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Thomas Jackman

The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 25/6/1838 and 25/6/1838.

Jackson (probably Thomas Jackson)
See –– Jowett: book purchases.

Mr Jackson
The vaults under the Library were let to him at £18 per annum on 22/3/1852, and this continued up to 7/2/1853.
A payment of £5 0s 0d on 18/11/1852 is recorded.

Miss Jackson
See –– C. Bell Taylor: misuse of share.

Rev Curtis Jackson
Subscriber: 1/2/1858 to 6/2/1860.

John Jackson
Architect, surveyor and land agent.
Address: Bromley House (tenant)
He is listed in the Post Office Directory for 1876 and was presumably the Jackson of Jackson & Heazell and also may be the subscriber listed below.

John Jackson
Subscriber: 7/9/1863 to 1/1/1880.
Committee: 1872, 1873.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
In 1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, but he was not one of the 14 elected (17/3/1874).
Scrutator: 1875.
He signed the memorial regarding the tenure of the office of President in May 1875.
See –– J. Place.

Jackson & Heazell and John Jackson
Architects, surveyors & land agents.
Address: Bromley House, 14 Angel Row, Market Place. (tenants) (Wright, 1858; Post Office, 1876).

In 1834 a Mr Bell and a Mr Jackson laid down the Meridian Line in the Library 1/9/1834).
In 1861 a Mr Jackson was asked to make a plan of the vaults and cellars (9/9/1861), and on 3/3/1862 Jackson & Heazell were asked to make plans of the Library including the cellars.
On 6/6/1864 Mr Jackson of Heazell & Jackson took the room under the Committee Room at £15 per year including gas and coals and after complete repair.

Inside the front cover of the Accounts Book [I3(a)] are the following two notes:
Messrs Jackson & Heazell on June 28th 1856 25£ due Midsummer 1856.
Messrs Jackson & Heazell paid on Quarterly Rent in March 1871 = £16.5.0.

On 7/2/1876 Jackson was allowed to sub-let a room and by 7/8/1876 his rent was overdue.
On 3/1/1876 a Mr Jackson was consulted about drainage and the disused cellars and an architect named Jackson was paid £5 5s 0d on 4/12/1876. .

The records show Jackson & Heazell paying £32 10s 0d per annum half-yearly as rent from 3/7/1869 to 14/3/1874.
Then from 27/4/1874 to 16/10/1875 it was in the name of Jackson & Truman.
From 9/6/1879 to 6/5/1878 payment was from Jackson only with one payment associated with a Mr Brown

On 1/1/1877 he was told of alterations to the gaslighting, and on 4/2/1878 it was noted that this room was to be taken over by M. Browne & Sons.

The building work of Jackson & Heazell (W.A.) in Nottinghamshire includes:
Also theirs, or Heazell on his own were:
  • chancel St John the Evangelist, Mansfield Road, Carrington (1866-77)

  • chancel St Mark’s, Huntingdon Street, demolished 1958 (1870),
  • chancel (1892) and organ chamber St Jude’s (1897)

    At about this time Harry Jackson was an architect and sculptor at 3 Wilford Street and William Jackson was an architect and sculptor with a depot at 199 and 74 Mansfield Road. (Kelly, 1891)

Thomas Jackson
Subscriber: 29/5/1818 to 3/7/1848.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1824, 1825, 1838, 1839.
Auditor for 1839.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He bought from the  Library:
John Bull 10s 0d 4/7/1825
The Globe £3 12s 0d 5/6/1832
The Globe £4 0s 0d 2/7/1827
The Globe £3 5s 0d 23/5/1833
The Globe £3 10s 0d 4/7/1831
Morning Post £1 5s 0d 12/8/1833
(Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

Two shares were to be to be paid off to him (2/1/1826).

See –– Jowett: book purchases.

Mrs W. Jackson
A slip pasted inside the Minute Book for 1847 refers to her as a widow and that the share had not been transferred.

William Jackson
Subscriber: 4/6/1849 to 5/12/1870.
He was one who presented a motion regarding the licensing of the vaults at the 1861 General Meeting.
The share was listed as being with Mrs Jackson from 1867.

An item, thought to be a strap, was bought for 3s 9d on 25/12/1886.

John Henry Jacoby (b. 16/11/1848)
Gentleman. Director of M. Jacoby & Co and of S. Burton & Co.
Address: Oakhill House, 32 The Ropewalk.
Subscriber: 4/7/1881 to 7/7/1914.
Share number: 122 (certificate: 2/4/1902).

