Bromley House Library 1816 to 1916

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See –– Hodson & Facon.

George Fairbrother
The Share Interest Book shows that he held one Bromley House Debenture Share from January 1859 to July 1864.

Henry Farmer (d. 1891)
Address: Flora Cottage, Sherwin Street, Lenton (1865)
Subscriber: 5/12/1864 to 14/6/1892.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to Miss K.N. Farmer.

Henry Farmer was a teacher of music and dealer in musical instruments.
For 40 years he was organist at High Pavement Chapel and for 14 years he conducted the Nottingham Sacred Harmonic Society.
He was a skilled violinist and composer of numerous compositions simplified for the average performer (Mellors, 1924).

Miss K.N. Farmer
Subscriber: 14/6/1892 to 1/4/1894
The share was transferred from H. Farmer (deceased).

Rev William Farmer
This independent minister gave his address as Bromley House in the 1840 edition of Orange’s Nottingham Annual Register.

Mrs Farthing
Subscriber: 3/9/1855 to 2/6/1862.

James Farthing
Subscriber: 1/8/1836 to 7/2/1842.

The Standfast Ledger records the name but shows no borrowings.
The final transfer of the share was by Mrs Farthing.

On 6/1/1845 the Library was to apply for right of access through his yard to get to the back of the Library premises.

Peter Fearnhead
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 31/3/1834.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He purchased  newspapers from the Library
The Day and New Times 21/11/1817 12s 6d per quarter
New Times 2/7/1827 £1 10s 0d
Globe 21/12/1832 £2 7s 0d
(Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

He was in arrears with his subscription on 31/3/1834.

John Featherstone
Subscriber: 6/7/1829 to April 1850.
On 7/3/1831 he gave the Library a stuffed seal.

The share was passed to Mrs John Featherstone.

Mrs John Featherstone
Subscriber: April 1850 to April 1865.

The share was passed from John Featherstone and then on to Miss L.E. Featherstone.

Miss L.E. Featherstone
Subscriber: April 1865 to 6/5/1878.
The share was passed from Mrs John Featherstone.

The Share Interest Book shows that a Miss Featherstone
held two Bromley House Debenture Shares
from January 1859 to July 1864, receiving:
Interest £1 5s 0d 26/8/1873
Interest £1 5s 0d 9/1/1875
Interest £1 5s 0d 10/1/1874
Interest £1 5s 0d 11/9/1875
Interest £1 5s 0d 25/7/1874
£50 16s 8d
The shares had paid at a rate of 5% on the £50 investment.

Female Artisans' Library
This was one of the many libraries operating in parallel to Bromley House in the mid-19th century.
See –– Enfield.

Frederick Felkin, Esq.
Address: Heronsgate House, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.
Subscriber: 4/2/1884 to 14/5/1901.
Share number: 77 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

William Felkin
Subscriber: 1/11/1858 to 7/11/1859.
He was known as 'Junior'.

William Felkin
(1795-1874) was Lord Mayor of Nottingham in 1850-51 and 1851-52.
As agent for the lace manufacturer Heathcote of Tiverton he developed the lace and hosiery trade.
He wrote and contributed to publications and committees in the field of working conditions in the lace industry.
Sylvanus Redgate painted his portrait.

His History of Machine-Wrought Hosiery and Lace Manufactures of 1867 was considered as a standard work of reference (Mellors, 1924) (Bromley House: Ca1127 in 2006).

Robert F. Fell
Subscriber: 20/9/1816 to 6/4/1824.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

James Fellowes
Subscriber: 3/3/1823 to 6/5/1833.

Mr Fellows
A letter was sent on 26/11/1909 regarding the lease of a room to the Thoroton Society.
A Mr Warren was also mentioned.

A. Fellows
Newsroom subscriber: 1832.

C. Fellows
This was presumably Sir Charles Fellows (1799-1860), the traveller and archaeologist of Xanthus, Tlos and Lycia.

Charles F. Fellows
Subscriber: 6/11/1876 to 7/3/1881.
He bought an original share for £25 on 25/9/1876 and paid £1 1s 0d as subscription for the remaining part of the year (6/11/1876).
The share was transferred to Miss Betsy Dorothy Dobson.

