Bromley House Library 1816 to 1916

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See –– Watson, Wadsworth, & Ward.

Mrs Wadsworth
A slip pasted inside the Minute Book for 1847 refers to a Mrs Wadsworth as a widow and that the share had been transferred.

Mrs A. Wadsworth
Subscriber: 7/7/1862 to 5/1/1897.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 19/2/1872 and 19/2/1872.
The share was transferred from J. Wadsworth.
The share was transferred to Miss Gertrude Wadsworth.

Frederick Wadsworth, Esq.
Address: Newlands, The Park; 44 Addison Street; Watson, Wadsworth & Ward, 15 Weekday Cross.
Frederick Arthur Wadsworth
Address: 44 Addison Street.

These two were father and son.
The original subscriber in 1866 must have been Frederick as Frederick Arthur was not born until 1871.
However, towards 1916 either or both could have been the Wadsworth mentioned in the Library archive.

One of them was a subscriber: 7/8/1866 to 1916.
In 1916 he (or they) had been a subscriber for more than 49 years.
Share number: 226 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

Frederick senior signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
He bought books and/or magazines from the Library for:
8s 0d 12/12/1902
15s 0d 30/1/1906
£1 11s 0d 2/2/1909
£1 12s 0d 9/1/1911
15s 0d 8/12/1903
18s 0d 9/1/1907
£1 9s 6d 16/12/1909
£1 13s 0d 11/1/1913
15s 0d 2/3/1905
£1 11s 0d 9/1/1908
£1 10s 0d 6/12/1910
£1 13s 0d 14/1/1914

F.A Wadsworth was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Frederick Wadsworth was born at Fletcher Gate on 14/2/1838 and educated by the Rev John Hides at Greasley Vicarage and at King’s College, London.
He married Ellen Fox (1845-1902), daughter of George Braithwaite Crewdson of Kendal.

Frederick Arthur Wadsworth was born on 30/6/1871 at Park Drive, Nottingham and educated at Rockley House, Southport and Haileybury School.
In 1902 he married Edith Frances, daughter of Seaton Frank Taylor. (Phillimore, 1910)

Frederick Arthur Wadsworth
[4127-a & 4127-s]
Frederick Wadsworth

Miss Gertrude Wadsworth
Subscriber: 5/1/1897 to 10/4/1900.
The share was transferred from Mrs Wadsworth.

John Wadsworth
Subscriber: 21/3/1825 to 7/7/1862.
Committee: 1835, 1847, 1850, 1851, 1853, 1856, 1857.
He was nominated as a new trustee on 28/2/1848 and was appointed.
He was one of the three who revised the rules adopted on 12/9/1854.
The Standfast Ledger records six borrowings between 27/10/1836 and 16/10/1851.
The share was transferred to Mrs Wadsworth.

Walter Wadsworth, Esq.
Lace merchant.
Address: 3 Park Valley, The Park.
Subscriber: 4/12/1882 to 1916.
Share number: 227 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900.
Auditor: 1897.
He was one of ten nominations for the 1904 Committee.

Minuted book requests:
He bought books from the Library for:
£1 13s 0d 6/2/1915
£1 12s 0d 7/1/1916

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

He was born on 6/8/1841 and in 1871 he married Elizabeth Christiana Elliott. (Phillimore, 1910)

The signature of
Walter Wadsworth


See –– Funk & Wagnall.

Mrs Wakefield
Subscriber: 1/4/1821 to 21/3/1825.
The share was passed from Francis Wakefield.

Charles Wakefield
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

Francis Wakefield (c.1759-1820)
Hosier and cotton spinner.
Address: 12 Low Pavement.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 1/4/1821.
Committee: 1816, 1818.

He was a member of the original Committee of 1816 and acted as chairman at the very first meeting held at Thurland Hall on 2/4/1816.
He was named on the Standfast Library Transfer Deed (20/12/1816). See - William Standfast.
Rooms Committee: 5/4/1816.
Auditor: 1816.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830)

    He was the fourth son of the Rev George Wakefield and in partnership with J & M Hancock.
He was a Sunday School Superintendent and described as ‘unassuming and polished’. (Mellors, 1924)

The signature of
Francis Wakefield


James Wakefield
This name appears on the Bill for Legal Work at the purchase of Bromley House (1822)

Samuel Wakefield
Subscriber: 23/5/1817 to 1/11/1841.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

Thomas Wakefield, JP
Address: 12 Low Pavement.
Lord Mayor of Nottingham: 1835-36 and 1842-43.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 2/4/1849.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832.
Committee: 1816 to 1847.
Auditor: 1816, 1818.

One of the earliest members of the library and a member of the original Committee of 1816, he was sub-treasurer from 6/4/1819 and a nominated purchaser of Bromley House on 11/4/1820 with a commitment to the £1,700 Note of Hand of 1820 that secured the purchase money and which was cancelled in 1823.
He was responsible for the Newsroom Prospectus (19/4/1816) and he took part in negotiations with Standfast Library (3/5/1816).
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Newspaper purchases from the Library:
(Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)
Mr Wakefield 4/7/1825
Old Times £2 4s 0d
Thomas Wakefield 26/3/1832 Morning Chronicle £2 10s 0d
Morning Chronicle £2 4s 0d
Thomas Wakefield 25/3/1833 Morning Chronicle £2 17s 0d
Mr Wakefield 2/7/1827
Times £1 15s 0d
25/3/1833 Age 2s 0d
Morning Chronicle £1 15s 0d

These later purchases were listed as to Thomas Wakefield and so it seems reasonable to associated him with the earlier acquisitions by ‘Mr Wakefield’.

He negotiated with Robert Bigsby for a copy of the History of the Turkish Emperors for a share (3/1/1825).
He was Tom Sleepclose in the pamphlet The Literary Mousetrap published on 14/2/1829 satirising the debates that were taking place at Bromley House Library.

In 1833 it was recorded that he wished for his loan of £1000 to be repaid (6/5/1833) and John Brewster and George Freeth agreed to lend this sum at 4%.
Later in the same meeting Freeth agreed to loan the whole sum at 4% for five years.

The Share Interest Book shows that he held two Bromley House Building Shares from 1831 to 1843.

It was noted (6/9/1847) that he had been ‘rendered unable to fill the office of sub-treasurer’ and on 5/3/1849 his share was declared forfeit and transferred on 2/4/1849.
A sad end for one who had given so much to the foundation of the Library.


His portrait by Sylvanus Redgate
[oil; 13.5 x 17.5 inches]
is in the Thoroton Room (2006).

It is endorsed:

Thomas Wakefield,
member of the Library Committee and benefactor.
Painted by Sylvanus Redgate,
tenant of Bromley House
as artist/photographer 1855-1900.

When mayor he declined to receive the three hundred guineas available to him and he was active in many aspects of the life of the city.
He was treasurer of the Mechanics’ Institute and President of the Artizans’ Library.

From being ‘King Wakefield’ he invested unwisely, with Thomas North as a partner, in mining and merchanting at Babbington, Cinder Hill and other collieries and lost all his money.
He went from being mayor to being the mayor’s steward. (Mellors, 1924)

See –– John Storer’s portrait -1828; William Parsons’ Diary.

Prince of Wales
Rev W. Woods proposed, and Rev R. Armstrong seconded, that on the day of the visit of the Prince of Wales to open the Castle Museum on 3/7/1878 the Library should open at 10 a.m. but close at 10.30 a.m. and that the President and Secretary co-operate with the inhabitants if the Chapel Bar district regarding street decorations (3/6/1878). The iron railings in front of Bromley House were also to be shored up.

See –– Barber, Walker & Co.

Miss Walker
Subscriber: 13/9/1816 to 1/4/1821.
She was one of seven ladies among the subscribers in the opening year of 1816.

Mr Walker

A Mr Walker and Walton, the librarian, were to agree to whitewash the dwelling (5/6/1837);
a Mr Walker was to make a drawing of a wooden case to take the copy of Audobon’s Birds of America and other valuable works (5/11/1851) and
a Mr Walker gave a painting of Old Trent Bridge (7/9/1874).

Mrs A. B. Walker
She bought a book (or books) from the Library for: £2 15s 6d ( 4/1/1908).

Austin B. Walker
Address: Claremont Gardens, Ebury Road; Castle Grove, The Park (1905).
Subscriber: 10/5/1904 to 1916.
Share number: 261 (counterfoil signed by him and dated 16/6/1905).
Minuted book request:

He bought books from the Library for:
  £1 15s 0d 8/12/1906
£2 10s 6d 29/1/1910
£2 7s 0d 3 /2/1912
£2 10s 0d 1/1/1914
17s 3d 12/1/1916
£2 6s 6d 16/1/1909
£2 5s 6d 19/2/1911
£2 7s 0d 16/12/1912
£1 2s 0d 12/1/1915

Elizabeth Walker
See –– Sylvanus Redgate.

G.F. & S.J. Walker
They were employed to make alterations to the Librarian’s house (4/5/1846) and also to alter the entrance (6/9/1847).

Rev George Walker
His portrait was donated in 1822 and was in Bromley House at the time Sutton’s Stranger’s Guide was published in 1827.
It had disappeared by the time of Russell’s History (1916).

John Benjamin Walker, Esq., JP
Lace manufacturer.
Address: Castle Grove, The Park.
Subscriber: 6/10/1884 to 1916.
Share number: 230 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
He bought a new share for £40.
A payment of £1 0s 0d as commission on the sale of a share was recorded for 16/3/1885.

He bought books from the Library for:
£1 0s 0d 30/11/1900
6s 0d 26/11/1902
5s 6d 21/1/1905
6s 6d 5/2/1906
and newspapers
[‘Papers 2nd hand’]
6s 6d 6/2/1904

John Deverill Walker
Address: The Grange, Gedling.
Subscriber: 7/3/1916 to 1916.
Share number: 119 (counterfoil dated 18/4/1916).
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 19/2/1916.
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

John Holland Walker (1874-1960)
Wholesale clothier.
Address: 15 Park Valley, The Park. (1907)
Subscriber: 1/4/1907 to 1916.
Share number: 183 (counterfoil dated 9/4/1907).
This share may have been passed from Joseph or Joshua Walker.

In 1907 his certificate for share number 183 was signed by Joseph Page, John Russell, Albert Eberlin, Parker Woodward, W.F. Bromley and Arthur Lineker (Mastoris, 1991).

Nottingham Subscription Library Share Certificate
issued to John Holland Walker on 9 April 1907
and signed by Joseph Page (President), John Russell (Honorary secretary), Albert Eberlin (committee member),
Parker Woodward (committee member), W.F. Bromley (committee member) and Arthur Lineker (Librarian).

Share 183 was later acquired by Mrs Pamela Priestland.

Minuted book request:
A leading antiquary, he became secretary of the Thoroton Society from 1926 to 1956 and was President of the Library from 1938 to 1941.

John Holland Walker

J.R. Walker presumably John Rawson Walker (1796-1873)
Subscriber: 3/4/1821 to 1/6/1829.
Some entries read as ‘J.M.’.

On 3/10/1820 the Committee had agreed to accept a landscape painting from a Mr Walker in lieu of the price of a share.
He was admitted as a subscriber to the Library having presented the painting but he had misunderstood the terms of holding the share.
When this was sorted out he was placed on the same footing as other members (March 1823)
Similar arrangements had been made with Thomas Barber junior and Clifton Tomson.

His Clifton Grove [oil on canvas] showing Henry Kirke White is over the fireplace in the Front Reading Room (2006).
The picture was altered by the artist in 1824 and the gilding and painting of the frame was to be at the Library’s expense (6/9/1924)

Chimney piece and fireplace
in the front reading room
now the Neville Hoskins Room
at Bromley House in about 1916

Clifton Grove by John Rawson Walker
Photograph by Arthur Lineker.

