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Mrs C. Nall
Address: Hoveringham.

By 22/2/1904 Mrs Nall had been deceased for some four years but there had been no contact with the Library from any of her family nor from her administrators.
Then, the Library becoming aware of a ‘Nall, Esq.’ being resident at Hoveringham a letter was sent stating that there had been no payment of the subscription for those four years.

In March 1904 a letter was sent to Thomas Johnston & Co., Accountants, of Manchester informing them that Mrs Nall’s share had been disposed of for £18.
The Library had deducted four time the annual subscription of £2 2s 0d plus 2s 6d as a fee and for postage and a cheque for £9 9s 6d was enclosed (14/3/1904).

Joseph Nall
Address: Hoveringham (1903).
Subscriber: 5/1/1863 to 12/4/1904.
The share was passed to Mrs C. Nall before final transfer.

National Telephone Co
The Library Rent Book shows the Library receiving £1 per annum as a wayleave for a pole in the garden from January 1901 to January 1912.
See –– R.C. Sutton.

Natural History Society and Museum

The Subscription Book records payments of rent as follows:
12/3/1838 £29 12s 0d Rent to 25/9/1837, mentioning Rev Butler
19/2/1841 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.
20/3/1838 £16 2s 0d Rent to 17/3/1838
24/3/1842 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.
5/1/1839 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.
20/6/1843 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.
6/4/1840 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.
13/3/1844 £30 0s 0d Rent for the museum room.

In September 1845 a deputation from this society met with Richard Enfield and William Tomlin and it was agreed that the Society should remove its specimens from Bromley House in two months time on immediate payment of £15 (18/9/1845 & 8/9/1845) and a further £15 0s 0d on 26/11/1845.

Two years later the Society was still listed as being at Bromley House (Slater, 1847)

Mrs Naylor
Subscriber: 4/11/1822 to 7/6/1830.

Thomas Naylor
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 19/2/1819.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Robert Neal
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 5/11/1821.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

His subscription was in arrears on 19/2/1821 and his share was to be sold if these arrears had not been paid (1/10/1821).
They were paid when the share was transferred.

Frederick William Neale
Address: Lyndhurst, near Mansfield.
Subscriber: 5/3/1907 to 2/6/1914 .
Share number: 179 (counterfoil dated: 9/4/1907)

Nathaniel Need
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to April 1824.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
In 1822 his request for additional borrowing was refused (6/5/1822).

On 2/1/1826 and again on 3/9/1832 the Committee agreed to his two shares being paid back.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held two Bromley House Building Shares from 1831 to 1833.
The Interest Book has a number of receipt slips pasted inside its covers and these include one acknowledging payment by James Archer (librarian) on 6/8/1831 of £2 10s 0d interest on Bromley House Building shares to Nathaniel P. Need.

In 1871 Nathaniel Need, a retired draper aged 67 (born about 1804), was living at 23 Addison Street, Sherwood with

Miss Needham
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 5/2/1844 .

J.M. Needham
Subscriber: 6/5/1833 to 5/9/1836 .

Matthew Needham
Address: Lenton.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 1/7/1850.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
He was named as a Trustee of Bromley House in the minute and document of 1/4/1822.

Gift (from his family through his executors):
See –– The Enfield family.

William Needham
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 4/7/1831.
Committee: 1822, 1823, 1827, 1828.
He signed the LIbrary Rules (1816-1830).

Negretti & Zambra
Barometer and instrument makers.
Address: London.

The Library made small payments to them
for unspecified goods or services:
5s 9d 14/1/1871
5s 3d 18/11/1872
5s 8d 22/11/1879

See –– Sonnenschein's.

Rev J. Nelson
The Standfast Ledger records 8 borrowings between 3/9/1861 and 19/4/1862.

Thomas Nelson
Subscriber: 21/3/1825 to April 1826.
The name also appears as Neilson.

Joshua Neuberg
Address: The Park.
Subscriber: 7/11/1831 to 6/5/1850.
His name is sometimes shown as 'Newberg'.
Committee: 1835, 1836, 1839, 1840, 1843, 1844, 1846, 1847, 1849.
Catalogue committee: 1835.
Auditor for 1847.
The Standfast Ledger records three borrowings on 17/11/1847.
On 4/3/1850 he resigned from the Committee and was replaced by William Hill.

On 6/5/1844 he bought Vol. 8 of Herculaneum and Pompeii from the Library.

In 1850 he paid £1 10s 0d for some plates but the entry in unclear (17/6/1850 Subscriptions Book).