E.S. Fellows
Address: Beeston.
Subscriber: 2/7/1827 to 7/3/1842.
On 10/6/1833 he paid £3 0s 0d for the Courier. (Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

The final transfer of the share was made by Mrs Fellows.

George Fellows
He was the honorary secretary of the Thoroton Society which was based at Bromley House. [Wright, 1915]

Sir Ronald Crauford Ferguson, MP (1773-1841)
Member of Parliament for Nottingham from 1830 to 1841.
Address: New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn, London.

On 2/7/1832 he arranged for the Library to take 70 volumes of the Public Records publications.
Some of the associated correspondence reads as follows (Russell, 1916):
New Boswell Court, Lincoln's Inn,
                June 28th, 1832.
I have the pleasure to inform you that the Commissioners on the Public Records have directed that copies of their publications should be furnished to the Nottingham Subscription Library, but upon condition that the works should be open to the inspection of other respectable legal and literary persons as well as of the Subscribers.

        I am, Sir,
            Your obedient Servant,
                C. P. COOPER.
Sir R. Ferguson, M.P.

The Honorary Secretary replied for the Committee:
I am directed by the Committee of the Nottingham Subscription Library to express that high sense they entertain of the honor conferred upon the Institution by the Donation of the Public Records and to signify the pleasure they feel in receiving them on the terms mentioned in your letter to Sir Ronald Ferguson. I have the honor to remain,

        Sir, Your obedient Servant,
                S. NEWHAM,
                Honorary Secretary.

Rev James Ferneyhough
Subscriber: 3/5/1841 to 2/7/1849.
The Standfast Ledger records three borrowings between 5/7/1841 and 22/6/1848.

Mr & Mrs Field

In 1910 Mrs Field took over the room used by R.C. Sutton (6/12/1910) which was a small office on the ground floor.
The Library Rent Book shows a rent of £20 per annum plus electricity.
This was agreed in and payment was made in June.

The secretary was asked 'to enquire what kind of objects she proposed to exhibit in the window, with a view to preventing any display which might be thought objectionable to subscribers' (6/12/1910; also 3/1/1911 & 7/3/1911).

A letter was received from her husband complaining about Pearson, Wright & Co obstructing her window (6/6/1911).
She was to give up the room and Pearson Wright would take it over (4/7/1911).
The tenancy expired on 29/9/1911.

See –– Pearson & Son.

Rev Canon Thomas Field, DD
Address: St Mary’s Vicarage.
Subscriber: 3/3/1914 to 1916.
Share number: 257 (counterfoil dated 17/4/1914)
He attended the General Meeting: 1916.

Minuted book request:

FieldT-4265 FieldT-sig-4255
The signature and portrait of
Rev Canon Thomas Field
[4265 & 4255]

Isaac Fisher
Subscriber: 1/4/1823 to 4/4/1831.

N.W. Fisher
He was not a subscriber.

Thomas Fisher
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.

Francis Fisk
Address: The Mount, Lucknow Drive or Lucknow Road.
Subscriber: 1/10/1913 to 1916.
Share number: 165 (counterfoil dated 17/4/1914).

Rev John James Fitch
Subscriber: 1/4/1879 to 5/5/1884.

Admiral Robert FitzRoy
On 6/10/1862 the Library bought a FitzRoy barometer for £5 5s 0d.

Mrs Caroline Hannah Fleisheim
Address: 13 Lenton Avenue, The Park.
Subscriber: 12/12/1899 to 1916.
Share number: 78 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

Herman Fleisheim
Lace merchant.
Address: 5 Pelham Crescent, The Park.
Subscriber: 2/7/1877 to 6/3/1906.
Share number: 79 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
He was present at the General Meeting of 1894.
The share was transferred from Mrs Kathlinka Fleisheim.

Mr Flemmington
He paid 10s 6d on 19/3/1834 to use the Lecture Room at Bromley House for one night, and 10s 0d for the same on 27/3/1834 and 2/4/1834.

Charles Fletcher
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 4/8/1823.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Charles Fletcher
Subscriber: 20/4/1825 to 1/1/1827
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).


Rev Charles Fletcher
Address: Southwell
Subscriber: 3/2/1840 to 1/3/1841.