John Rawson Walker

Mrs John Walker or Mrs Mary Ellen Walker
Address: Bryn Avon, Magdala Road, Mapperley.
Subscriber: 7/4/1885 to 1916.
Share number: 229 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901)
She bought a new share.

Joseph Walker

See –– Sylvanus Redgate.

Joseph Walker, Esq.
Estate agent.
Address: 27 Lenton Avenue, The Park.
Subscriber: 5/7/1888 to 12/9/1905.
Share number: 228 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901)

John Rawson Walker (1796-1873)
See –– J.R. Walker.

Mrs Mary Ellen Walker
See –– Mrs John Walker.

Miss R. Walker
She signed the Library Rules (1816-1830)

R.D. Walker
He paid 6s 0d for a ‘lost book’ on 5/7/1904.

Mrs S.D. Walker
Address: 38 Hampden Street.
Subscriber: 1/4/1901 to 3/2/1914.
Share number: 231 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
The share was passed from S. Dutton Walker.
A share was transferred by Elizabeth Rebecca Walker (the only female with this surname at the time) on 3/2/1914.
She was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Rev Samuel Walker
Address: Castle Road.
The Standfast Ledger records seven borrowings between 18/1/1851 and 18/6/1851.

S. Dutton Walker
Subscriber: 7/2/1870 to 1/4/1901.
Committee: 1874, 1875.
Scrutator: 1876 (presumably this Mr Walker).
The share was with his representatives from 1887 to 1900 and was then passed to Mrs S.D. Walker.

S.J. Walker
Subscriber: 1/4/1834 to 5/12/1855.
The initials are variable - J.P. and J.S. are also found.


Samuel Walker
Builder and architect.
He was asked for plans for a new privy and these were presented and approved (9/3/1844).
See –– Alfred Barber.

Thomas Walker
Subscriber: 7/8/1876 to 2/5/1893.
The share was transferred from William Walker (deceased).
Committee: 1890, 1891.
Auditor: 1891, 1892.
Book Committee: 6/5/1890, 5/6/1891.
The share was transferred to William Walker.

W. George Walker
Subscriber: 3/12/1849 to 2/2/1852.
Address: Eastwood.
The minute of 2/2/1852 records that the share of the late W. Geo. Walker is to be purchased by the Library for £5 5s 0d as there were £1 1s 0d arrears.
This forfeited share was not reissued until 4/9/1871.

William Walker
Subscriber: 11/12/1818 to 3/6/1822.
Newsroom subscriber: 1832.

William Walker
Subscriber: 5/11/1866 to 7/8/1876
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to Thomas Walker.

William Walker, Esq.
Address: Victoria Crescent, Private Road, Sherwood; Mapperley.
Subscriber: 2/5/1893 to 1916.
Share number: 232 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from Thomas Walker (deceased).
He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

G. Harry Wallis
See –– Duke of Richmond and Clifton Tomson.

Mr Walter
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received from Beeby & Ainsworth (Ainsworth Beeby) on 11/3/1909 in respect of a share transfer.

Mrs Walton
Employed: 25/7/1834 19/10/1857.

She was appointed with her husband, John Walton, on 25/7/1834.

In 1857 the Waltons were permitted to continue to live on the premises provided that Mrs Walton’s future conduct was satisfactory to the Committee (27/7/1857).
Sergeant Burroughes (police) reported ‘a disturbance and bad language by Mrs Walton at 4.30 a.m. on Tuesday last, i.e. 1/9/1857 (7/9/1857).
See –– Thomas Bishop.

John Walton
Librarian: 25/7/1834 to 1/12/1857.
Employed: 25/7/1834 to 19/10/1857

He was described as ‘of Grantham’ when appointed rather quickly as Librarian to replace James Archer (25/7/1834).

He and his wife were provided with a residence, but had to provide a £100 security payment, which was offered by Thomas Burgess of Grantham (7/12/1835).
He was granted two weeks leave (3/8/1835) and agreed to whitewash the dwelling (5/6/1837).
His salary, initially £50 per annum, rose to £65 in 1846 and to £70 in 1849. In 1845 the Committee agreed to increase his ‘Christmas box’ from £5 to £10 (7/4/1845).

In 1849 the Committee decided that his kitchen was to be cleaned (2/7/1849).

An innovation in the Library organisation occurred in 1851 when he was entrusted with £20 as petty cash (7/7/1851).
He was responsible for the preparation of three catalogues in the 1850s and received an extra payment of £3 3s 0d for his work on the revised catalogue on 7/2/1853.

The poor quality of the 1857 supplement to the catalogue may be an indication of his failing health (Hoare, 1991).

His sudden death was reported on 19/10/1857.

War Loan
The Library paid £10 0s 0d for some War Loan stock on 10/8/1915.

See –– Watson, Wadsworth, & Ward.

Books were supplied occasionally by someone of this name between November 1901 and December 1907

F. Marshall Ward
The Nottingham Philharmonic Choir met at Bromley House in 1894 [Wright, 1894-95].

James Ward
Boot and shoe maker.
Address: 9 South Parade; Addison Villas.
Subscriber: 13/10/1903 to 1916.
Share number: 255 (counterfoil dated 10/5/1904).
The registration fee of 2s 6d for the transfer of a share from a Mr Parker to Mr Ward was paid on 29/7/1903.

He offered books from the library of the late Philip James Bailey for £5 (5/1/1908) and on 26/1/1909 this was repeated but not recommended.
His offer of his own collection of books was subject to their being placed in a glass-fronted case provided by the Committee.
This and a letter of thanks were agreed (3/3/1914).
However, his offer of papers, letters and portraits relating to the Goodacre family for £10 was declined (13/1/1903).


James Ward

with his signature and his bookplate

[4058, 4153 & 4152]

He gave the Library many books on local history and these are listed in the minutes of the subsequent 1913 General Meetings:
  • 23 books acknowledged in 1913 and he was thanked on 8/2/1913;
  • 27 books acknowledged in 1914 and he was thanked on 5/3/1914;
  • 36 books acknowledged in 1916.
  • The full list of books in the James Ward Collection (JWC) is available in the Library.
Some of the titles are:
  • Greasley: A memento of Arthur Shrewsbury and Alf Shaw (1913);   
  • William & Mary Howitt and others: A Volume of Poetry (manuscript) (1913);
  • G Eyre Evans: Burials in Bearwood Lane Burial Ground, Nottingham (1913);
  • Catalogue of Books Relating to Nottinghamshire (1/11/1898);
  • Catalogue of Watercolour Sketches by H.J. Dawson (1913) JWC/1(9);
  • Collection of Treatises on Medical Subjects by Pigot (1913) JWC/1(2);
  • W. Hugh: Fifty Years a Schoolmaster (1913);   
  • Friar Lane Baptist Church. List of Members 1769 to 1815 (1913) JWC/1(6);
  • History of the Baptist Church at Woodborough (1899);
  • William Goodacre: History of the Family of Goodacre (manuscript) (11/9/1906) for which he was thanked on 28/9/1906;
  • History of the First Fifty Years of Derby Road Baptist Chapel (4/1/1898) JWC/1(4 & 5); Ca5103 2/RHSide;
  • J. Granger: Little Known Graveyards of Nottingham (1913) JWC/3(189);
  • Memoir of Rev Thomas Henson (1913) JWC/1(20);Philip Sidney: Memoir of Professor Evans 1813-1902 by (1913) JWC/1(48);
  • Memoirs of W J Baker (1913) JWC/2(40);
  • T.M. Blagg: Newark as a Publishing Town (1913) JWC/4(237); Cc1875 2/5;
  • Notes of an old Baptist Family (1900) JWC/4(222; Cc1541 2/4;
  • Notes on a unique copy of Dr Isaac Watt’s Divine Songs (1902) JWC/3(177); Dd1127 LHBox;
  • Notes on an Old Baptist family - Ward of Nottingham. (12/2/1901);
  • John T. Godfrey: Notes on the Churches of Nottinghamshire: Bingham Hundred (1913) JWC/5(245); Cc1612 1/10;
  • John T. Godfrey: Notes on the Churches of Nottinghamshire: Rushcliffe Hundred (manuscript) (1913) JWC/4(222-6); Cc1499 1/10;
  • Phillimore & Ward: Nottingham Parish registers: Marriages, St Mary’s, St Nicholas’s and St Peter’s (4 vols.) (1913) JWC/4(204);
  • The History of the Baptist Church at Woodborough (16/1/1900);
  • R.W. Goulding: Vicars and Vicarage of Louth by (1913) JWC/1(49).

James Ward’s donations continued up to 1922 and the Collection is housed in its glass-fronted case in the Standfast Room to the rear of the Library.

He was born on 12/4/1851 and educated at Cleveland House Academy in Nottingham.
In 1886 he married Sarah Elizabeth, who was born on 14/4/1853 and who was the daughter of William John Hannah.

John Ward
Subscriber: 4/3/1844 to 4/6/1849.
Address: Belper.

William George Ward (c.1825-1878)
Lace manufacturer.
Lord Mayor of Nottingham 1871-72 and 1876-77.
Address: Basford; Radford; 5 Newcastle Drive.
Subscriber: 6/2/1860 to 7/5/1889
Also listed as G.W. Ward.
In 1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, but he was not one of the 14 elected (17/3/1874).

Born in Nottingham but brought up in Stapleford he was educated at Trowell Moor School and then by Mr Biddulph at the school at Willoughby House on Low Pavement.
Having become proficient in shorthand he increased his earning power by joining Copestake, Moore & Co. in Houndsgate rising to be manager there.
This became Cope & Ward and he provided the commercial ability in partnership with William Cope.

He was active in improving the amenities of both Basford and Nottingham and when his proposal for the enlargement of the borough was brought to completion he became the mayor of the extended town.

Ward was a prime mover in getting Nottingham Castle restored and would have been knighted at its opening had he lived just a little longer.
He enjoyed riding and was a good judge of horses, but on returning from a country ride with his son he fell from his horse near the foot of Castle Rock and died the following day. (Mellors, 1914)

The share was with his representatives from 1881 to 1884.

Henry Warner
Carver, gilder and picture frame manufacturer.
Address: 105 North Sherwood Street and 53 Wollaton Street. [Post Office, 1876].

He did various work for the Library, regilding and repairing pictures:
£1 17s 0d 7/11/1870
12s 0d 19/1/1872
£1 2s 6d 2/2/1875
£2 14s 6d 8/11/1881
£2 0s 6d 19/11/1870
£2 5s 0d 27/6/1874
6s 6d 5/8/1879
£3 10s 0d 7/8/1883

Mr Warren
On 25/7/1832 he paid 12s 3d for the Courier (27 November to 14 January). (Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834)

Mr Warren
He was mentioned in a letter concerning the Thoroton Society.
See - George Fellows.

Mrs Agnes Mary Warren
Subscriber: 8/1/1907 to 5/3/1907.

She complained that the Librarian had not given suitable priority to the disposal of her share (8/1/1907).

On 9/1/1907 she was sent a response to her registering dissatisfaction with the Library.
She was told that the Librarian had no authority to assist in the sale of shares and that there could be no deviation from the rules dealing with arrears of subscriptions.
The price she was asking for the share in question was higher that asked for other shares and this might explain the delay in the disposal of her share.

However, no record of the transfer of a share to a Mrs Warren was found.
She could have remarried.
The share was later transferred to John Holland Walker.

Sir John Borlace Warren, KB, MA (1753-1822)
Address: Stapleford Hall.

He was a member of the ‘North Class’ of the White Lion Book Society in 1788-9 (See –– William Moore).