John Henry Jacoby

  • a colour drawing by Miss S. Calthorpe. (5/5/1896)
  • an unspecified gift (5/4/1898)
  • Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (5/2/1907) (Bromley House Da1014)
  • Patterson: British Itinerary, 2 vols. (1803) (Presents Book 1/5/1908; Minutes 12/4/1910) (Bromley House Cb2905-6)
  • W P W Phillimore: County Pedigrees of Nottinghamshire; Vols. I & II (1901);
  • E.C. Brewer: Dictionary of Phrase and Fable (1906);
  • W P W Phillimore:  Heralds and Coats of Arms (28/4/1911) (Bromley House Cc02276);
  • History of Germany (5/2/1907)
  • Lytton: Kenelm Chillingly (7/6/1910) (Bromley House Dc 1656)
  • Law and Practice of Change of Name (28/4/1911)
  • W.P.W. Phillimore: Law and Practice of Grants of Arms  (28/4/1911) (Bromley House Cc2169)
  • Ouvres de Racine (2 vols.) (7/6/1910) (Bromley House Dd3059)
  • Charles Atkins: Papier Maché (6/6/1896)
  • Papinus: Statius (1664) (12/4/1910);
  • Reader: Handbook of Allusion (5/2/1907)
  • Marc Aurele Autonin: Reflections Moreales (16/4/1913).
  • Swift: Works 8 vols. (1738) (12/4/1910) (Bromley House Dd2326)
  • Charles Lever: The Bramleighs of Bishop’s Folly (7/6/1910) (Bromley House Dc202 & Dc426)
  • W.P.W. Phillimore: The Parish Historian (28/4/1911) (Bromley House Cc1652)
  • The Virtuosi’s Museum (14/4/1896)
  • Horace Smith: Tor Hill (3 vols. 1826) (8/6/1909) (Bromley House Dc2253 & Dc4756)

He was thanked for his gifts of books in letters of 21/6/1909 and 5/1/1910.

Another example of his civic generosity is his gift to the Nottingham City Art Gallery of Portrait of Lady Dixie in the 1750s by Henry Pickering (d.1770).

His death was noted at the 1914 General Meeting (17/4/1914).

The share was transferred from Mrs Jacoby (deceased).

James Alfred Jacoby, MP.
Subscriber: 1/4/1879 to 5/7/1888.

Mrs M. Jacoby
Subscriber: April 1872 to 4/7/1881.
The share was passed from Moritz Jacoby.
The share transferred to J.H. Jacoby.

Moritz Jacoby
Subscriber: 6/4/1869 to April 1872.
The share was passed to Mrs Jacoby.

L. Jacobson
Subscriber: 3/4/1860 to 7/11/1870.

See –– Hawksley & Jalland.
The name appears on the Bill for legal work in association with the purchase of Bromley House (1822).

Mrs  Jalland
A slip pasted inside the Minute Book for 1847 refers to her as a widow and that the share had not been transferred.

Mrs Charlotte Jalland
Address: 49 Bridlesmith Gate (Wright, 1894-95; Kelly, 1904); Charles Jalland. Newsagent. 3 Eastwood Street, Leonard Street, Bilborough. [Wright, 1915]
She supplied newspapers to the Library from 14/1/1892 to 1916.
She was paid about £2 15s quarterly.
Not every year has a recorded payment.

Mrs H. Jalland
Subscriber: 5/12/1870 to 5/1/1892.
The share was transferred from H. Jalland although listed as being with her from 1868.
The share was then transferred to H.G. Jalland.

H.G. Jalland
Subscriber: 5/1/1892 to 1/5/1899.
Committee: 1895.
The share was transferred from Mrs M. Jalland.

Henry Jalland
Subscriber: 1/6/1863 to 5/12/1870.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to Mrs H. Jalland.

See –– Roland & James.

Mr James
Portrait painter.
On 7/5/1832 he rented a room occupied by the Chess Club for £17 per annum.
He relinquished the tenancy on 2/3/1835.

The Subscriptions Book records his payments of £4 5s 0d or £8 10s 0d
for a quarter or half year’s rent of Upper Rooms at Bromley House from 23/8/1832 to 30/5/1834.
The back cover of the book has:
14 May. Mr James. £5.10.0.
but the significance of this has been lost.
He also paid:
£4 5s 0d 24/11/1833
£18 0s 0d 19/11/1833
£18 0s 0d 10/7/1833
£18 0s 0d 30/7/1834

Charles Alfred James
Subscriber: 3/9/1877 to 2/7/1889.
The share was transferred from Robert James (deceased).

Robert James
Subscriber: 20/3/1826 to 3/9/1877.
He was a subscriber for over 51 years.
On 7/3/1853 his share was declared forfeited if his fines were not paid.
The share was transferred to Charles Alfred James.