Mrs Dorothy Fletcher
Address: 13 Ramsdall Crescent, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 6/6/1911 to 5/10/1915.
Share number: 166 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1912 and endorsed 'wife of R.P. Fletcher').
The share was transferred from Thomas Edward Palethorpe (6/6/1911) to Dorothy Palethorpe but recorded as to Dorothy Fletcher in the minutes of the 1912 General Meeting.

R.P. Fletcher
See –– Mrs Dorothy Fletcher

Edward Flewitt
William Flewitt
Plumber & gas fitter.
Address: 2 and 4 Fletcher Gate (Post Office Guide, 1876)
Robert Flewitt
Plumber & glazier.
Address: Middle Pavement (Post Office Guide, 1876)
Work done at the Library between 5/9/1871 and 18/8/1883 resulted in costs ranging from 2s 6d to £3 14s 6d.

See –– Sands & Flinders.

Florist Society
See –– Nottingham Florist and Horticultural Society.

George Fogg
In 1831 he and his wife were applicants for the post of Library porter 2/5/1831.

Rev H.M. Foot
Subscriber: 5/4/1870 to 4/3/1872.

Rev Edward W. Footit
Address: Gonalston.
Subscriber: 7/9/1846 to 6/6/1850.

Charles Ford
Poor rate collector.
Address: 3 Bowers Avenue, Woodborough Road (Wright, 1898-99).
In 1900 and 1901 he collected half-yearly Poor Rate of about £4 from the Library.

T. Forman & Sons
Printers. Plain and colour printers, lithographers, and proprietors of the Notts Guardian and Evening Post [Wright, 1894-95].
Address: North Street and Sherwood Street South; home: Arthur Forman, Castle Grove, The Park; James Forman, Cavendish Court; John Thomas Forman, JP, Wilford House.

In 1880 they were invited to submit samples for the new catalogue (9/6/1880).
They did so but were unsuccessful and in 1894 they were invited to tender for printing the new supplementary catalogue (5/6/1894).

The Library paid them 6s 0d for placing an advertisement of ‘Boy wanted’ on 12/7/1893
This was also carried by the Express newspaper.

As T. Forman they printed the share certificates and were paid £11 15s 0d on 12/7/1900.

Captain Forman
Newsroom subscriber: 1830, 1831, 1832.
He made a number of payments which were less than the £1 5s 0d annual subscription suggesting that he was a frequent visitor to Nottingham rather than a resident.

Mrs James Forman
Subscriber: 2/4/1889 to 4/6/1889.
The share was transferred from Mrs E. Forman.

James Forman (1856-1931)
Newspaper proprietor.
Address: Cavendish Crescent North, The Park.
Subscriber: 5/4/1898 to 1916.
Share number: 80 (certificate: 2/4/1901).
The share was transferred from T. Forman.
He was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee.

James Forman was the managing director of the printers Thomas Forman & Sons.
He had been educated at Rugby School and at Oriel College, Oxford where he gained a 'Blue' for Rugby football in 1875.

He was the rector’s churchwarden at St Peter’s from 1914 to 1931 and contributed greatly to the organisation of the restoration projects at that church. (Mastoris & Hoare, 1990)

Thomas Forman, JP
Subscriber: 26/3/1861 to 5/4/1898.
Committee: 1879.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
On 7/1/1878 he was allowed to take out Robert’s Holy Land.
Deceased. The share was transferred to James Forman.

See –– A.W.K. Miller

Mr Foster
On 5/7/1847 he rented rooms at the Library but was to create his own direct entrance.

Thomas Parkin Foster, Esq.
Lace manufacturer.
Address: Duke William Mount, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/9/1895 to 1916.
Share number: 81 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from W. Foster.
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

William Foster
Subscriber: 3/3/1873 to 3/9/1895.
Deceased. The share was transferred to T.P. Foster.

William Henry Foster
Address: 6 or 16 Park Terrace.
Subscriber: 4/5/1909 to 1916.
Share number: 4 (counterfoil dated 12/4/1910).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 13/4/1910.