He was an admiral and a politician. (Mellors, 1924)

Sir John Borlace Warren

See also –– Watts & Son (basketmakers)

John Crosby Warren, MA
Address: Warren & Allen, 13 Weekday Cross; Arboretum Street.
Subscriber: 1/5/1909 to 1916.
Share number: 178 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1909).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 1/9/1909.
He paid 3s 6d for a catalogue on 3/2/1909.
He was elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee.

On 8/12/1911 he was informed that Maud Jackson was using the share of the later Dr Bell Taylor and that the share must be transferred properly.

On 19/12/1911 Russell wrote again stating that:
... she has had, I think, a good innings, as Dr Bell Taylor died two or three years ago. My letter was not intended to cast the slightest reflexion upon anybody, but merely to uphold the rules and safeguard the interests of the Library.

He was born in Aberdeen on 9/2/1852 and educated at schools in Aberdeen and Edinburgh and at the University of Edinburgh.

See –– C. Bell Taylor.

John Crosby Warren

George Washington
His portrait by John Russell, RA is to the right of the fireplace in the Reading Room.

Waterall & Eberlin
Address: 2 Chapel Bar (Telephone number: 956) (Wright, 1915-16)
They supplied soaps and disinfectants between April 1906 and 1916 with the money involved seldom exceeding £1.

George C. (or E.) Waterall
Subscriber: 4/1/1864 to 12/12/1899.
He was known as Junior.

He was one of the 23 subscribers who asked that salaries and wages at the Library be reduced (2/3/1867) and he signed the memorial regarding the tenure of the office of President in May 1875. See –– J. Place.

Watson, Wadsworth, & Ward
Address: 15 Weekday Cross (Wright, 1894-95)
This was the firm of solicitors employing the Library’s solicitor, E.H. Fraser, in 1894 (4/12/1894).
See –– Arthur Brownsword.

Rev Ware Wilmot
The Standfast Ledger records the name but shows no borrowings. The entry is unclear.

Alfred William Watson
Address: Winhaston (or Therbaston), Ebury Road.
Subscriber: 6/4/1909 to 7/6/1910.
Share number: 88 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1909).

Mrs Catherina Watson
Address: Wilford.
Subscriber: 3/10/1911 to 1916.
Share number: 31 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1912).

Mrs Elizabeth Ann Watson
Address: Burton House, The Park
Subscriber: 2/6/1890 to 12/9/1911.
Share number: 233 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

Minuted book request:
The share was transferred from John Watson.

Forbes Watson
Subscriber: 4/12/1861 to 6/12/1869.
The Standfast Ledger records five borrowings between 4/5/1863 and 30/10/1863.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

James Otley Watson
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 22/8/1817.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

John Watson
Subscriber: 8/11/1816 to 5/3/1877.
He was a subscriber for more than 60 years.
Committee: 1852, 1853, 1856, 1857, 1859, 1860, 1863, 1864, 1866*, 1867*, 1869, 1870, 1872*, 1873*, 1876 (*This could be the other John Watson.)
Auditor: 1853, 1854, 1857, 1858, 1860, 1861.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
He proposed a resolution to reduce subscriptions (5/11/1851), and he attended the sub-committee meeting on 1/12/1851.

The signature of
John Watson


John Watson
He was known as ‘Junior’.
Subscriber: 7/3/1853 to 2/6/1890
Committee: 1858, 1859, 1861, 1862, 1879.
Finance Committee: 1875, 1879.
Auditor: 1853, 1854, 1857, 1858, 1860, 1861.

The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 8/8/1861.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

On 17/3/1874 he was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library, and he was one of the 14 elected.

In 1875 one of the two John Watsons seconded an amendment to the motion for a two year tenure of the President and signed the memorial regarding this matter in May 1875.
One of them moved a motion and seconded another at the somewhat busy Annual Meeting of 1875. See –– J. Place.

On 5/11/1851 he was recorded as a proposer of a resolution to reduce subscriptions, and he attended the sub-committee meeting on 1/12/1851.

He died in 1876 and on 4/12/1876 a motion of sympathy over his death was sent to Samuel Watson.
His share was transferred to Samuel Watson on 5/3/1877 and his place on the Committee was taken by Richard Enfield on 3/4/1877.

In 1875 he was one of four surviving subscribers of 1816 and at his death in the following year he was one of the last two of the 1816 subscribers.
The other was Henry Smith but as in 1876 there were two subscribers with that name it is not possible to be certain whether John Watson, senior, or Henry Smith was the last of the originals.

The Committee passed a vote of condolence following his death (4/12/1876)

The share was transferred to Miss E.A. Watson.
See –– Hawkes.

Samuel Watson
Subscriber: 5/3/1877 to 1/5/1899
Address: Beeston.
The share was transferred from John Watson, senior.

William Watson
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 7/12/1846
Address: Arnold.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
On 2/7/1827 he bought the Sun newspaper from the Library for £2 7s 0d.

Lieutenant-Colonel Watts

Coal agent
W.E. Middleton, the photographer and tenant at Bromley House, wished to sub-let to him (4/7/1905).

Watts & Sons
Tenant; basket makers.

They were listed in many directories as being at Bromley House or perhaps very close by:
Watts & Sons Basket makers
Glover, 1825
Brush makers
Slater, 1847
Basket and brush makers
Post Office, 1855
George Watts Basket maker
Annual, 1840
Henry Watts Basketmaker
Pigot, 1828; Annual, 1840
Henry Watts & Sons Basket makers and brush, turnery and matting warehouse
Pigot,1835; Pigot, 1841
also at 9 Angel Row Pigot, 1835
and also coopers Lascelles, 1848
William Henry Watts Brush and basket maker, dealer in toys etc.
Wright, 1858

In 1825 Watts became the Library’s tenant ‘from Lady day last’ for four cellars at a rent of £21 per year and with the condition that he was to quit at three month’s notice. (20/4/1825).
He was soon requested to pay arrears of rent (6/10/1845).
The Subscriptions Book records his payments of £10 10s 0d as half yearly rent for the cellars or vaults (Michaelmas to Lady Day and Lady Day to Michaelmas) from 6/10/1832 to 5/10/1833.
Surviving records show half-yearly payments of £7 10s 0d on 1/4/1833 and 5/10/1833.
The sum of £12 10s 0d (that is £25 per annum) applied from 20/3/1834 to 3/7/1849.
This fell to £23 per year with payments of £11 10s 0d recorded on 15/2/1850 and 26/10/1851 with the full year’s £23 0s 0d paid on 4/3/1851.

In 1849 he was told to give up possession of two arched vaults under the Library (7/3/1849).
However, in 1850 the Committee reduced his rent from £23 to £18 per annum provided he used them for storage of dry finished goods and not as a workshop (3/6/1850).
There is a surviving record of a payment of £18 0s 0d on 25/3/1852.

He attended a Committee meeting on 2/12/1850.
In 1851 he was given notice to quit (6/10/1851), his room being taken over by Mr Harrison on 1/3/1852.

Watts then took on the lease of the ‘large’ room at £15 per annum (4/4/1853).
Unrecorded increases of rent must have occurred as on 3/6/1861 the Committee suggested a reduction from £29 12s. to £25 per annum, which he agreed to (1/7/1861).

Wright’s Nottingham Directory for 1858 carried a full page advertisement for W.H. Watts.

The Census taken on 7/4/1861 shows that William Watts lived on Angel Row.
The 38-year-old basket-maker had been born in St Nicholas’ parish in Nottingham and he employed 13 men.
With him were:

On 7/9/1863 his executors were asked to quit the rooms rented.

See    –– William Smith: wine in vaults, and illustrations on next three pages

For clarity the items listed on the bill are as follows:

Bromley House and No. 9, Angel Row, Market Place

July 11
A grooms sieve
July 19
2 small baskets 1/3, 2/-
Sep 5
Small brown hamper
Sep 26
2 Do.........Do...........
Oct 29
Nov 19
Spoke brush

Door mat

Mar: Received of the executors of the late Lady Warren
sixteen shillings six pance in discharge of the above bill.
A bill from H. Watts and Son of Bromley House and 9 Angel Row
made out to Lady Warren and dated Xmas 1839.

This Lady Warren will have been Caroline, daughter of General Sir John Clavering.
In 1790 she married Admiral Sir John Borlase Warren (1753-1822).

Lascelles & Haggars Commercial Directory of Nottingham 1848

Wright's Nottingham Directory for 1858

Wright's Nottingham Directory for 1862

Small advertisements from
Wright's Directory of Nottingham for 1862

William Watts
Subscriber: 7/2/1825 to 2/5/1836
On 7/5/1832 the Committee received a complaint about the behaviour of the son of the surgeon, Mr Watts.

William Watts was a surgeon at 11 Smithy Row (White, 1832) although it is not clear if he, or the misbehaving son, was the subscriber to the Library.
His membership was suspended due to non-payment for four years (4/4/1831), but he appears on the 1832 and 1833 lists.
In 1834 he was again in arrears with his subscription (31/3/1834).

William Watts

Subscriber: 5/12/1843 to 31/3/1851.
Address: Angel Row

Rev J.D. Wawn
Subscriber: 7/5/1832 to 3/8/1840
Address: Stanton.

William Wayte (also read as Wayle or Wayne)
District Rate collector.
Address: 11 Edgar Rise. [White, 1885]
He collected the District Rate which was £8 16s 0d from 1887 to 1890 and then £9 18s 0d from August 1890 to March 1891.

Mr Webster
He bought a book (or books) from the Library for: 5s 0d (10/9/1912).

Miss Webster
Subscriber: 13/2/1818 to 2/2/1824.

Miss F.D. Webster
Subscriber: 3/1/1888 to 5/11/1889.
The share was transferred from J. Webster.

George Macklaier Webster or G.M. Webster
Ironmonger and gas fitter.
Address: 11 Chapel Bar and Wilson’s Yard, Angel Row (Kelly, 1891) and later at Hurt’s Yard, Upper Parliament Street (Telephone number: 438); home: Normaton-on-the-Wolds, Plumtree. (Wright, 1915-16).

Work and goods for the Library:
10/3/1894 Repairs 5s 0d
6/10/1894 Repairs £1 8s 11d
September 1895 Repairs £2 4s 11d

13/8/1912 To repair a fallen ceiling in an upstairs room and fit two fireplaces with new bars £4 8s 6d 5/11/1912
To supply a portable range and anthracite stove £8 0s 0d
5/10/1915 To supply ‘adaptable firegrates’ on an ‘on approval for one week’ basis £1 15s 0d 7/12/1915

John Sutton Webster
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 2/12/1833.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The share was transferred by Mrs Webster.

Joseph Webster
Subscriber: 3/5/1858 to 3/1/1888
The share was transferred to Miss F. Webster.

Miss Mary Webster
Subscriber: 2/4/1889 to 14/8/1894.

Robert Webster
Subscriber: 1/4/1857 to 7/9/1863.

T.M. Webster
He was paid 14s 0d in December 1901 either as or for a ‘carpet sweeper’.

See –– Goddard & Weekes

J. Weinberg
Subscriber: 3/1/1888 to 1/4/1902.
The share was passed to Mrs Weinberg.

Mrs Jacob Weinberg
Address: North Road, The Park.
Subscriber: 1/4/1902 to 1916.
Share number: 237 (counterfoil dated 2/4/1902).
The share was passed from Joshua Weinberg.
H. Weinberg bought a book (or books) from the Library for: £1 4s 9d (3/12/1915) and H.J. Weinberg was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

C.A. Welby
Subscriber: 3/5/1847 to 1/4/1875.
In 1850 he was sent some damaged books with a request that he provide fresh copies (4/11/1850).
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was passed to Mrs Welby.