He and his sister were friends of Thomas and Jane Carlyle in London and may have introduced Count Ubaldo Marioni as Librarian.

John Nevill
(b.c.1666; d.1719)

In 1681 he bought a dwelling on the site of Bromley House.
His grandson, also John Nevill, sold it for £530 to George Smith in 1746.
(Taylor, 1988)

Nevill's mother remained for a while in the dwelling:
.. paying the rent of one peppercorn at or upon the feast day of St John the Baptist.
(Hoskins, 1991)
Nevill Hoskins also noted a deed dated 2/8/1681 (33 Charles II) naming:

Jane Rayner
Nottingham Widow
John Nevill Nottingham Ironmonger
Roger Ryley Nottingham Chandler
Isabella Ryley
Samuel Ryley
Samuel Richards

John Sherwin

This described:
.. property ... a messuage, burgage or tenement with appurt(anance)s situate and being in Nottingham in a certain street, Angel Row, between the messuage of James Kinsey, west, Angel Row, north, and the messuage of Thomas Goodall and Francis Cooke, south.
The sum of £250 is paid to Jane Raynor by John Nevill and by Jane at the direction of Roger Ryley to John Nevill.

At the time of his death in 1719 John Nevill was described as a gentleman.

Details of the Nevill family have emerged through family history research by Eleanor Donaldson of Sydney, Australia (2008).

In his will dated 29 August 1719 John Nevill made bequests to his family of more than £6200 as well as leaving land in Eastwood, Bobbers Mill and Bridlesmithgate.
His widow, Elizabeth, had accumulated more land and her will dated 13 August 1727 deals with the property specified in her husband's will and also some in Long Row, Broad Lane, St James Lane, Angel Row and the Meadows in Nottingham as well as some at Car Colston.

A Brief Genealogy of the Nevill Family

John Nevill [1] (d. before 15 January 1719-20)
m.(1: 20 January 1675-6 at Arnold) Mary Rotherham (b.c.1629; d. 5 September 1695; bur. St Werburgh's church, Derby), widow of Thomas Rotherham;
m.(2: 8 July 1696 in Nottingham) Elizabeth Langford (b.1666; d. after August 1727).
John was a merchant. Elizabeth was the daughter of George Langford, a surgeon in Cromwell’s army, and Judith.
Her sister, Mary, married John Collin who was the nephew of both Fortune Collin, wife of Thomas Smith of the banking family, and of Abel Collin, founder of Collin's Hospital.

John Nevill [2] (chr. 6 October 1697 at High Pavement Presbyterian church, Nottingham)
m.(1724 at St Nicholas, Nottingham) Mary Alsop.
John was High Sheriff of Nottingham.

John Nevill [3] (chr. 26 November 1724 at St Nicholas, Nottingham)
He was educated at University College, Oxford.

Seven other children

Seven other children.

Jonathan or John Nevill(e)
Stock and share broker [Lascelles, 1848; Slater, 1847]
Address: Bromley House (tenant)

On 4/8/1845 he took a room at £20 per annum with coals and gas, and on 22/9/1845 he was allowed a ‘slit in his door’ (letter box) and bars at his windows.

His offer, made in the summer of 1847, to take over the front room was declined and his current room was to be given up (2/8/1847).

From 21/3/1846 to 7/7/1850 he paid £10 0s 0d twice a year.
His rent was reduced to £16 16s 0d on 6/5/1850 and half-yearly payments of £8 8s 0d were recorded from 8/9/1851 to 2/8/1853.
In August 1854 he was to give up his office to Mr. Hawkes (7/8/1854) and a month later it was to be advertised (4/9/1854).

Jonathan Neville
Subscriber: 31/3/1851 to 4/7/1853.

David New
Subscriber: 7/4/1874 to 5/5/1879.

His Grace the Duke of Newcastle

The Dukes of Newcastle-under-Line were patrons of the Library from its foundation in 1816 (see –– John Pearson) and this role passed from father to son. Surprisingly no mention is found of the death of one duke and the agreement of his successor to take on the role of patron to the Library. It therefore seems that the Committee saw fit neither to recognise the death of their patron nor to seek permission or assurance that his heir would continue to act in this capacity. Consequently the Duke of Newcastle appears at the head of the lists of subscribers year after year from 1816 until well after 1916.

At the 1894 General Meeting (3/4/1894) P.P. Truman proposed a motion, which was seconded by G.R. Cowan, that the name of the Duke of Newcastle should be placed in lists in alphabetical order and with the same sized type. This motion was carried.