Foster & Cooper
Foster, Cooper & Foster
and recorded as
Cabinet makers, upholsterers, carpet & floor cloth warehousemen, furnishing contractors, mattress, bed & bedding manufacturers, designers and makers of art cabinet furniture, and dealers in feathers, flocks, etc. (complete furnishing establishment, furniture removed and warehoused) (Kelly, 1891).
Address: 63 Long Row (1885); 64 Long Row (1885 & 1915); workshops: 73-79 Upper Parliament Street (1885 & 1915) and 3 Wilford Lane; 3 Wilford Crescent East (1915); works: 158 Arkwright Street (1885); art cabinet works and steam saw mills at 156 Arkwright Street (1891). Telegraphic address: 'Foster'. (Telephone number: 485. [White, 1885; Kelly, 1891; Wright, 1915]

It is recorded that they did various jobs for the Library from 1875 to 1888.

Date estimate
Date of payment
Work done

£17 10s 0d 3/12/1877
Repair of chairs

8s 0d 13/7/1878
A case for the special books

£12 10s 0d 6/4/1897
Re-upholstering chairs and recovering a door £18 13s 6d 11/9/1900 £20 6s 9d 13/11/1900
Wire grills to the front of the lower shelves of the Reading Room £11 5s 0d 4/11/1913

Recovering chairs in Reading Room with 'best quality Rexine'

£2 17s 6d 2/12/1913

John Fothergill
Subscriber: 4/1/1858 to 11/11/1861.

Mr Fovargue
A letter from him as solicitor to the Libraries Association regarding local rates was received (3/11/1896).

Mrs Fowler
Minuted book request:

Rev E.T.S. Fowler
Address: Chilwell.
The Standfast Ledger records the name but shows no borrowings.

George Fowler, Esq. (1840-1921)
Mining engineer.
Address: Basford Hall
Subscriber: 2/4/1878 to 1916.
Share number: 82 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

He was born in Uttoxeter in 1840 and had major interests in mining and civil engineering in Warwickshire and in Nottinghamshire where he was associated with Sir Charles Seely and the Babbington Colliery Companies.
He had three children:
  1.  Edith Mary Ethel Fowler married Dr William Bramwell Ransom (c.1861-1909), a subscriber to the Library from 1899.
  2. Winifred Fowler, married a Nottingham solicitor, D'Oyley Scott Ransom, who was also a subscriber to the Library from 1896 to 1901.
  3. George Herbert Fowler, was a Lieutenant-Colonel of the Sherwood Foresters who was killed in the battle of the Hohenzollern Redoubt in October 1915.    
    George Fowler died on 2/12/1921 and he is buried at Wilford Hill cemetery. (Hoskins, 2005)

George Fowler

Smith Fowler
Newsroom subscriber: 1833.

John Fox
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

Frederic William Fox
Address: Attenborough; 17 Zulla Road (1906).
Subscriber: 2/1/1906 to 3/5/1910.
Share number: 163 (counterfoil signed and dated 31/5/1906).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 7/2/1906.

Samuel Fox (1781-1868)
Address: High Street; home: Hounds Gate.
Subscriber: 16/10/1818 to 7/6/1869.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
He was a subscriber for more than 50 years.

On 6/7/1829 the transfer of a share from S. Fox to J. Featherstone is recorded but his name remains on the annual lists for 1830, 1831, 1832 and 1833.

He was a member of the 'Town Class' of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-89 (see –– William Moore).

The Interest Book has a number of receipt slips pasted inside its covers and these include one acknowledging payment by James Archer (librarian) on 9/5/1831 of £1 5s 0d interest on a Bromley House Building share to S. Fox executors covering the period of June 1829 to June 1830. (See –– John Whitehead).

The Standfast Ledger records ten borrowings between 17/9/1839 and 27/3/1839.

In 1851 he signed a requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s 0d to 30s 0d (17/3/1851) and he also signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

He was a member of the Society of Friends and taught on Sundays at the Adult School in East Street which he had helped found in 1798.

He was active in a wide range of charitable activity in Nottingham: the Board of Health, the Mechanics Institute, Sunday Schools and other places of education.