C.A. Welby

Subscriber: 1/12/1856 to 5/1/1857.
For this time either there were two subscribers with this name or he held two shares.

Mrs C.A. Welby
Subscriber: 1/4/1875 to 1/4/1900
The share was passed from C.A. Welby and later passed to Miss F. Welby.

Miss Fanny Welby
Address: Rauceby, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 1/4/1900 to 1/7/1913.
Share number: 235 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
The share was passed from Mrs C.A. Welby.

She bought a book (or books) from the Library:
16/5/1899 2s 6d Bought by her representatives
8/5/1905 2s 6d

4/7/1911 2s 6d -
9/4/1900 2s 6d

2/5/1906 2s 6d

11/6/1912 2s 6d -
17/4/1901 2s 6d

26/6/1908 2s 6d noted ‘Bookman’ in Accounts Book
20/6/1913 2s 6d -
12/6/1903 2s 6d

28/5/1909 2s 6d (noted ‘magazine’ in Accounts Book

6/5/1904 2s 6d

19/5/1910 2s 6d

Francis Welford
Subscriber: 9/10/1826 to 22/3/1852
Committee: 1836, 1837.

On 2/1/1837 he asked that Mr Barry of Tollerton and Mr Barker, artist, could take copies of plates in Dr Merrick’s Ancient armour.

Wells & Hind
14 & 16 Fletcher Gate [Wright, 1915]

Registration fees of 2s 6d for share transfers
were received on:

Miss Wells
The transfer of a share from a Miss Wells to Miss Towle is recorded in the Committee minutes (1/3/1887) but not confirmed at the 1887 General Meeting.
The same transfer from Miss Wells to Miss M.H. Towle is recorded on 6/12/1887 but the 1888 General Meeting minute states that it came from Mr A. Wells.
Thus the share probably came from A. Wells (deceased) to Miss Wells some time in 1887, but may never have been in her name.

Miss Wells
On 3/12/1908 John Russell, as Honorary Secretary, wrote to a Miss Wells regarding the temporary transfer of her share to Rev. F.R. Pyper.
There would be a 10s 0d fee and full transfer was required by the Committee.
See –– Frederick Richard Pyper.

A. Wells
Subscriber: 7/2/1870 to 1/11/1887.
The share was transferred from Arthur A. Wells.
Committee: 1871, 1872, 1876, 1877, 1880, 1881.
Book Committee: 3/4/1877, 3/5/1880, 2/5/1881.
See –– Miss Wells above.

Mrs Annie Julia Wells
Wife of J.B. Wells.
Address: Private Road, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 5/12/1905 to 5/1/1909.
Share number: 236 (counterfoil signed and dated 31/5/1906).
The share was transferred from John Burnell Wells. Its final transfer was delayed from 1/12/1908 due to irregularities with the forms.

Arthur Wells
Subscriber: 1/6/1840 to 5/11/1866.
Committee: 1843, 1844, 1847, 1851.
He was nominated and appointed as a new trustee on 28/2/1848, listed as a Trustee in 1858 (Russell, 1916) and re-elected in 1874..
Scrutator: 1850 (This could be Henry).

On 1/4/1851 he was elected to the Committee, but the attendance of ‘A. Wells’ was not recorded.
‘Mr Wells’ could have been him or Henry.

He signed a requisition to the Committee to reduce the annual subscription from 42s 0d to 30s 0d (17/3/1851).
The share was transferred to A.A. Wells.
See - Francis Braithwaite - purchase and sale of shares by the Committee.

The signature of
Arthur Wells


Arthur A. Wells, LLB
Subscriber: 5/11/1866 to 7/2/1870.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The share was transferred to A. Wells.

Arthur Wells (c.1815-1882) was an eminent Nottingham lawyer and Clerk of the Peace.
He lived at Cavendish House in Sherwood and served as Superintendent of the Castle Gate Sunday School.
He travelled widely and donated to a wide range of good causes including the South Kensington Museum the Congregational Institute and the London Missionary Society. (Mellors, 1914)

Henry Wells
Subscriber: 2/6/1828 to 1/11/1869.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
He bought a share for £15 15s 0d.
Committee: 1830, 1831, 1834, 1835, 1840, 1841, 1844, 1845, 1848, 1849, 1851, 1852, 1854, 1855, 1857, 1858, 1860, 1861, 1863, 1864, 1867, 1868.
Committee: co-opted on 15/10/1862.
Auditor: 1845.
Scrutator for 1849, 1850 (could be Arthur), 1853.
He offered to find £25 per annum on behalf of the users of the Newsroom for its continuation at a time when the Committee wanted to close it (4/5/1840).
The Standfast Ledger records 12 borrowings between 25/3/1835 and 19/7/1862.


The signature of
Henry Wells


J. Scott Wells
Subscriber: 7/4/1885 to 3/4/1894.

John Wells
Subscriber: 2/3/1835 to 5/2/1844.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

John Burnell Wells, Esq.
Hosiery manufacturer.
Address: 255 Woodborough Road.
Subscriber: 4/9/1888 to 5/12/1905 .
Share number: 236 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred to Mrs Annie Julia Wells.

Richard Wells
Subscriber: 7/6/1858 to 7/5/1866.

Thomas Wesson
Newsroom subscriber: 1830, 1831, 1832.

Charles Westerton Subscription Library
In 1895 Charles Westerton was listed as just a stationer at 27 St George’s Place, London SW (Post Office, 1895 Part 3).
Shortly after this he must have set up his subscription library as in 1896 it was subjected to comparative scrutiny by William Moore, librarian, and Westerton’s were successful in securing the Library’s contract (4/2/1896).
The 1899 directory entry gives Charles Westerton's occupation as ‘Librarian’ (Post Office, 1899; Part 3).

The subscription was paid in April and from 1896 to 1905 it was £50 plus a few shillings and pence.
Cancelling the arrangement with W.H. Smith & Son’s subscription Library and taking 200 volumes from Westerton’s saved £50 in 1895.
Ten years later it was proposed that the subscription be transferred to the London Libraries (7/11/1905) and they were informed on 15/2/1906 that the Library would cease its subscription at the end of the year.

In 1905 the Librarian had been concerned about the forthcoming change of ownership of Westerton’s Subscription Library and wrote asking for clarification of the situation (25/10/1905).

Alexander Wetzlar
Subscriber: 7/1/1839 to 2/5/1842.
The Committee decided that his share should be forfeited (2/5/1842) and transfer took place on 6/6/1842.

David Wheatcroft
Subscriber: 1/2/1847 to 22/3/1852.
Address: Buckland Hollow (between Ripley and Ambergate, Derbyshire).

C. Wheatley
Address: 8 St Peter’s Gate.
See –– Henry Sotheran & Co.

Whiles & Brown or H.S. Whiles of Newark.

Samuel Whiles & Cornelius Brown.

They were the proprietors and publishers of the Newark Advertiser (established 1854).
Address: 30 Stodman Street, Newark-on-Trent. [Post Office, 1876]

They were paid £1 1s 0d in July 1879 and £2 2s 0d in July 1908 for volume II of Cornelius Brown’s Newark.

J. Whitchurch
See –– John Russell (artist).

White Lion Inn Circulating Library
This was on Long Row in 1815.

William Moore, librarian at Bromley House, discovered two of its book labels in the collection in 1896.

See –– Turner & White.

Miss White
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 15/7/1822.
She was one of the seven ladies first subscribing in the initial year (1816) of the Library.

Mr White
He was to be paid one guinea per year to ensure the early delivery of the newspapers (1/9/1834).

Dr Charles Haydon White
Address: Circus Street.
Subscriber: 7/3/1893 to 7/4/1908
Share number: 234. Share certificate number 237, which would have served share number 234, carries a pencilled note of ‘C.H. White’ and of ‘Transfer to R. Hickton - certificate 339)’
His death was noted (7/4/1908).

Miss Ellen White
Subscriber: 3/6/1867 to 3/6/1867.
She signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Miss F.M. White
She signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

G.M. White
Subscriber: 4/4/1843 to 1/4/1856.
Committee: 1856, 1857, 1859, 1860.
The share was transferred from John White, and later passed to Mrs White.

Mrs G.M. White
Subscriber: 1/4/1856 to 3/3/1891.
A slip pasted inside the Minute Book for 1847 refers to her as a widow and that the status of the share was ‘as they are’.
The share was passed from G.M. White, and later transferred from G.M. White to G.B. White.

George Thomas White
Subscriber: 7/4/1818 to 13/11/1818.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He was fined £1. 0s 10d for loss or damage to Tooke’s Divination of piety, Vol. 2 and Illustrations of Sterne, Vol. 2. which were valued by Barnett (Barratt) (30/10/1818).

George Bentley White
Subscriber: 3/3/1891 to 12/6/1900.
A share held by Mrs White was transferred to him from G.M. White.

Henry Kirke White (1785-1806)

He was the son of a Nottingham butcher born in the Shambles opposite the Flying Horse Hotel.
His family later lived at 17 High Pavement.
He was articled to Coldham & Enfield the Nottingham lawyers at Rose Yard, now King John’s Chambers, on Bridlesmith Gate.
His verses, including Clifton Grove, of 1803 impressed Southey and he was praised by Byron.

In 1805 he went to St John’s College, Cambridge but he was to die a year later on 19 October 1806.

He had written in Wilford churchyard:
Here would I wish to sleep. This is the spot
Which I have long marked out to lay my bones in;
Tired out and wearied with the riotous world,
Beneath this yew I would be sepulchred,
It is a lovely spot.

    (Mellors, 1914)

A portrait of Henry Kirke White was donated by Rev Neville White, his late brother.
This had been copied by Thomas Barber from the best likeness in the possession of Rev Samuel Maddock (Russell, 1916).
It was in Bromley House at the time Sutton’s Stranger’s Guide was published in 1827 and in 1868 was lent to the Council of Education (2/3/1868) and in 1878 to the Castle Museum for another exhibition (2/1/1878).
This painting [oil on canvas; 8 x 9.5 inches] is in the Reading Room (2006).

See –– Sylvanus Redgate;   J. Potter Briscoe;   Prof. Granger.

Henry Kirke White

John White
Subscriber: 7/6/1830 to 4/4/1843.
Address: Arnold.
He was often listed as ‘Mr White, Arnold’.

John or Joseph White
Subscriber: 2/4/1855 to 4/7/1864.
There is a John White in 1857 list but Joseph White in 1859 list, but they seem to be the same man.

Joseph White
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 2/4/1816.
Record crossed through.

The signature of
Joseph White


Joseph White
Subscriber: 6/11/1848 to 5/5/1851.
Address: General Hospital.

Joseph White
See –– John White above.

Joseph White, FRCS
President: 6 April 1886 to 10 April 1888.
Subscriber: 7/9/1868 to 5/2/1895.
Committee: 1885, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892.
Licence Sub-committee: 1/9/1885.
Book Committee: 1889.

Rev Neville White
He was the brother of the poet, Henry Kirke White.

In November 1826 he gave a portrait of his late brother by Thomas Barber (junior) taken from an original by his father, Thomas Barber (senior) owned by the Rev. Samuel Maddock.
This painting [oil on canvas; 8 x 9.5 inches] is in the Reading Room (2006).

Robert White (1819-1908)
Printer and stationer.
Address: Worksop.
The purchase of Dukery Records by the Library for £1 8s 0d was recorded (13/9/1904).

He collected documents relating to Nottinghamshire and wrote or published a number of books on the county including:

Rev Thomas White
Subscriber: 7/2/1831 1/3/1847.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.
Address: Epperstone.
The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings between 13/7/1835 and 19/10/1837.
The transfer of a share from Thomas White was also recorded for 3/9/1849.