The Dukes of Newcastle concerned are:
Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton, 4th Duke of Newcastle-under-Line (1785 - 1851)

He was a Patron from the foundation of the original Nottingham Subscription Library (5/2/1816).
In 1824 he gave a fasiculus of botanical specimens collected in the Pyrenees and arranged by M. Ramond.

  • H. Fynes Clinton: Fasti Hellenici - the Civil and Literary Chronicle of Greece published 1824 (2/1/1826) (Bromley House: originally Ca82; re-catalogued at Ca141 in 2006).
The book is inscribed:

    Jany 2d 1826
Presented to the Nottingham
Subscription Library –– by
His Grace
The Duke of Newcastle, K.G.

As President the Rev R W Almond delivered the collection of botanical specimens from the Pyrenees donated by the Duke of Newcastle and arranged by Mr Ramond (4/10/1824) and these were included in the Supplement to the General Catalogue for the Year 1825.
At the Duke’s suggestion the Committee resolved to collect all works written on the County of Nottingham and all printed therein. (5/12/1825).

A staunch conservative suspicious of Roman Catholics he opposed the repeal of the Corn Laws. As a result of his political opinions Nottingham Castle was burnt in the reform riots and the Queen dismissed him as Lord Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum for Nottinghamshire in 1839.

He was born on 30/1/1785 and educated at Eton where he founded the Newcastle scholarship. On 18/7/1807 he married Georgiana Elizabeth (d. 20/9/1822), daughter of Edward Miller Munday of Shipley, Derbyshire.

The 4th Duke died on 12/1/1851.
Henry Pelham Pelham-Clinton KG BA DCL, 5th Duke of Newcastle-under-Line (1811 - 1864).

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

He was Member of Parliament for South Nottinghamshire, sitting as the Earl of Lincoln for fourteen years.

He was the political opposite of his father supporting Robert Peel. He rose to be Secretary of State for Ireland, Secretary of State for the Colonies and Secretary of State for War during the Crimean War and thus gaining the nickname 'Crimean Duke'.

He was born on 22/5/1811 and was educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford.
On 27/11/1832 he married Lady Susan Harriet Catherine Hamilton (d. 28/11/1889), daughter of Alexander Hamilton, 10th Duke of Hamilton.
They were divorced in 1850.
The 5th Duke retired shortly before his death on 18/10/1864 when he was mourned both nationally and locally.
Henry Pelham Alexander Pelham-Clinton, 6th Duke of Newcastle-under-Line (1834 - 1879)

With pecuniary strains associated with building at Clumber and keeping racehorses this Duke’s finances depended largely on his wife’s connections to the wealth of the Hope family.

He was born on 25/1/1834 and educated at Eton and Christ Church, Oxford. He served at Liberal Member of Parliament for Newark from 1857 to 1859.

On 11/2/1861 he married Henrietta Adela (d. 8/5/1913), illegitimate daughter but heiress of Henry Thomas Hope of Deepdene, Surrey and of the banking family who were sometime owners of the Hope diamond.

The 6th Duke died on 22/2/1879.
Henry Pelham Archibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton, 7th Duke of Newcastle-under-Line (1864-1928)
Address: Clumber.
Share number: 159 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

He was born on 28/9/1864 and educated at Eton and Magdalen College, Oxford.

On 20/2/1889 he married Kathleen Florence May (d. 1/6/1955), daughter of Major Henry Augustus Candy of the 9th Lancers.

The 7th Duke died on 30/5/1928.

A Genealogy of the Dukes of Newcastle

Gilbert Holles, 3rd Earl of Clare
(1633-1689) m. Grace Pierrepont


Mrs S. Newham
Subscriber: April 1876 to 2/9/1878.
The share was passed from Samuel Newham, but the final transfer to G. Newham Berry was in his name.

Samuel Newham
Subscriber: 28/3/1817 to 6/11/1820 and 2/1/1826 to April 1876.
He was a subscriber for more than 50 years.
President: 24 October 1853 to early 1875.
Honorary Secretary: 7/3/1831 to 24/10/1853.
Committee: 1829 to 1875.
Catalogue committee: 1835.

He was appointed Secretary 7/3/1831 on the death of John Pearson.
Sub-committee overseeing purchase of books from Mudie’s Library: 1853.
Spiral staircase sub-committee of 5/1/1857.
He was elected President on 24/10/1853.
He was nominated as a new trustee on 28/2/1848.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings on 30/3/1846.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held four Bromley House Building Shares from 1834 to 1835, having taken these over from Miss Shuttleworth.
He decreased this share holding to three from 1835 to 1837 and then to two up to 1843.
Having paid £25 for a debenture share on 4/4/1873.
He received an interest payment of 18s 9d on 26/8/1873 and payments of £1 5s 0d on 10/1/1874, 25/7/1874, 9/1/1875 and 11/9/1875 and was paid £50 16s 8d on 1/5/1877. The shares had paid at a rate of 5%.