During the cholera epidemic of 1832 he donated land at the east end of Beck Street, later covered by Bath Street for burials.
This was added to and named St Ann’s and later St Mary’s Cemetery but it has been known as Fox’s Close of Fox’s Burying Ground.
This Friend (Quaker) was assisted in his work with those afflicted with cholera by the Roman Catholic Rev. R.W. Willson, later Bishop Willson, who was associated with the building of St Barnabas Cathedral on Derby Road (Mellors, 1924).

His great courage during the cholera outbreak of 1832 was mentioned by Rev R. A. Armstrong of High Pavement at William Enfield’s funeral in 1873.(Russell, 1916)

W.F. Fox
Subscriber: 7/11/1864 to 1/12/1879.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
In 1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, but he was not one of the 14 elected (17/3/1874).

John Foxcroft
Subscriber: 5/2/1844 to 4/11/1844.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

He bought newspapers from the Library
(recorded as J. Foxcroft):
Herald £3 1s 0d 10/4/1832
Herald £3 8s 0d 29/5/1833
(Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

The Library paid the sum of £1 10s 0d on 18/8/1890 for an unspecified reason.

See –– Palmer & France.

Thomas France
He is named on the conveyance of Bromley House (12/2/1822).

Cecil Edward Reginald Fraser
Solicitor: Fraser & Son.
Address: Cavendish Crescent North, The Park; Fraser & Son, Russell Chambers, 2 King Street.
Subscriber: 12/9/1910 to 1916.
Share number: 118 (counterfoil dated 28/4/1911).

Sir Edward Henry Fraser, JP DCL (1851-1921)
Solicitor commissioned to administer oaths in the Supreme Court; with Wadsworth, Wilson & Ward at 15 Weekday Cross (Wright, 1894); later as Fraser & Son.
Lord Mayor of Nottingham for 1896-97, 1897-98, 1898-99 and 1910-11.
Address: Royal Chambers, 36A Bridlesmith Gate; Pelham Chambers; Brougham Chambers, 42 Wheeler Gate; Fraser & Son Russell Chambers, 3 King Street (Wright, 1910-11); Home: 1 Arundel Street, Park Side. [Wright, 1894-95].
Subscriber: 2/10/1876 to 3/4/1883 and 1/4/1884 to 1916.
Share number: 83 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
On 30/9/1876 he bought an original share for £25 and paid £1 1s 0d as his subscription for the remaining part of the year (2/10/1876)

President: 1/5/1899 to 8/4/1902.
Committee: 1885, 1886, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892, 1896, 1897, 1905, 1906.
Finance Committee: 1885, 1886.
Auditor: 1886, 1887.

On 1/5/1894 a sub-committee comprising Fraser, J.T. Brewster, John Manning and H.E. Hubbard met to discuss matters including the rule changes then proposed.
Licence transfer sub-committee: 1/9/1885.
Rates liability committee: (5/1/1886) - (see - Michael Browne, 1885).

Standfast Library sub-committee: 5/7/1892. This reported to a special committee meeting on 18/7/1892 recommending that the books were retained but repositioned.
Local rates sub-committee: (3/11/1896) (see –– Michael Browne, 1896).
Shares committee: 10/5/1899; in the wake of William Moore’s dismissal as Librarian.
Magazine sub-committee: 9/10/1900.
He attended the General Meeting: 1902.

He was:

Two portraits and the signature of
Sir Edward Henry Fraser
[3956, 4038 & 4235]

Legal matters
On 5/3/1889 J.T. Brewster was ill and so Fraser drew up the agreement with Mr Pearson, tenant, regarding the rights of light and two months later he was authorised to get rent from Frettingham (7/5/1889).

In 1890 he examined the 1874 deed of settlement of the Library and found that 14 of the trustees were still alive and no action was needed at that time (4/11/1890). A note dated 2/3/1896 survives in which Fraser passes a cheque for £3 18s 0d to H.E. Hubbart at the Library, this comprising £3 15s 0d received from Pearson and 3s 0d received from Benjamin North in respect of 'right of light'. Fraser was thanked for his care in the revision of the rules (16/1/1900).