William White
Subscriber: 3/2/1845 to 5/2/1849.

Miss Whitehead
Subscriber: 31/3/1828 to 6/7/1829 .

John Whitehead
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 2/11/1829.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

The transfer of the share was requested by Samuel Fox, executor.
Six years later the Committee was asking if a ‘John Whitehead’ was one ‘willing to receive their building shares’(1/6/1835).
The Share Interest Book shows that a John Whitehead held one Bromley House Building Share from 1831 to 1837.

The Interest Book has a number of receipt slips pasted inside its covers and these include one acknowledging payment by James Archer (librarian) on 12/3/1832 of £1 5s 0d interest on a Bromley House Building share to J. Whitehead covering the period of June 1830 to June 1831.
A similar slip dated 25/2/1833 is for £1 5s 0d interest paid to J. Whitehead but signed for by S. Fox and covering the period of June 1831 to June 1832.
Yet another covers June 1832 to June 1833 and was for £1 5s 0d and dated 11/2/1834 and signed for by  S. Fox on behalf of the late John Whitehead.

William Whitehead
He was Master of the Bluecoat Charity School, Weekday Cross and in March 1744 the trustees of the Standfast Library selected him to be their Librarian .

William Whitehead
Subscriber: 4/12/1865 to 1/1/1880.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

John Whitehurst (1713-1788)
A longcase clock inscribed ‘Whitehurst & Son Derby 1830’ stands behind the Library issue desk.

John Whitely
Subscriber: 6/8/1878 to 7/11/1882.

Whitlock & Thompson
Address: Bromley House.
On 20 March 1849 they paid £2 10s. 0d as eight week’s rent for a period ending 5/3/1849.
They took over again in 1851, paid off the arrears of rent left by Richard Young Booker and by September had installed John Frederick Davis as manager.
Mr Thompson was given notice to quit in April 1853 and the studio was let to Davis.

Joseph Whitlock
Joseph Whitlock was proprietor of the Daguerreotype Institution at 120 New Street, Birmingham.
He was a tenant at Bromley House from February to November 1847, and, as Whitlock & Thompson, from January to March 1849 and from April 1851 to May 1853.
Records of monthly payments of £1 5s 0d survive from between 24/2/1847 to 15/11/1847.

On 20/3/1849 he and Thompson paid eight weeks rent to the Library for a period ending on 5/3/1849.
It seems that neither Whitlock nor Thompson ever took photographs in Nottingham.
Whitlock took the tenancy of the studio when George Popowitz moved out in December 1847 but its actual user was E. Kaim.
The partnership paid £8 0s 0d on 18/12/1851 and £4 16s 0d on 27/3/1852 and 21/10/1852.
A similar payment in the named of just Thompson was made on 1/4/1853.

By September 1851 the use of the studio had been taken over by John Frederick Davis (Heathcote, 1991).

See also –– John Frederick DavisThompson.

Whittaker & Son and J.W. Whittaker
They supplied books between 1900 and 1905 and the Library had a subscription of 8s 6d with them for the supply of The Bookseller from 1908 to 1915.

James Whittingham
Address: Parliament Row (Sutton, 1815).
In 1816 his services were used by the Library (17/5/1816) and later he was asked to procure a copy of Asiatic Residences. Vol. 2 (21/8/1818).

See –– Robert Laurie (engraver).

Francis Bernard Whitty
Lace manufacturer.
Address: Cliffe House, Radcliffe-on-Trent.
Subscriber: 5/6/1894 to 3/3/1896.
The share was transferred from Mrs M.W. Whitty (deceased).
He was born in Nottingham on 24/3/1858 and educated at Nottingham High School and Brighton Grammar School.
He married Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of John R. Annibal and they had three sons.

Francis Bernard Whitty

Mrs M.M. Whitty
Subscriber: 5/4/1881 5/6/1894.
The share was transferred from Thomas Whitty, and then on to F.B. Whitty.

Thomas Whitty
Subscriber: 5/12/1855 to 5/4/1881.
The share was transferred to Mrs M.M. Whitty.

Mary Whyatt
See –– Robert Whyatt.

Robert Whyatt
He and his wife, Mary, were applicants for the post of Library porter (2/5/1831).

George Wigley, Esq., JP
Address: Redcliffe, 1 Mapperley Road.
Subscriber: 1/8/1893 to 1916.
Share number: 238 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

He bought books from the Library for:
10s 6d 6/1/1914
10s 6d 20/2/1915

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Sir George Wigley, JP (1837-1925) was a silk merchant who was active in the Savings Bank movement and various medical charities. (Mellors, 1924)

He married Clara, daughter of Joseph Clarke, a lace manufacturer from Basford.

George Wigley

J. Wilcockson
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 2/4/1816.
Record crossed through.

William Henry Wilcockson (1816-1887)
Manager of Nottingham and Notts. Bank.
Address: Minerva Terrace, Sneinton.
Subscriber: 4/4/1842 to 3/6/1844.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 2/6/1842 and 16/9/1842.

He was organist at St Stephen’s church, Sneinton and developed the church music there up to a very high standard.
He bought the choir stalls from St Mary’s.
He was ‘a genial, kind-hearted, unselfish religious man’ (Mellors, 1914)
He is remembered in a stained glass widow at St Stephen’s,

He was born at Thurland Street on 9/1/1816.
On 28/4/1848 at Kew he married Maria Lister , daughter of the Rev Henry White (d. 1844).
William died on 22/11/1887 and was buried at Sneinton.
Maria died on 6/9/1854 and was buried at Worksop.

William Henry Wilcockson
[4135a & 4135s]

Rev John Wild
Address: Old Radford.
Subscriber: 6/6/1825 to 7/3/1859.
The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings between 10/8/1857 and 9/10/1857.
The share was transferred by Mrs Wild.

John Raine (or Ryan) Wild, Esq.
Address: 19 Balmoral Road.
Subscriber: 7/1/1884 to 12/9/1910.
Share number: 239 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1894, 1895.
Scrutator: 1884, 1886, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1894, 1896, 1898.
Present at General Meeting of 1894.
Book Committee: 1894.

S.B. Wild
Address: Costock.
Subscriber: 3/8/1840 to 1/11/1869.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 10/7/1848.

Rev Robert Wildmore   
Address: “Barrett's H.P.”
The Standfast Ledger records 16 borrowings between 17/11/1849 and 26/3/1849.

Joseph Wildsmith
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 7/12/1829.
He was known as ‘Junior’.
His arrears of three years’ subscriptions (2/12/1822) were paid by 6/1/1823.

Miss Wiley
Address: The Park.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 31/12/1855 and 31/12/1855   

Wilford, Rector of
On 5/12/1893 a share was transferred from Frederick George Sharpe to the unnamed ‘Rector of Wilford’.
See –– Rev J. Clough.

Francis Wilford
The Standfast Ledger records two borrowings on 16/8/1843.

Rev George Wilkins
Vicar of St Mary’s.
He was a Trustee of the Standfast Library at the time it passed to Nottingham Subscription Library 4/5/1819.

He was mentioned as having shown great courage during the cholera outbreak of 1832 by Rev R.A. Armstrong of High Pavement at William Enfield’s funeral in 1873.
The Standfast Ledger records three borrowings on 19/8/1834 by Archdeacon Wilkins.

The signature of
Rev George Wilkins


John Wilkins
Subscriber: 4/6/1877 to 6/5/1878.

Mr Wilkinson

The Library Subscriptions Book for 1843 to 1853
has the following note in its inside cover:
Wilkinson to pay 2/6 per year in advance for light in passage.
He paid this on 25/3/1848 and 31/3/1849.

J.J.G. Wilkinson
On 3/4/1849 he gave Swedenborg’s Works.

Miss Willey
Subscriber: 2/2/1852 to 2/6/1856.
Address: The Park.

Mr Williams

A minute of 19/10/1857 following the sudden death of John Walton, the librarian, suggested that ‘Williams’ take charge.
This might refer to William Richardson.

Williams or Dennett & Williams.
See –– Frederick Pearson.

Rev F. Williams
He was allowed to take Deering’s Nottingham out of the Library (5/11/1866)

Rev F.S. Williams
Subscriber: 5/4/1864 to 6/10/1873

Henry Williams, Esq.
Address: Regent Street.
Subscriber: 5/4/1898 to April 1902.
Share number: 240 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

Dr John Calthorpe Williams, M.D
Honorary Physician to the General Hospital.
Subscriber: 6/9/1830 to 6/10/1856.
Address: General Hospital.
Committee: 1834, 1835, 1842.

He was Dr Develope in the pamphlet The Literary Mousetrap published on 14/2/1829 satirising the debates that were taking place at Bromley House Library.

In 1840 he was President of the Literary Society based at Bromley House (Orange, 1840).

He visited Alfred Barber at the photographic studio in Bromley House in the Autumn of 1841 (Heathcote, 1991)

See –– William Parsons’ Diary.

F. Williamson
Subscriber: 6/9/1875 to 3/3/1884.

Willis & Sotheran
A single payment of 12s 6d was recorded for 15/1/1870 for unspecified goods or services.

George Willis
He was commissioned to bind the newly acquired Audobon’s Birds of America (6/10/1851) (see also - Mr Hall)
The Committee found Mr Rackham’s charge in connection with the index unsatisfactory and referred the matter to Willis (4/4/1853).
His name is not in the Nottingham trade directories of this period.

William Morley Willis
See –– Medico-Chirurgical Society.

John C. Willmer
See  –– Days Library Ltd   Arthur Lineker.

Hon. Rev Charles James Willoughby (1822 - 1875)
Rector of Wollaton-with-Cossall.
Subscriber: 1/10/1860 to 8/10/1863
Committee: 1860, 1861
On 4/3/1861 he was to join the Committee in place of Rev W. Butler.

He was the younger brother of Henry Willoughby, 8th Baron Middleton (b. 5/2/1822; d. 6/11/1875).
On 7/8/1845 he married  Charlotte Payne (d. 13/1/1892), daughter of Henry John Hyde Seymour.
They had seven sons. (Burke, 1999)

The signature of
Hon. Rev Charles James Willoughby

Mrs Harriett Maude Willoughby
Address: Edale House, The Park.
Subscriber: 3/1/1888 to 12/4/1910.
Share number: 241 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
She was the daughter of Sir Thomas Birkin of Ruddington and in 1883 she married Cecil Edward Willoughby (1851-1930) and they had two daughters. (Burke, 1999)

Hon. Henry Willoughby (1780-1849) MP.
Member of Parliament for Newark from February 1805 to February 1831.
Address: Aspley Hall
Subscriber: 13/9/1816 to 3/3/1828.
Committee: 1817, 1818.
Chairman for 1819 General Meeting.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
He was named as a Trustee of Bromley House in the minute and document of 1/4/1822, and listed as a Trustee in 1858 (Russell, 1916).

He was the nephew of Henry Willoughby (1761-1825), 6th Baron Middleton, the cousin of Digby Willoughby (1769-1856), 7th Baron Middleton, and father of Henry Willoughby (1817-1877), 8th Baron Middleton.
In 1815 he married Charlotte (d.1845), daughter of the Venerable Archdeacon John Eyre of Babworth. (Burke, 1999)

The signature of
Hon. Henry Willoughby

A Middleton and Willoughby genealogy

Sir Thomas Willoughby, 2 Bt. and 1 Baron Middleton (created 1/1/1711-2) (b.c. 1670; d. 2/4/1729) m.(9/4/1691) Elizabeth Rothwell, daughter of Sir Richard Rothwell of Stapleford Lincs. Sir Thomas was High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and M.P. for Newark.