William Jameson
6/12/1841 to 5/2/1843.
He was appointed on 6/12/1841 to work from 2 to 3.30 p.m. and from 6 to 7 pm. plus further one hour per day at 9s 0d per week.
He was given one month’s notice on 5/1/1843 and was replaced by an unnamed porter who worked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. for 12s 0d per week.

Miss Jamson
Subscriber: April 1829 to 4/1/1841.
The share was passed from William Jamson.

William Jamson.
Subscriber: April 1823 to April 1829.
Committee: 1827, 1828.
The share was passed to Miss Jamson.

Mrs Ada Jane Jardine
Wife of Ernest Jardine.
Address: Clumber Crescent South, The Park.
Subscriber: 12/5/1903 to 1916.
Share number 263 (counterfoil dated 10/5/1904).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 17/6/1904.

Ernest Jardine
Lace machine builder.
Address: Gwedon, Clumber Crescent South, The Park.

In the sale of newspapers in December 1903 he made bids through the Librarian, Arthur Lineker.

His purchases were:
Contemporary Review 7s 6d 5/12/1903 Books
Monthly Review 7s 6d £1 4s 0d 8/12/1903
£1 9s 3d 13/12/1907
£1 11s 0d 4/1/1912
Nineteenth Century Review 9s 0d £1 13s 0d 6/12/1904
£1 3s 0d 17/12/1908
£1 12s 0d 23/1/1913

£2 1s 6d 6/12/1905
£1 10s 6d 21/12/1909
£1 4s 6d 22/12/1913

£2 1s 6d 14/12/1906
£1 10s 6d 28/12/1910
£1 4s 0d 19/11/1914

£1 4s 0d 8/1/1916

Ernest Jardine was born in Nottingham on 23/9/1859 and educated at Tudor House School, Nottingham and in St Omer in France.
In 1883 he married Ada, the daughter of James Fletcher of Nottingham and they had one son and two daughters.

Ernest Jardine

William Jarman
See –– Rev W. Bosworth

James Jebb
On 2/5/1831 he and his wife were applicants for the post of Library porter.

Miss Jeff
A payment of 1s 0d was recorded in the Subscriptions Book on 13/12/1841 for the provision of a key to the back door, and this name was also recorded.

Jeffries and Haines & Jeffries.
See –– Frederick Pearson.

C.W. Jenkins
Subscriber: 5/11/1821 to 3/10/1825.

John Jephson
Subscriber: 3/1/1817 to 1/10/1821.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

John Jephson
Subscriber: 1/1/1822 to 6/10/1823.

F. Jerram
Subscriber: 1/1/1827 to April 1827.
His becoming a subscriber was not confirmed at the 1827 General Meeting and he was not on the 1827 list.

Thomas Jerram
Subscriber: 2/4/1832 to 4/5/1835.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

William Henry Jobbins
He was described as being of the School of Art in May 1878 when it was agreed that he become Richard Hardy’s sub-tenant (6/5/1878).
A payment of £7 17s 0d for rent and gas by Hardy & Jobbins was recorded for 31/10/1879.

In November of that year Richard Hardy vacated the room he rented at Bromley House and Jobbins became the tenant.
He paid £15 per annum and he signed the Minute Book over a 6d Inland Revenue stamp (4/11/1878).

The signature of
William Henry Jobbins
over a 6d Inland Revenue stamp on 4 November 1878


Recorded payments are:
£7 10s 0d 9/6/1879
£1 3s 0d 9/6/1879
£5 0s 0d 16/12/1879

On 9/6/1879 the Committee learnt that a Mr Goodyear was to act for him regarding his tenancy.

Late the following year his tenancy was surrendered (1/12/1879) and the matter was completed when Samuel S. Holland took over the room (1/1/1880).

Mr Johncocks
On 18/10/1852 he was commissioned for some interior decoration at £36 8s 0d.

Miss Johnson
She bought a book (or books) from the Library for: 5s 0d ( 3/12/1904).

Mr Johnson
On 7/7/1851 the Library paid him £6 for insurance.

Mr Johnson
Address: Southwell.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 18/4/1848 and 18/4/1848.

Lady Emily Louisa Johnson
Wife of Sir S.G. Johnson.
Address: Cavendish Crescent, The Park.
Subscriber: 10/11/1903 (or April 1902) to 1916.
Share number: 93 (counterfoil dated 10/5/1904).

Henry Johnson
Subscriber: 3/6/1822 to 2/12/1822.

J.G. Johnson
Subscriber: 1/11/1841 to 3/3/1845.

John Johnson
Subscriber: 6/4/1840 to 30/3/1857.

John Johnson
Address: Southwell
Subscriber: 1/11/1847 to 4/9/1871.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

R. Johnson

He was Secretary of the Nottingham Florist and Horticultural Society which had a number of exhibitions at Bromley House (1/1/1832) (White, 1832]

Miss Rebecca Johnson
Address: Southwell.
Subscriber: 7/2/1842 to 1/11/1847.