A special committee meeting was called in his absence on 27/8/1840 to decide on an award to Samuel Newham who had served the Library as Honorary Secretary for nine years.

The value was to be about 20 guineas and they decided on a silver inkstand inscribed:
Samuel Newham, Esq.
by the
Members of the Nottingham Subscription Library
in testimony of their respect
for his valuable and gratuitous services
during a period of nine years
Honorary Secretary
27th April 1840.

He was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1858 and again in 1874.

The novel Our Village by Miss Mitford was obtained by the Library in 1864 after Newham’s proposal of some years earlier had been deferred.

Samuel Newham died in 1875 and at the 1875 General Meeting W. Brown moved the following motion, seconded by C.N. Wright:
The death of S. Newham, Esq. has deprived this institution of a long tried and valuable officer. For about 24 years we had the benefit of his almost daily services as Honorary Secretary and on the death of the Rev. W. Almond in 1853 Mr Newham was unanimously chosen to succeed him as President.
    So long as his health and strength permitted his attention to the interests of the Library was unintermitting, and this meeting would be wanting in what it owes to itself, as well as to the memory of Mr Newham, if it omitted to record in its book of Proceedings a strong expression of regret at his removal and the very deep sense of obligation we feel for his long continued and inestimable services.
    At the same time we would tender to Mr Newham’s family our sincere sympathy under the loss they have sustained.
This was carried unanimously.

A portrait of him painted by Sylvanus Redgate was purchased for £12 12s 0d (18/6/1895).
On 3/12/1895 the Library paid someone named Clements 7s 0d for a tablet for ‘S. Newham’, presumably the engraved label for this picture.
Sadly the portrait was stolen in 1993.

Another portrait, in the form of a crayon drawing made by Josiah Gilbert (q.v.) in 1848, was given by Mrs J. Thompson Brewster. (Russell, 1916) and acknowledged on 6/11/1908.
This is now in the Ellen Harrington Room (2006).

He was also president of the Chess Club that met at Bromley House. (Orange, 1840).

They made him a present of a silver tray inscribed:
Samuel Newham, Esq., from the Members of the Nottingham
Chess Club as a mark of their esteem.
    Oct., 18th, 1837.
(Russell, 1916)

A Newham Prize reflecting his interest in Shakespeare was offered in his memory at Nottingham High School.
His nephew, Newham Berrey, was a subscriber to the Library and a member of the Committee.
See –– Sir Ronald Ferguson: Public Records.
The share was passed to Mrs Newham and on 4/4/1876 she was paid £50 16s 8d, presumably as repayment of his loan to the Library.

Samuel Newham
[3962, 4073 & 4184]

Benjamin Newman
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 6/7/1829.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Rev Horace Newton
Subscriber: 11/3/1867 to 7/12/1868.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

John Newton
He was a member of the ‘North Class’ of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-89 (see William Moore)

John Newton
Subscriber: 7/11/1842 to 5/1/1857.

Mrs Maria Louisa Newton
Wife of William Newton.
Address: 4 Private Road, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 6/7/1909 to 4/11/1913 .
Share number: 160 (counterfoil dated 12/4/1910).
The share was transferred from her to the Rev Henry Grattan Dockrell in November 1913 and then to William Isaac Newton in April 1915.
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 4/11/1913.

William Isaac Newton
Address: 40 Private Road, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 16/4/1915 to 1916.
Share number: 160 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1915).
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 29/3/1915.
The share was transferred from Mrs Maria Louisa Newton to the Rev Henry Grattan Dockrell in November 1913 and then to him in April 1915.

Mr Nichol
On 8/11/1826 he received permission to give a scientific lecture provided that his apparatus would cause no damage.
His lecture topic and the nature of his apparatus are not recorded. (Mastoris, 1991)

Mr Nicholson
Address: Bunny.
Subscriber: 5/2/1844 to 7/7/1851.
His share was forfeited and not reissued until 4/9/1871.

Rev Daniel Nicholson, DD
Subscriber: 1/1/1827 to 6/5/1833.

John Nightingale
Subscriber: 6/10/1823 to 7/6/1830.
In 1830 he had arrears to pay plus 15s 0d in fines.