P. Wills
He bought an original share for £30 0s 0d on 1/3/1877.
Nothing else found.

Rev R.W. Willson
Subscriber: 7/5/1827 to 6/3/1843.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.
Committee: 1829, 1830, 1837, 1838.

He bought from the Library:
Sun newspaper
£2 8s 0d
Sun newspaper £3 11s 0d
Newsroom Subscription Book 1831-1834

Rev Ware Wilmot
The Standfast Ledger records the name but shows no borrowings.
The entry is unclear.

W. Wilmott
Subscriber: 3/11/1862 to 3/8/1863.
The final transfer was made by E. Wilmott.

Mr Wilson
The Library Subscriptions Book records that someone named Wilson paid 3s 0d for Loss and Gain on 1/6/1849.

Mrs Wilson
Subscriber: 1/4/1834 to 23/4/1861.
The share was presumably transferred from her husband and the final transfer was in the name of W. Wilson.
On 1/4/1839 the Committee noted her fines.

Wilson of Davis Lloyd & Wilson.
See –– Miss Clifford

Alfred Wilson
Subscriber: 2/4/1878 to 3/9/1907.
Share number: 242. Certificate number 241 was made out for ‘A. Wilson’ and is endorsed ‘Miss Hill bought this share – see certificate 333’.

Rev Edward Wilson or Willson
Address: Costock.
Subscriber: 2/1/1843 to 1/2/1847.
The Standfast Ledger records eight borrowings between 29/6/1839 and 8/1/1841

John Wilson
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 7/4/1818.
His name is crossed through in 1818 list.

Miss Sophia E. Wilson
Address: 19 Watcombe Circus, Carrington.
Subscriber: 3/8/1863 to 9/9/1902.
Share number: 243 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

Thomas Wilson

Address: Stoney Street.
Subscriber: 5/2/1838 to 5/3/1849.
Committee: 1840, 1841, 1844, 1845, 1847, 1848.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 9/8/1841.

Dr Thomas Wilson, MD
Subscriber: 30/3/1857 to 6/4/1869.
Committee: 1857, 1858, 1860, 1861, 1866.

The signature of
Thomas Wilson


William Wilson
Alderman. Lord Mayor of Nottingham: 1811-12, 1816-17, 1823-24 and 1830-31.
Subscriber: 4/3/1816 to 1/4/1834.
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832 (listed as Alderman Wilson).
On 2/8/1819 he bought the Library’s copies of The Statesman for £1 14s. 0d.

William Wilson was a cotton spinner with a mill on Ilkeston Road, Old Radford.
He was acting ex-mayor and deacon of Castle Gate Chapel when in 1831 the riots in connection with food prices broke out.
Despite his being injured in the trouble and the Riot Act being read the Castle was burnt down. (Mellors, 1924)

William Wilson
Subscriber: 26/7/1824 to 4/3/1844.
He was known as ‘Junior’.
The final transfer of the share was ‘postponed for inquiry’ (5/2/1844), but agreed on 4/31844.

William Windle
Painter and decorator.
Address: 47 Wollaton Road (Post Office, 1876)
He was asked to estimate for the interior and exterior painting of the Library on 2/6/1873, and also invited to tender for external painting in 1883 along with two others (7/5/1883).
He was mentioned in connection with Sparrow & Son’s successful tender of 31/7/1900 and he submitted a tender of £33 19s. 9d for painting the outside of the Library (11/10/1904).
It seems that he never did any work for the Library.

Rev H.C. or H.T. Windley
John Russell, who was recovering from illness at the time, was asked to thank him, which he did (7/8/1914).

John William Windley, Esq.
Silk merchant.
Address: 26 High Pavement.
President: 4/4/1911 to 17/4/1914;
Subscriber: 3/6/1872 to 1916.
Share number: 244 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1894, 1895, 1897, 1898, 1900, 1901, 1903, 1905 to 1915 Notes
Scrutator: 1899.
Newsroom curtain sub-committee: 12/11/1901.
He attended General Meetings: 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916.
Book Committee: 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915.
Finance Committee: 1913, 1916.

He was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911) as a Trustee and was one of the four in whose name the Library held £200 of 4.5% War Loan (6/7/1915).

Minuted book request:
He bought books from the Library for:
5s 0d 28/1/1905
12s 6d 11/12/1909
7s 0d 23/1/1913
12s 0d 13/3/1916
7s 0d 10/1/1908
12s 6d 24/12/1910
9s 6d 17/12/1913

12s 6d 26/2/1909
12s 0d 26/1/1912
6s 6d 6/2/1915

He was a subscriber (2 copies) to Russell’s History (1916).
See –– John Russell.

x x x x
John William Windley
[3960 & 4247]

Rev Thomas Wilson Windley
Address: All Saints’ Vicarage.
Subscriber: 7/11/1911 to 13/8/1912.
Share number: 218 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1912).

William Windley
Subscriber: 4/11/1844 to 3/5/1847

William Winfield
The Standfast Ledger records 61 borrowings between 22/1/1864 and 14/10/1873.

Window Cleaning Company
See –– City & Suburban Window Cleaning Co.

See –– J.E. Munnett.

Rev H. Wintour
Subscriber: 1/8/1842 to 6/3/1843.

Miss Sarah Wise
Subscriber: 4/6/1860 to 2/11/1868.
She signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

William Wise
Subscriber: 6/3/1837 to 4/9/1848.

Rev John Francis Thorne Wolley
Address: Beeston.
Subscriber: 9/3/1829 to 3/2/1879
He was a subscriber for more than 49 years.
Committee: 1831, 1832, 1837, 1838, 1840, 1841, 1845.
On 7/11/1831 he replaced J.D. Rogers (deceased) on the Committee, and on 5/1/1846 he resigned and was replaced by J. Coltman.

He was vicar of Beeston from 1822 to 1854 and he died on 16/11/1877 aged 81.

T. Wolstenholme
Address: Arnold.
Subscriber: 2/12/1839 to 3/11/1862.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing between 16/12/1840 and 16/12/1840.

Wood is often confused with and exchanged for Woods.

Mr Wood
He varnished the portrait of Dr Storer (4/2/1828) (Russell, 1916)

Rev Douglas Wood
Clerk in Holy orders.
Address: The Vicarage, Greasley.
Subscriber: 2/12/1913 to 1916.
Share number: 9 (counterfoil dated 17/4/1914).

Henry Moses Wood (c.1788-1868)
Architect and surveyor.
Subscriber: 2/4/1850 to 7/4/1868.

He was Mr Aaron Logwood in the pamphlet The Literary Mousetrap published on 14/2/1829 satirising the debates that were taking place at Bromley House Library.

Born in Basford he was educated at the Grammar School before entering the offices of Mr Staveley, the Corporation Surveyor.
The laying out of the Arboretum was his responsibility.

He married Miss Wilson of Shelford and they had eleven children.
He was a founder of the Notts and Derbyshire Insurance Company and a director of the Nottingham and Notts Bank.
He enjoyed field sports, cricket, the fine arts and the drama. (Mellors, 1914)

His building work in Nottinghamshire includes:
  • County House, later the Judges’ Lodgings, High Pavement (1833),
  • lodge and castelated refreshment rooms, Arboretum (1852),
  • lodge at Forest Recreation Ground, Mansfield Road (1857).

The share was transferred from H.G. Wood to H.W. Wood.

H.W. Wood
Subscriber: 7/4/1868 to 7/2/1870.
The share was transferred from H.G. Wood.
He was also listed as Woods.

John Wood
Subscriber: 3/11/1856 to 6/12/1875.
He was also listed as Woods.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.
The final transfer of the share was deferred from 1/11/1875.

Joseph Wood (1832-1871)
He was an unsuccessful candidate for the post of Librarian in 1857.
A copy of a letter of commendation from W.J. Ravdele, curate of Faversham dated 10/11/1857 along with an account of his family history is in the Library records.

His son married a Miss Turney and his grandson was Joseph Turney Wood (see below).

Joseph Turney Wood (1865-1924)
Address: Park Road, Lenton.
Subscriber: 9/4/1907 to 1916.
President: 1923 to 1924.
Share number: 86 (counterfoil dated 9/4/1907).
He attended the 1916 General Meeting.
Minuted book requests:
He bought books from the Library for:
12s 6d 12/12/1908
9s 6d 28/11/1910
10s 6d 6/12/1912
10s 9d 21/11/1914
10s 6d 15/12/1909
3s 6d 23/12/1911
10s 6d 26/1/1914
3s 6d 20/3/1916

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

Joseph Turney Wood
Sylvanus Redgate by)
[4158 & 4250]

He was a director of Turney Brothers, Leather manufacturers and was in charge of the scientific and chemical aspects of the business.
He had studied chemistry at University College, London and his book on leather dressing was, and perhaps still is, a classic in its field.

He enjoyed astronomy and literature and spoke fluent Italian.
He died after being taken ill in Italy and is buried in Wilford Hill cemetery.

He was President of Bromley House Library from 1923 to 1924. (Mellors, 1924)

Three pictures of him are in Bromley House:
  1. an oil painting by an unknown artist on the Staircase;
  2. a photograph by Sylvanus Redgate in the Thoroton Room;
  3. another photograph (wrongly named as John Turney Wood) amongst the past presidents in the Ellen Harrington Room (2006).
See –– Sir John Turney.

Rev Robert Wood, DD
Subscriber: 1/10/1821 to 2/1/1843.
Committee: 1825.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

William Wood
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

David Woodhouse
Subscriber: 3/5/1841 to 1/4/1849.
On 7/8/1843 he was asked to pay the arrears for George Hopkinson, whose share he had acquired, and that strictly speaking arrears for 1841 and 1842 were owed as well.

Mrs David Woodhouse
Subscriber: 1/4/1849 to 1/12/1862.
Deceased. The share was transferred to Miss Jane Woodhouse.

Miss Jane Woodhouse
Subscriber: 1/12/1862 to 7/11/1864.
The share was transferred from David Woodhouse (deceased).

Thomas Woodhouse
Subscriber: 4/4/1836 to 1/8/1859.
Committee: 1840, 1841, 1845, 1846, 1854, 1855.
He was nominated a new trustee on 28/2/1848, listed as a Trustee in 1858 (Russell, 1916)
Scrutator: 1856.
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 8/1/1841.

Thomas Woodhouse
Subscriber: 6/6/1864 to 7/8/1866.
He was appointed as a Trustee of the Library in 1874.

William Henry Woodhouse
Stock and share broker.
Address: 316 and 334 Mansfield Road.
Subscriber: 3/7/1906 to 1916.
Share number: 132 (counterfoil dated 9/4/1907).
A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 9/6/1908.

He was born in 1856 and in 1888 he married Laura, daughter of W.B. Smith, a lace manufacturer.

William Henry Woodhouse

Woods is often confused with and exchanged for Wood.

Arthur Woods
See –– Miss Catherine Woods.

Miss Catherine or Katherine Woods
Subscriber: April 1900 to 13/9/1904.
Share number: 246.
Certificate number 245, which served this share, is endorsed ‘Miss Gray bought this share – certificate 295’.
The share was passed from L.M. Woods.

On 20/7/1904 Arthur Woods, of 1 Draper’s Gardens. London, E.C. was informed that the share that belonged to Miss Catherine Woods, deceased, had been transferred to Miss Gray and that she might use it immediately.
No certificate would be issued to Miss Gray as it was in the name of the late Miss L.M. Woods.

Rev D. Woods
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 19/11/1913.

Miss L.M. Woods
Subscriber: 7/6/1869 to April 1900.
The share was passed to Miss Catherine Woods.