Sir Samuel G. Johnson, Kt.
City Clerk to Nottingham from 25/7/1870.
Address: Guildhall, Nottingham.
See –– Matthews & Co.

Samuel Johnson married Emily Louisa, daughter of A.W. Stanfield of Wakefield.

Sir Samuel Johnson

Samuel Waite Johnson, Esq.
Address: Lenton House, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/8/1874 to 1916.
Share number: 123 (certificate: 9/2/1901).

He signed the memorial regarding the tenure of the office of President in May 1875. See J. Place.

He bought a book (or books) from the Library for
 8s 0d 12/12/1902
4s 6d 8/12/1903

His death was noted at the 1912 General Meeting.

T. Johnson
See –– T. Johnston

W. G. Johnson
Subscriber: 5/9/1864 to 7/11/1893.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

A. Johnston
Subscriber: 2/4/1856 to 6/2/1860.

Andrew Johnston
Subscriber: 2/4/1849 to 3/11/1851.
The name could be Johnson.

Thomas Johnston & Co. or T. Johnson
Address: Manchester.
T. Johnson paid £9 9s 6d for ‘Nall’s share’ on 14/3/1904.
See –– Mrs C. Nall.

See –– F. Pearson and Evans & Jolley (surveyors).

Miss Esther Jolley
Subscriber: 14/4/1896 to 10/10/1899.
The share was transferred from W. Jolley and later transferred to William Jolley.

William Jolley
Subscriber: 1/2/1887 to 14/4/1896.
In January 1887 he bought a share for £40 0s 0d and on 29/1/1887 a payment of £1 0s 0d as commission was recorded.
The share was later transferred to Miss Jolley.

William Jolley, Esq.
Address: 3 College Street.
Subscriber: 10/10/1899 to 4/8/1914.
Share number: 124 (counterfoil dated: 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from Miss Esther Jolley.

Rev Albert Edward Owen Jones
Baptist minister.
Address: 28 Newstead Grove.
Subscriber: 11/9/1906 to 2/11/1915.
Share number 167 (counterfoil dated 9/4/1907).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 9/6/1908.
He attended the General Meeting: 1908.
He, supported by Cruft, spoke about the system of 'bespeaking books' and proposed its abolition.
The matter was referred to the Committee.

Minuted book request:

Alfred Jones
Subscriber: 4/6/1883 to 1/5/1899.
Committee: 1892, 1894, 1895.
Book Committee: 14/6/1892.
Pearson’s building sub-committee: 11/6/1895.
Auditor: 1896.
Scrutator: 1893, 1895.

He was active in the discussion of rule changes at the 1894 General Meeting.
On 10/4/1894 he proposed a motion concerning the revision of the rules of the Library and became part of a sub-committee discussing the changes.
In 1896, in conjunction with John Russell, he was asked to investigate Sylvanus Redgate’s tenancy (3/3/1896).

The signature of
Alfred Jones


H. Jones

Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

J.S. Jones

Rev W. Jones
Address: Old Radford.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 5/1/1885.

Jones & Mansell
On 2/10/1865 they were to recover and restuff the Library chairs in best green morocco at 14s 6d per chair.

Thomas Jowett
Subscriber: 1/9/1823 to 5/3/1832.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.
Committee: 1824, 1825.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The share was given in exchange for his gift between 1822 and 1825 of four fascicles of his Nottingham Herbarium (4/2/1822, 4/3/1822 and 5/4/1825)
Auditor: 1825.

He organised the 1817 catalogue and his copy with manuscript additions is with the Local Studies Collection in the Nottingham City Library.
He also supervised the production by James Archer of the Appendix to the Library Catalogue for 1826 and an Appendix to the Standfast Catalogue of 1817.

His copy of the 1817 catalogue of the Standfast Library is also in the Local Studies Collection of Nottingham City Library on Angel Row.

In July 1824 Dr Davies made the Committee aware of the forthcoming sale of Charles Deering’s History of Nottingham from a Mr Dowland of Cuckney.
Thomas Jowett and (probably) Thomas Jackson were authorised to purchase this along with Deering’s Catalogue of Plants for £1.
They paid £19 10s 0d for History of Nottinghamshire and £1 2s 0d for Catalogue of Plants (26/7/1824).
Jackson was asked to look out for a copy of Throsby’s History of Nottinghamshire (4/10/1824) and this was obtained for £5 0s 0d (5/4/1825).

See –– J.W. Carr.

Mr Judkins
On 7/1/1884 the minutes list a transfer of a share from Judkins (who is not on the list of subscribers) to Fraser.

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