.
The Nurses Memorial Home opposite the Castle;

He was born in Nottingham on 25/2/1863 and educated at Rugby School.
He married Constance Katherine, daughter of Charles Ashby Holland.

The west window of the south aisle at St Peter’s is a memorial to him.

Miss Evison
Subscriber: 1/2/1830 to 7/9/1846.

Hugo Eylert
Address: 7 Pelham Crescent, The Park.
Subscriber: 12/9/1905 to 7/11/1911.
Share number: 218 (counterfoil dated 31/5/1906).

John Eyre
Archdeacon of Nottingham and Rector of Barton.
He signed the Standfast Library Transfer Deed (20/12/1816) and was a Trustee of the Standfast Library at the time it passed into the care of the Nottingham Subscription Library (4/5/1819).
He visited the Standfast Library on 4/5/1819. See –– William Standfast.

The signature of
John Eyre

William Eyre
Subscriber: 28/6/1816 to 3/4/1820.
Initially he was a Newsroom Member, and then became a full member from 21/8/1818.

Rev James Eyton
He was the 'steward' of both the 'Town Class' and 'North Class' of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-9.
See –– William Moore.

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