Thomas Woods
Address: Mapperley Villa, Sherwood.
Subscriber: 6/3/1865 to 11/10/1904
Share number: 245 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

Rev W. Woods
Subscriber: 5/4/1870 to 5/2/1895.
Committee: 1877, 1878, 1880, 1881, 1883, 1884, 1888, 1889, 1891, 1892.
Book Committee: 1878, 1880, 1881, 1883, 1884, 1889, 1892.
Auditor: 1881, 1888, 1890, 1893.
Scrutator: 1882, 1886, 1889, 1892.
Rights of Light sub-committee: 5/2/1889.
Standfast Library Sub-committee: 5/7/1892.
He seconded two motions at the somewhat busy Annual Meeting of 1875.
See     –– E.H. Fraser; Edmund Percy: new shares - 1883; Prince of Wales.

The signature of
William Woods

Mrs Woodsend
She bought a book (or books) from the Library for: £1 6s 0d ( 3/12/1904).

John William Woodsend, Esq.
Builder and contractor.
Address: 16 Villa Road.
Subscriber: 1/4/1898 to 1916.
Share number: 247 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

He bought books from the Library for:
2s 6d 26/11/1902
18s 0d 10/12/1907
£1 9s 6d 30/12/1911
13s 9d 22/1/1915
£1 18s 6d 7/12/1905
14s 0d 16/12/1908
£1 8s 6d 16/12/1912
10s 6d 1/1/1916
10s 0d 27/12/1906
12s 0d 30/11/191
£1 6s 0d 22/12/1913
7s 6d 29/2/1916

He was a subscriber (2 copies) to Russell’s History (1916).

James William Woodsend was listed as a builder & contractor at 25 Castlegate with a home address at Ellesmere Terrace, Clarendon Street [Wright, 1894-95].
He was one of the three sons of William Woodsend (q.v.). (Mellors, 1924)

He was paid £1 14s 3d on 17/4/1907 for work on the roof.

William Woodsend (1814-1889)
Contractor and joiner.
Builder and contractor. Established 1837.
Address: Forest Road, at Toll Street and at Wollaton Street (Kelly, 1891); Derby Road. Also: Newcastle Wharf, Palatine Street; Castle Boulevard, Nottingham. Telegrams: ‘Woodsend Builders Nottingham’. (Telephone number: 381). Castle Boulevard & Newcastle Wharf, [Wright, 1915]

Payments to him are recorded from 1898 to 1914, with a single payment of 8s 6d on 1/2/1887, presumably to this Mr Woodsend, being recorded in the Accounts Books.

He was invited to tender for a hoarding (4/12/1894).
See ––  F. Pearson.

He did work for the Library:
12/5/1903 Repair the roof and repoint chimney Paid
£52 3s 0d December 1903

£74 2s 3d February 1907
4/10/1910 Retiling roof Estimate accepted
18/5/1911 Roofing work Paid
£76 7s 0d 6/7/1911
5/1/1915 Enlarging the newly installed letter boxes Paid
£2 18s. 6d

He was an industrious, straightforward businessman who was also deeply religious.
He was a teacher and superintendent at St James’s church Sunday School in Rutland Street.

After his death six almshouses were built on Derby Road in Lenton as a memorial to him organised by his three sons:
  1. Thomas Woodsend of Liverpool,
  2. George Arthur Woodsend of Tunbridge Wells,
  3. John William Woodsend of Nottingham (q.v.). (Mellors, 1924)

William Arthur Woodsend
Address: Walnut Grove, Radcliffe-on-Trent.
Subscriber: 11/1/1916 to 1916.
Share number: 172 (counterfoil signed and dated 18/4/1916).

Charles Richard Woodward
Address: 2 Hope Drive, The Park.
Subscriber: 12/9/1905 to 7/12/1909.
Share number : 228 (counterfoil dated 1/6/1906).

He bought books from the Library for:
11s 9d 8/12/1906
5s 6d 6/12/1907
1s 0d 12/12/1908

A registration fee of 2s 6d was received from Bromley Cunliffe on 30/11/1909 in respect of a share transfer to Handford.

Mrs Emma Woodward
Address: Redcliffe, Cavendish Road East, The Park.
Subscriber: 2/7/1889 to 1916.
Share number: 248 (counterfoil dated 2/4/1902).

John Woodward
Subscriber: 5/7/1858 to 7/1/1861.

John G. Woodward
Subscriber: 4/12/1865 to 10/10/1881.
Committee: 1867.

He was appointed to the Committee on 2/12/1867 to replace W. Smiles and he had been one of the 23 subscribers asking on that salaries and wages at the Library be reduced (2/3/1867).

Mrs Margaret Warner Woodward

Wife of Sidney Woodward.
Address: Park Dale, Private Drive, The Park.
Subscriber: 6/2/1912 to 7/3/1916.
Share number: 212 (counterfoil dated 16/4/1912 and endorsed ‘wife of Sidney Woodward’).
A registration fee of 2s 6d for share transfer was received on 10/9/1912.

Parker Woodward
Solicitor and commissioner for oaths in the Supreme Court.
Address: Victoria Buildings at 19 Victoria Street (Kelly, 1891); York House, 13 King Street, King Street, Nottingham. Telegrams: Parker Woodward, Nottingham. Telephone: 439. (Wright, 1910-11, 1915).
Home: Cavendish Drive East, The Park.
President: 7/4/1908 to 4/4/1911; nominated 4/3/1908; elected at the 1908 General Meeting in his absence, Joseph Page taking the chair.
Subscriber: 7/6/1880 to 1916.
Share number: 249 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1887, 1888, 1896, 1897, 1899, 1900, 1902, 1903, 1905 to 1915.
He attended the General Meetings: 1903, 1904, 1905, 1909, 1911 to 1916.
Book Committee: 1896, 1897, 1899, 1902, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1909 to 1916.
Auditor: 1898.
Scrutator: 1888, 1901.
Local rates sub-committee: 1896.
Shares Committee: 1899 (in wake of William Moore’s dismissal as Librarian).
Magazine sub-committee: 1900.
Improvement Committee: 1902.
Constitution sub-committee: 1909.

He was thanked for his care in the revision of the rules (16/1/1900) and he introduced a discussion of the change of the Library’s status from a trust society to an incorporated association at the Committee meeting of 6/6/1905. E.H. Fraser, as solicitor to the Library, was to report.

Woodward was ‘thrown out’ of the Committee on 5/3/1907 but immediately nominated to serve for the next year.

He was nominated (4/4/1911), and subsequently elected (28/4/1911), as a Trustee and shortly afterwards he submitted his bill for £20 11s 6d for the legal expenses associated with these appointments (1/8/1911).
His proposal of the purchase of a full set of Archeologia for £33 was rejected as being too expensive (4/7/1911).
On 7/7/1911 he was asked to draw up a new lease for Sutton & Gregory. This letter from John Russell also mentions the decision not to purchase Archeologia for the Library.

On 7/12/1912 he was asked to give his views of Evans’s idea of a warehouse in the garden area with access to and from St James’s Street.

A report on the foot and barrow access from St James’s Street secured under an agreement with Pearson & Son of 1885 led to him suggesting that members exercise this right every year on the day of the General Meeting (7/1/1913) and they recorded that this had happened on 16 April 1913.
He was asked (6/7/1915) about the persons whose names should appear on the papers associated with the £200 of 4.5% War Loan that the Library was purchasing and the names chosen were: J. Russell, R. Evans, J. Page and J.W. Windley.
He charged the Library small sums for legal advice between 1900 and 1913.

With John Russell he wrote to the Book Committee (27/10/1914) regarding the London Library subscription.

Minuted book requests:
  • Harold Bayley: The Lost Language of Symbolism (2 vols.) (£1 5s 0d; purchase agreed; 29/10/1912),
  • E.A. Barker: Guide to Fiction (£1 1s 0d; purchase agreed; 24/6/1913),
  • Joseph Conrad:
    • Almayer's Folly (4s 6d),
    • Tales of Unrest (4s 6d),
    • Lord Jim (4s 6d),
    • Nigger of the Narcissus (4s 6d),
    • Typhoon (4s 6d; all purchases agreed; 27/1/1914),

  • Gerard: Herbal (to be sought; 24/11/1914),
  •  E.F. Knight: Cruise of the Falcon (purchase agreed; 1/11/1904),
  • Dr Rabagliatti: Air, Food and Exercise (purchase agreed; 28/6/1905),
  • W. Bigley: Bacon's Nova Resuscitatio (2 vols.) (5s 0d; purchase agreed; 1/12/1905),
  • H.T. Stevenson: Shakespeare's London (6s 0d; purchase agreed; 27/2/1906).

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

See –– Michael Browne: sub-committee on local rates exemption, 1896; rates liability sub committee - 1885.

He, and five others, signed share certificates such as that issued to John Holland Walker on 9/4/1907.

Parker Woodward was born in Nottingham on 8/6/1854 and educated at a private school and in Brixton in Surrey.
He married the younger sister of Sir Joseph Renals, Bt. and daughter of William Renals of Nottingham.

Two portraits and the signature of
Parker Woodward
[3958, 4052 & 4244]

Sidney Woodward
See –– Mrs Margaret Warner Woodward.

Mrs Vere Lilian Woodward

Address: 248 Lenton Sands.
Subscriber: 10/9/1912 to 1916.
Share number: 151 (counterfoil dated 15/4/1913).

William Woodward
Subscriber: 7/9/1874 to 5/11/1877.
He bought an original share for £25 on 11/9/1874.

Isaac Wooley
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 3/3/1828.
He was a member of the committee set up in 1816 to collect deposits.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

Charles Dalton Woolley
Subscriber: 2/9/1878 to 7/10/1878.

William Wordsworth

The following minute, which does not identify the culprit was recorded:
February 17th, 1820:

A serious representation was made of some person having defaced " Wordsworth's Excursion " by a very unjustifiable marginal note tending to vilify one of the Christian Sacraments.

Resolved : That the severest animadversion of the Committee be passed upon the person so injuring this volume, and the subscribers are particularly requested to abstain from so unwarrantable a practice.

Mr Worsdale
He gave evidence to the Committee in connection with Hawkes’ use of the vaults as a wine cellar (1/1/1855).

John Worsdall
On 5/8/1861 he was engaged at 5s. 0d per week.
No other record of him was found.

Mr Wortley
He gave an engraved portrait of the late Rev Jackson of Bisley (6/9/1824).

Mrs R.L. Wortley
Subscriber: 1/4/1827 to 7/5/1827.
This share is presumed to have been passed from Robert Leek Wortley.

Robert Leek Wortley
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 1/4/1827.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The share was passed to to Mrs R.L. Wortley.

The Wright family

The Wright family of Nottingham is complex, with the frequent repetition of the names Ichabod and Charles some overall explanation of the relationships involved may be of use and an abbreviated genealogy is given below:

John Wright (b.1614) He was from Suffolk. He was a Parliamentarian in the Civil War. He traded in timber, iron, lead and hemp with his brother, Samuel Wright and his two sons. He moved to Nottingham and, with his sons, founded Wright’s Bank in 1760.

(Fry, 1991)

Wright’s Bank or John and Ichabod Wright & Co (Sutton, 1815).
Address: Carlton Street.

From 3/5/1816 they agreed the use of their premises on Carlton Street at £70 annual rent from old Lady Day (5/4/1816).
However, they declined to advance a loan of £1700 for the purchase of Bromley House in 1820.

In 1872 the role of treasurer passed from J.C. Wright to Messrs. Wright & Co. who were listed as I & Charles Wright & Co., Bankers at 1 Carlton Street, Pelham Street (with James Sansom as manager) [Post Office, 1876].

Wright’s Circulating Library
See –– Christopher Norton Wright.