He advised the Committee on the need or otherwise of involving the trustees in the matter of the alterations to Bromley House (9/2/1904). The question of the number of active trustees arose again a year later and Fraser was advising the Committee that it might be useful to reduce the number as much as possible. He also noted that the previous number of twenty-one names included that of the supervising lawyer! (14/3/1905). The idea of the library becoming a company was also accepted. Parker Woodward introduced discussion of the change of the Library’s status from a trust society to an incorporated association at the Committee meeting of 6/6/1905. Fraser, as solicitor to the Library, was to report. This report was delayed a month on 12/9/1905 and he was then asked for an estimate of the cost of such changes (3/10/1905). Fraser later reported his estimate of the cost of altering the constitution as being 300 guineas (7/11/1905).

He had also been asked by Parr & Torbitt, on behalf of a firm of drapers, about the letting and alterations to the ground floor. This was not discussed as it was deemed to be impossible (3/10/1905).

In 1890 his clerk was Charles Holmes. Fraser charged the Library sums of between 10s 6d (8/10/1895) and £16 5s 0d (11/6/1895) for legal services between 1895 and 1909. In 1910 the account for £5 12s 6d was from Fraser & Son (2/8/1910).

Minuted book requests:
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Having commenced his law practice at the age of twenty-one, he became the first secretary of the Nottingham Incorporated Law Society and was elected its President in 1892. He was chairman of the Nottingham Corporation Finance Committee for 13 years and served as chairman of the Derwent Water Board, and as Governor of Nottingham University College as well as playing a part in controlling the finances of Nottingham High School.

The City of Nottingham gave him the Freedom of the City and the Archbishop of Canterbury conferred on him the degree of Doctor of Civil Law when the Church Congress met in Nottingham in 1897. He was the first chairman of the Nottingham branch of the Church of England Men’s Society.

It was said that ‘he was remarkable for his sound judgement, calm reasonableness and spirit of fairness, and of helpfulness to the poor’ (Mellors, 1924).
See –– Pearson.

Fraser Hooker
There is a record of a payment of £17 10s 0d for chairs on 3/12/1877, but no information on this trader has been found.

Joshua Frearson
Subscriber: 2/4/1833 to 1/9/1845.
Mrs Chatteris's share was transferred to him, but with arrears outstanding.

On 2/3/1835 he objected to paying her subscriptions for 1832 and 1833 and Mr Browne was to write to a Mr Watson in Liverpool about this.

John H. Freckingham
General ironmonger and cutler.
Address: 65 & 66 Long Row West (Kelly, 1904); 5 Chapel Bar [Wright, 1915].
He was also proprietor of Fred Henry & Son (q.v.) next door in Chapel Bar.

He supplied garden requisites and fire lighters between June 1887 and July 1915.

It is thought that this was not the John Frettingham who was a tenant at Bromley House.

Free Library
See –– Nottingham Free Library.

B. Freeman
Subscriber: 1/7/1850 to 1/4/1851.

H.W. Freeman
Subscriber: 7/2/1859 to 4/12/1865.
The share was transferred from J.R. Freeman.

 J.R. and H.W. Freeman transferred their shares on the same day (4/12/1865).

J.R. Freeman
Subscriber: 7/3/1853 to 7/2/1859.
The share was transferred to H.W. Freeman.

J.R. Freeman
Address: Lenton (1865).
Subscriber: 3/4/1860 to 4/12/1865.
 J.R. and H.W. Freeman transferred their shares on the same day (4/12/1865).

Mr Freeth
The Subscriptions Book records a payment of 1s 0d for a key to the front door. (13/10/1840)

Miss Freeth
Subscriber: 4/12/1882 to 4/12/1882.
A share was transferred to her by the executors of (George) Freeth and this was followed by an immediate transfer to W.J. Cartwright.

Daniel Freeth
Subscriber: 1/5/1826 to April 1863.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The share was passed to Miss Freeth.

Miss E. Freeth
Subscriber: April 1863 to 12/2/1901
The share was passed from Daniel Freeth.

George Freeth
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 4/12/1882.
He was a subscriber for more than 61 years.
Committee: 1829, 1830, 1833, 1834.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

On 6/5/1833 it was noted that Thomas Wakefield wished for his loan of £1000 to the Library to be repaid.
John Brewster
and Freeth agreed to lend this sum at 4%.
Later in the meeting Freeth agreed to loan the whole sum at 4% for five years. (See ––  Thomas Wakefield).

The share was transferred to Miss Freeth.