John Nixon
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 4/10/1819.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

P. Nixon
Subscriber: 6/8/1849 to 1/2/1858.
See –– William Parsons' Diary.

Mr Norris
A single payment of £1 17s 6d is recorded for 10/10/1883 for unknown goods or services.

Norris & Place
See –– Frettingham.

Mrs North
Subscriber: April 1865 to 1/11/1869.
The share was passed from Thomas North.
The final transfer was minuted on 6/9/1869 but marked 'Deferred' in pencil.
On 1/11/1869 transfer was from 'late Mrs North'.

B. North

Subscriber: 5/6/1888 to 14/6/1903.

Benjamin North
Wholesale druggist; hop and oil merchant and neighbour.
Address: St James's Street.

On 4/2/1896 he was to pay for the 'right of light through one ground floor window over the garden entrance from St James's Square and on 3/3/1896 a payment of 3s 0d for three years was agreed.
The payment was actually made on 18/2/1896 and recorded in the Accounts Book for 3/3/1896.

The Library Rent Book shows his executors paying 1s 0d for this 'right of light' for the period from January 1901 to 1916.
The Accounts Book has an entry showing these executors paying 1s 0d as 'acknowledgement' on 16/5/1899.

Thomas North
Subscriber: 7/5/1838 to April 1865.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was passed to Mrs North.

Thomas North (c.1811-1868) was a colliery proprietor for Cinder Hill, Newcastle, Babbington and other mines.
He was Lord Mayor of Nottingham for 1844-45 and his celebrations for this were criticised as being excessive.
See –– Thomas Wakefield.

However, his obelisk monument in Basford cemetery records that:
By great enterprise he was the means of finding employment for a large number of people who have subscribed to erect this monument to his memory.
(Mellors, 1914).

North Midland Library Association
They were refused permission to use the Reading Room for four hours for their annual meeting on Thursday 2/10/1902 (9/9/1902).
Arthur Lineker was their Honorary Secretary.

John Norton
Subscriber: 6/8/1860 to 1/4/1873.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Nottingham Chess Club
This met at Bromley House and directories give Samuel Newham as its president (Orange, 1840; Slater, 1847; Post Office, 1855) and later Samuel Richard Parr Shilton as its secretary (Post Office, 1855; Wright, 1858; Wright, 1862)

Nottingham City Asylum
See –– City Asylum.

Nottingham Corporation
As well as being the recipients of the rates they were occasionally donors to the Library.

Nottingham Florist and Horticultural Society
This society had a number of exhibitions at Bromley House. (White, 1832).

The Subscriptions Book records payments of
£4 4s 0d Annual rent for use of rooms at Bromley House 15/4/1834
£3 3s 0d Use of the Lecture Room for three nights. 8/5/1837


28 3/1836

Nottingham Free Library and Nottingham Public Library

The Free Library boughtfrom Bromley House Library as follows:
£4 13s 6d Books
17/7/1879 -
£1 15s 0d
The Public Library did likewise
£3 10s 0d Magazines
£2 0s 0d Books
£1 5s 0d Magazines 30/3/1915
£1 10s 0d Books 26/10/1912
Bromley House paid the Free Library
£3 10s 0d two years subscription 27/2/1902

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Society for the Study of Natural History
Founded in 1836 this society used rooms at Bromley House until 1845 when, after difficulties with paying their rent, they moved to the Mechanics Institute which also facilitated the public display of their collections.
See –– Thomas Wakefield.

Nottingham Geological and Mineralogical Society
This society was started in about 1820 with the object of collecting , arranging and classifying minerals and fossils.
Its collection was kept at Bromley House and in 1838 transferred to the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Society for the Study of Natural History.

Nottingham Law Society
See –– Law Society and Law Library.

Nottingham Literary and Scientific Society
Established in 1824 the society met at Bromley House.
In 1829 it was the target of The Literary Mousetrap satire.
Its collection of interesting artefacts grew.

The Subscriptions Book records their payments for the use
of the lecture Room at Bromley House as follows:
11/11/1833 £8 18s 6d 17 nights
18/10/1834 £6 16s 6d for 13 nights
9/1/1837 £13 2s 6d for 25 nights up to 25/4/1836

See –– Thomas Kirk.

Francis Noyes
Subscriber: 1/5/1837 to 5/12/1843 .

John Nunn
Address: Woodborough (1848).
Subscriber: 20/4/1825 to April 1858.

William Nunn
Subscriber: 5/4/1825 to April 1829.
The name was also read as 'W. Mason'.

David Nutt
He was paid £4 14s 6d in June 1889 for unspecified services.

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