Colonel Wright
Subscriber: 7/7/1862 to 6/3/1871.
The share was transferred to G.H. Wright.

Miss Wright
Her name appears on the Bill for legal work for the purchase of Bromley House (1822).

Bernard Swanwick Wright
Address: 20 or 24 Barrack Lane, The Park.; 26 Low Pavement.
Subscriber: 7/11/1905 to 1916.
Share number: 70 (counterfoil dated 31/5/1906). A registration fee of 2s 6d was received on 1/11/1905.

When the tenancy of W.H. Torbitt (Parr & Torbitt) expired on 6/1/1908 the final rent payment to the Library of £10 0s 0d was made by B.S. Wright (Library Rent Book, 1900)

C.D. Wright
This name appears on the 1844 list along with five other Wrights and also on the 1845 list.

Colonel C.I. (Charles Ichabod) Wright, MA, FRSL (1828-1905)
Member of Parliament for Nottingham: 1868 to 1870.
Address: Watcombe Park, Torquay; Mapperley Hall (1891)
Subscriber: 5/6/1871 to 1/4/1901.
Share number: 250 (counterfoil undated).
He was one of 27 nominated as a Trustee of the Library (17/3/1874), and he was one of the 14 elected.

He was sent a registered letter on 23/5/1895 and two such letters cost 9d.

He was listed as a ‘Lieutenant-Colonel in H.M. Forces’ in 1900.
His name is not on the 1901 list.

His resignation as a trustee was received by the 1904 General Meeting and when he was contacted about the alterations to Bromley House (12/4/1904) his response on was that he had forgotten that he was a trustee and he asked that they. . .
. . .please consider him as defunct as being now over 75 years old; the more trusts I can get out of the better I am pleased.

He was Colonel of the Robin Hoods for fourteen years , played the ‘cello and cornet well and gave land for Carrington Vicarage and for St Jude’s church. (Mellors, 1914)
A share was transferred from G.M. Wright to Colonel Wright and one in the name of Charles Ichabod Wright was transferred on 10/12/1901.

Christian Martin Wright
Subscriber: 22/6/1820 to 1/4/1830.

Christopher Norton Wright of  Wright’s Circulating Library
Bookseller and printer.
Address: : 50 Long Row (White, 1832)
Subscriber: 6/7/1829 to 7/6/1875.
He was a subscriber for more than 45 years.

His share was transferred from B. Newman on 6/7/1829.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

He proposed the statement about the late Samuel Newham and seconded another motion at the somewhat busy Annual Meeting of 1875.
He signed the memorial regarding the tenure of the office of President in May 1875. See –– J. Place.

He was appointed bookseller in 1820, 1824, 1830, 1835, 1842, 1850.

See –– David Melville.

In 1815 Wright’s Circulating Library was situated on Chapel Bar.
Wright printed the Supplement to the Catalogue in 1825.

In 1835 the Committee decided to have no more books from him (C.N. Wright ?) because of his behaviour towards them (3/8/1835).
He seems to have been reappointed (4/4/1837) and in 1840 the Committee was still buying books from him (22/6/1840).
The library paid them 10s 6d for directories in December 1898.

Francis Wright
Subscriber: 31/3/1828 to 7/9/1846.
The Standfast Ledger records four borrowings between 4/3/1843 and 20/5/1843.

Francis Wright (1806-1873) was the son of John Wright who built Lenton Hall and grandson of an Ichabod Wright.
He became a proprietor of the Butterley Ironworks, was a donor to the new church at Lenton and later moved to and changed his name to Osmaston. (Mellors, 1924)

Frederick Wright
Address: Mapperley Hall and Radcliffe Lodge.

He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) on 3/6/1867.
However, his name is not recorded as a subscriber to the Library.
He was the son of Ichabod Charles Wright.

G.H. Wright

Subscriber: 6/3/1871 to 5/6/1871.
These transfers were from Colonel Wright and then to Colonel Wright.

Rev H. Wright

Subscriber: 2/12/1867 to 3/2/1873.
Committee: 1870

H. Wright
He was secretary to Pearson & Son. (10/4/1900).

Ichabod Charles Wright
Subscriber: 1/4/1847 to 2/8/1869
Address: Bramcote, then Lamcote House (1859)
He was nominated as a new trustee on 28/2/1848.
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

Ichabod Charles Wright, MA, FRSL (1795-1871) was born at Mapperley Hall and educated at Eton.
He was a joint manager of Wright’s Bank and married Theodosia (1806-1895), the daughter of Lord Chief Justice Thomas Denman (1779-1854), 1st Baron Denman of Dovedale.

Although a director of the Midland Counties Railway he was strongly against Sunday travel.
He studied Italian literature and translated Dante’s Divina Commedia.

In 1861 and aged 65 years he was living at Lamcote House near Radcliffe-on-Trent with
The census describes him as a banker employing ten clerks and a porter.

A peculiarity was his use of an umbrella while riding his horse in the rain (Mellors, 1914 & 1924)

Ichabod Wright (1767-1862)
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 7/11/1831.
Address: Mapperley Hall.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

His education included a time at a school in Quorn when he was eight, followed by four years at a school in Hackney.

He entered the family banking business at the age of fifteen and prospered.
He acquired land in Carrington and Mapperley and built Mapperley Hall, which still stands in Lucknow Avenue.

He married in 1824 and had a very large family.

He kept a diary from 1824 to 1860 which survives (Nottinghamshire Archives; M5586, M5587, M5588).
For further information on his life see Fry, 1991.

Rev J. Wright
Subscriber: 4/4/1865 to 19/3/1866.

James Wright
Newsroom subscriber: 1831, 1832, 1833.

Professor Joshua Wright
The Library had a subscription for a dialect dictionary from July 1897 to February 1905.
Initially the cost was £1 1s 0 but this later rose to £2 2s 0d.
These volumes are still to be found in the attic of the Library (Bromley House Da380, Da381, Da382, Da383, Da384 and Da385 in 2006). See –– Professor S. Keat.

J.C. (? John) Wright
Subscriber: 7/11/1831 to 3/11/1845.
Address: Bramcote.
Committee: 1838, 1839.

The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 26/3/1838.

He was appointed treasurer in place of John Wright on 4/5/1840.


Rev J.G. Wright
The Standfast Ledger records one borrowing on 7/3/1859.

J. Kentish Wright, Esq., JP
Address: 9 Newcastle Drive, The Park; Dowson & Wright, 13 Weekday Cross.
Subscriber: 3/9/1895 to 1916.
Share number: 251 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
Committee: 1909 to 1915.

He was nominated to the Committee on 2/3/1909 replacing F.W. Dobson.
Although included in the membership of the 1915-16 committee he did not attend any meetings.
He attended the General Meetings: 1911, 1913.
Book Committee: 1910 to 1916.
Sub-committee for the constitution (2/3/1909) ‘ if elected’. This replacement was confirmed on 6/4/1909.
Insurance sub-committee: 2/11/1909.

He proposed motion for the installation of a telephone and this was carried (1/11/1910) and he was nominated (4/4/1911) and subsequently elected (28/4/1911 and 3/8/1911) as a Trustee.

Minuted book request:
He bought books from the Library for:
13s 0d 16/12/1908
6s 6d 26/11/1910
6s 0d 7/2/1914
2s 0d 13/12/1909
12s 6d 6/12/1912

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

The signature of
J. Kentish Wright


John Wright
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 31/3/1828.
Address: Lenton.
He was known as ‘Junior’.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

John Wright (c.1760-1840)
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to 4/5/1840.
Address: Lenton Hall, Lenton.
Committee: 1816.
Treasurer: 1816 to 1839.
See –– Messrs Wright, bankers (above).

He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).

He acted as the first treasurer to the Library at its inception and as a partner at Wright’s Bank he was able to offer accommodation at Carlton Street for £70 per year.
The position of Treasurer was that of ‘banker’ rather than the Committee member responsible for the organisation’s finances as we would use the title today.

Wright’s Bank were not prepared to make an advance when Bromley House was purchased in 1820.
After his death he was replaced by J.C. Wright.
In his 24 years as treasurer he seldom attended Committee meetings.
His name still appeared on the 1841 list.

Insurance was arranged with Atlas Insurance Office in the names of John Wright and John Storer: books at £1000, furniture at £100, Standfast Library at £500 (16/1/1818).

L.T. Wright
Subscriber: 4/5/1886 to 2/10/1888
The name was recorded as D.T. or L.J. Wright.
The transfer on 4/9/1888 was deferred.

Richard T. Wright
Cambridge University Press.
He was the contact when the Library agreed to buy an ‘ordinary paper’ edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica for £22 19s 2d less £5 for the old edition then in its possession.

Stephen Wright
Newsroom subscriber: 1831.

Thomas Wright, Esq.
Address: 3 Castle Place.
Subscriber: 5/2/1816 to April 1825.
He signed the Library Rules (1816-1830).
The share passed to his wife, Mrs Thomas Wright.

Mrs Thomas Wright
Subscriber: April 1825 6/1/1834.
The share was passed from her husband but the final transfer was in his name.

Thomas Wright

Subscriber: 2/3/1868 to 3/1/1911.
Share number: 252 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).
The share was transferred from William Wright (deceased).
His death was noted by at the 1911 General Meeting.

Thomas J. Wright
Address: Raleigh Street.
He was invited to tender for a hoarding (4/12/1894) and his estimate of £50 was accepted.
See –– Frederick Pearson.

W. Wright
Subscriber: 1/4/1847 to 2/2/1885.
Address: Pelham Street; Low Pavement (1878).

William Wright
Subscriber: 4/4/1836 to 1/4/1844.

William Wright
Subscriber: 1/4/1844 to 2/3/1868.
Address: Regent Street (1878-probably)
He signed the memorial in support of Count Marioni (librarian) in 1867.

The share was transferred to J. Wright.

William Wright
Subscriber: 2/11/1868 6/11/1888.
Address: Wollaton.
There were two William Wright’s listed at date of transfer from W. Wright.

William Wright, Esq., JP
Address: The Park?; Wollaton.
Subscriber: 3/12/1877 to 13/2/1902.
Share number: 253 (counterfoil undated).

J. Wright & Son
Address: 59 Raleigh Street (Wright, 1898-99)
They tendered for the supply of a cupboard (£4 12s 6d) and for shelving (£12 10s 0d) and were paid £24 13s 10d on 16/1/1900.

Wychoff, Seamans & Benedict
A Remington typewriter was purchased from them on 9/9/1902 for £22 6s. 0d, the minute for 8/7/1902 having been struck through.

Mrs Wylde
Subscriber: 7/5/1827 to 1/1/1849

Rev Charles Wylde
Rector of St Nicholas

He was an official of the Standfast Library when the transfer of the books to Nottingham Subscription Library was proposed 7/5/1816 and carried through (5/6/1816).
He signed the Standfast Library Transfer Deed (20/12/1816).

Rev Timothy Wylde
He was the vicar of Beeston and the library possesses his manuscript diaries.

Harry Wyles, Esq.
Address: Cropwell Court, Cropwell Butler; Hollyhurst, The Park.; Eking, Wyles & Morris, Cauldon Chambers, Long Row.
Subscriber: 1/5/1899 to 1916.
Share number: 254 (counterfoil dated 9/2/1901).

He attended the General Meetings: 1908, 1911, 1915.

He expressed his personal opposition to Sir Joseph Bright’s proposal for the provision of tea in the Library (16/4/1914).

He bought a book (or books) from the Library for: 10s 0d (6/12/1915)

He was a subscriber to Russell’s History (1916).

He was born in Faversham on 6/10/1852 and educated at Allesley Park College in Warwickshire.

Harry Wyles

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