John Frettingham & Sons
Nurserymen, seed merchants and landscape gardeners, also at Stapleford and Derby.
Address: 15 Long Row East (Post Office,1876); Bromley House, Angel Row, Market Place. and at Derby. Nurseries: Stapleford. [White, 1885]
They paid £25 0s 0d per annum in quarterly payments from 1882 to 1889 when Hill & Slack took over their tenancy.

Their office was cleaned for 1s 0d and work costing 1s 0d was done by a mason and payment made on 22/5/1886.

The Library made a few recorded purchases from Frettingham in 1888 and 1889.
(See –– Freckingham.)

In October 1888 J.T. Brewster, solicitor to the Library, was authorised to obtain the rent from them by any means (2/10/1888) and then, with Brewster ill, E.H. Fraser was authorised to do the same on 7/5/1889.
On 4/6/1889 they surrendered their tenancy and the room was offered to C. Clayton but it was eventually let to Hill & Slack.

On 12/7/1889 the following was recorded in the Accounts Book:
Received from Messrs Norris & Place the nett amount of the sale of Mr Frettingham’s goods £3 12s 0d.

John Froggatt
Address: Lenton (1865).
Subscriber: 20/3/1865 to 6/1/1891.
Committee: 1869, 1870.

In 1867 he was one of the 23 subscribers asking that salaries and wages at the Library be reduced (2/3/1867).

John Froggatt was a member of the Leen District Sewerage Board. (Mellors, 1914)

The share was transferred to S. Froggatt.

Samuel Froggatt, Esq.
Address: Poplars, Lenton.
Subscriber: 6/1/1891 to 8/4/1902.
Share number: 84 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

The share was transferred from John Froggatt and later transferred to Thomas Flamson Froggatt.

Thomas Flamson Froggatt
Address: Lenton Poplars, Old Lenton (1903).
Subscriber: 8/4/1902 to 1916.
Share number: 84 (counterfoil dated 3/2/1903).
The share was transferred from Samuel Froggatt.

Thomas Flamson Froggatt

Mrs Eliza Frost
Subscriber: April 1841 to 7/3/1870.
The share was passed from W. Frost.
A slip pasted inside the Minute Book for 1847 refers to her as a widow and that the status of the share was ‘as they are’.

She signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Thomas Frost
Address: Nottingham.

He was a member of the 'Town Class' of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-89 (see –– William Moore).

His daughter, Abigail (1757-1822) married Francis Gawthern (1750-1791).

W. Frost
Subscriber: 6/10/1823 to April 1841.
The share was passed to Mrs Frost.

See –– Dunn & Fry.

Mr Fry
In December 1857 there were 39 candidates who applied to replace John Walton as Librarian; twelve made the first short-list and then six, of which Fry was one, received detailed consideration (7/12/1857).

William Fry, Esq.
Retired manufacturer.
Address: Cavendish Crescent, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/3/1879 to 9/9/1902.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.
Share number: 85 (certificate: 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1891, 1892, 1894, 1895, 1897, 1898, 1900, 1901.
Book Committee: 1891, 1894, 1897, 1898, 1900.
Finance Committee: 1901.
Auditor: 1892, 1899.
Circulating Library sub-committee: 14/6/1892.
Pearson’s building sub-committee: 11/6/1895.
Sub-Committee for Electric Lighting and Decoration of the Library (1900).
(See ––  J. Page.)

He reported at length with John Russell about Guide Books in the Library (2/7/1895).
On 10/7/1895 he bought nine volumes from the Library for 4s 6d.

He was present at General Meetings: 1894, 1902.
His death some months earlier was recorded in Committee minutes of 10/2/1903.

Dr Adam Fulton, MB
Address: Armoy, Old Basford.
Subscriber: 2/12/1913 to 1916.
Share number: 170 (counterfoil dated 17/4/1914).
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Funk & Wagnall
They supplied a dictionary in November 1903 at a cost of £5.

William Joseph Furse
Electrical engineer and lightning conductor manufacturer.
Address: 17 Burton Street. [Wright, 1894-95].
It was recorded that W.J. Furse mended the wind vane in June 1895 and was paid £6 4s 0d.
See –– J. Page - electric light in Library .

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